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  1. Same here with a stop in Bay of Islands and Auckland on the north island.
  2. I chose Radiance because I liked itinerary better. I have been to many places in New Zealand and Radiance out of Brisbane went to ports there I had not seen. Radiance out of Brisbane was the only sailing that went to Great Barrier Reef which I have not seen on my previous Australia visits . Pricing was less For Radiance TP as I did not lift and shift but simply transferred 2 existing bookings to these two Radiance sailings. I have cruised out of Sydney two previous times and dates of Radiance worked better for us to add a visit as my daughter & SIL who live in Sydney.
  3. Watching these developments closely. We as well as you know are on Radiance same sailing in 2022 and I also have one March 31/22 on Radiance to Great Barrier Reef out of Brisbane.
  4. actually on the brochure under ‘Pacific Voyages’ there are couple of 17 night sailings to Honolulu on Radiance out of Brisbane
  5. I will. 😀 We are both very conscious of the chair hogging thing.
  6. Spent the day in one today On Oasis. We grabbed it about 9:30 am First come first serve. It was port day in Labadee but we chose to stay on ship We are B2B and are at Labadee next week so will get off then. my husband stayed longer than I and when he left he had two couples in negotiations as to who would get the cabana 🙂 he should have said ‘best offer’ gets it 😂
  7. John I assume the charters are because of the Super Bowl. Will the ships sail out of port or stay and be used as accommodations for VIP etc?
  8. My travel agent did some calls yesterday. The 'downgrade' would be to an oceanview balcony not a Boardwalk/Central park as I was wondering. There are plenty of oceanview balconies available on both of my sailings that are impacted Feb 23 & March 1.. In our case we are B2B and when we booked a year ago the second person was 50% off and we did receive a decent senior discount on both sailings. The amount of $$$ we would be refunded is not that high and if we took them up on the 'offer' RCI would get away rather inexpensively for their error at least for us. These s
  9. Yes I was Offered Royal Up for the Feb 23 sailing. It came on Dec 26. three sailings are oversold Feb 16, Feb 23 and March 1
  10. Agree it is an offer. We have done the numbers for the benefits in refund/OBC as we are B2B. Very interesting for us especially since they are protecting our double points. We have til Jan 31 to submit the survey. I would like to have the same oceanview balcony if at all possible. Once you check out the survey in the email to show your interest this last line concerns me. Phone call will be in order first before I hit submit. . "By submitting this information, you're confirming that you're interested in changing your Junior Suite to a standard balcony stateroom. Once you hit su
  11. I have checked for my two sailings Feb 23 & March 1 and there are no suites higher than JS available 😞
  12. I am also on March 1 sailing and the one before Feb 23 and the offer is for both my sailings
  13. it is not on website yet. I booked through travel agent and he has access. They may be able to give you pricing or book by calling RCI
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