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  1. Hi cruiseallways, We required a scooter as well when we took my wife's dad on his first cruise ( 79 years young, mobility issue). I did some research and found a company right at the port we were departing from ( Port Canaveral) and the scooter company meet us at the pier with a Norwegian cruise line compliant scooter. As you didn't mention if you were bringing your own scooter or renting one, I offer the suggestion to rent one at the port you are departing from. If you are bringing your own, as one of the other poster's stated, call the NCL Access line, they can provide you with the size requirements (maximum size) allowed for a scooter. I can confirm that NCl requires the scooter to be inside your stateroom with you when you retire for the evening. I hope this helps. Enjoy your first cruise ! Regards, Vinegarjoe
  2. Hi Allygory, To add to what others have said, I have brought my CPAP on the past 6 NCL ( 2013 to present date) cruises and have never even been questioned regarding bringing my own extension cord. I always pack my extension cord in my CPAP bag (zippered pocket on top) which I carry as a carry on through the terminal and at all the cruise ports we have cruised from ( NYC 2x, Orlando, Miami, San Juan 2x) the terminal security personnel have never said anything. If your husband can, put the extension cord in the CPAP bag, not your checked luggage. Also, most newer CPAP machines usually have at least a 6 foot cord power source, so you may want to check out how long the power source cord is before you pack a 12 foot extension cord. Enjoy your cruise ! Regards, Vinegarjoe
  3. dexddd, I don't know if Roy was previously a butler, didn't ask him. Roy is bald headed, and from the Philippines. He was attentive, and took care of any issues that we had ( changing/creating/modifying restaurant reservations, escorts off the ship at every port of call, disembarkation, etc). We were very pleased with him.
  4. McFins, Just off of the Dawn ( cruised 2/7/19-2/17/19). We had friends who had a mini suite on deck 11 forward. The pool is located mid-ship on deck 12, so there would be no issues with noise if you selected any forward cabin type on decks 10,11 or 12. The mini-suite our friends had was on the starboard (right) side and was (in my opinion) roomy and had a decent sized balcony, considering the age of the Dawn. As the Dawn is not a huge vessel, you might also want to consider an aft balcony if that is something you may like. During our 10 day cruise, the Dawn backed in to 4 or 5 of the ports we docked in, so having an aft balcony would provide you with excellent views while coming into a port and also when sailing away. We liked the Dawn. She is in good shape, the public spaces were well maintained. We found the food in the complimentary restaurants to be good, especially Bamboo - If you like Asian food. Make sure to make a reservation as Bamboo was crowded most nights. We also ate in Aqua the secondary main dining room and the selections were good and we enjoyed the food there as well. The entertainment was decent, especially the final production show, "Elements". Enjoy your cruise ! Regards, Vinegarjoe
  5. Turtle beat me to it. LOL. Read his description.
  6. Nita, It was our pleasure to have had dinner with you and Pat on the last night. Thank you for the great company. Warmest Regards, Joe & Erin
  7. Hi Kitty-sail, We just got off the Dawn on Sunday. If your cruise is port intensive with early excursion start times, as you are in a suite, you can have the breakfast from Moderno delivered to your room. Moderno (during our cruise) opened at 7 am. Just hand write on the breakfast card what item(s) offered from the suite breakfast and your butler will get it for you. We enjoyed steak and eggs a few mornings in our stateroom which gave us a little extra time before our excursion. It is a set menu, and there wasn't a salad bar at lunch. If you want a salad you can order off the menu. If there isn't something you want, if Stefan (breakfast/lunch manager) is working, he will ensure you get what you want. It was our first time on the Dawn and we enjoyed the cruise. Service was excellent in all the specialty restaurants and food was good. Roy was the concierge and he took care of all of our specialty restaurant requests with no issues, so if you try to pre-book online prior to your cruise, don't sweat it, he will get you the times you need. Mellanie was our butler, and she was excellent. Enjoy your upcoming cruise. Regards, Vinegarjoe
  8. We bring a lot of items with us, just in case. First aid kit ( with some superglue for any open cuts that require something more than a band aid but less than sutures) GI preventatives (immodium, pepto, TUMS) duct tape ( sailed through Winter Storm Jonas a few years ago, glad we had it, had to tape the closets closed) stain remover, wrinkle remover small LED flashlight small swiss army knife (blade less than 1") large freezer bags plastic clips to hang up swim wear to dry 550 cord (bracelet which contains 25 feet of it, never know when you may need cordage) extra USB charging cable for cell phones/tablet, etc. compression plastic bags for dirty laundry and ease of packing for departure water proof backpack for use during excursions (towels, items you don't want to get wet) spare sunglasses (just in case) Purell ( Think Noro virus, YUCK) Aloe vera gel (helps me when I forget to apply sun block) travel size clorox wipes (for wiping down surfaces in stateroom) small waterproof bluetooth speakers for use on beach days and in stateroom photo copies of important documents ( Passports/Drivers licenses, also images taken and saved on cell phones) small notepad, pens/highlighter/sharpie small non surge protected power strip ( never had a problem bringing one onboard in my carryon) clip board ( for use during meet and greet/slot pull/poker run) plastic collapsible cooler for ice in the cabin (we stay in suites that come with booze so we need more ice than what comes in the normal ice bucket in the stateroom) koozies for our beer cans/bottles while on beach days plastic straws ( don't hate - I cant drink a frozen drink without a straw, sorry.) Maybe this list does't contain a lot of 'odd' things but after 5 cruises and being in situations where you say, "Damn, I wish I had brought ....." Our cruise 'go-bag' continues to grow.
  9. This Poster is doing a review of the Dawn from 11/18-11/25. Page 3 speaks to the buffet (breakfast) complete with some photos.
  10. Hi Brookie848, Which cruise in February ? the 10 day or the 7 ? We are in a DOS on the February 7th sailing. This will be our first cruise without a balcony, but we shall see how it turns out. Regards, Vinegarjoe
  11. Thank you. With the Dawn being an older ship, I didn't know if they had upgraded or not. The Mrs. will be pleased that she will have the option of watching a movie without having to use a DVD player. Regards, Vinegarjoe
  12. Hi, Can anyone who stayed in a deluxe owners suite on the Dawn since the refurb in 2016 tell me if the suites now come with on demand movies or still use DVD players ? Thank you in advance Vineagrjoe
  13. Hi Maya, If you are flying to the embarkation location, I wouldn't put the luggage tags on until you are heading to your ship. We use clear packing tape and after looping the luggage tags through the handle, we use a few pieces of the packing tape to ensure that the tag can't be torn off the luggage. We have also stapled the tags a few times ( borrowed stapler from hotel front desk) when we forgot to bring the packing tape. As far as a tip goes, any tip is appreciated, whatever you feel comfortable with. $2.00 - $5.00 per bag, again that is a personal preference. Enjoy your cruise Regards, Vinegarjoe
  14. :).........well played........:)
  15. phillyguy31, I have cruised NCL out of NYC, Port Canaveral, San Juan and Miami all within the past 36 months. I always carry a 10 foot extension cord ( not surge protected) in the CPAP machine bag. In addition, I carry a 3 outlet adapter plug ( again no surge protection) also in the CPAP machine bag. At all 4 ports, I never had an issues getting the extension cord aboard the ship. Unless NCL has changed the policy since February of this year, if you bring your extension cord(s) in your carry on you shouldn't have a problem. Have a great cruise ! Regards, Vinegarjoe
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