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  1. WOW just yesterday I moved my Voyager April 21/21 to Odyssey.
  2. Presently on Allure. Just received a message from travel agent. He is going to send me details. Not sure if the April 12 date will work
  3. I just got back from Next Cruise desk on Allure. She told me the Caribbean sailings for Odyssey would open for bookings in couple hours. The Transatlantic would not be open for booking at that time
  4. Hoping it may still be a go a bit shortened itinerary departure from Brisbane Thanks for this post
  5. Jacabo the spinning guy. Wow still on Harmony. First saw him on Harmony TA in 2016
  6. Still wondering what will happen to my April 21/21 repo Sydney to Singapore. It is gone from website. 😞 Keeping close eye on this thread πŸ˜€
  7. Hmmm I am booked on the April 21/21 Voyager Sydney to SIngapore. Will be watching this. thanks for this info. Are you saying Brisbane has a Voyager booking April 23/21 repositioning...wonder to where?
  8. Ken Rush is now Director of Entertainment and Guest Activities. The CD's report to him. He works out of head office in Miami. He is often seen on the new ships as they begin their sailings. I have seen him on both Harmony and Symphony transatlantics as well as the President Cruise this past September. Most recently friends had a photo taken with him on the March 1 sailing of Navigator post drydock.
  9. I agree have not seen the release on a Monday...Tuesdays I have though. Keeping an eye out πŸ™‚
  10. Absolutely I was there. Hello Laura just seeing this thread now. Indeed a very memorable Meet & Mingle and cruise on the very new Freedom of the Seas . Thanks to Cruise Critic over the years for being the means to meeting so many wonderful cruising friends that helped to make my RCI cruises memorable in 2006 on this sailing and it continues today. First photo the then Cruise Director Ken Rush on Freedom of the Seas 2nd photo our Meet & Mingle with Pink Boa Cruiser friends 3rd photo Laura and some of the host for Cruise Critic at the time who were all on this Crown & Anchor sailing in 2006
  11. Good Morning Andrew and wanted to say hello to long time CC friend jaspercat πŸ™‚ Hope all is well.
  12. I was watching as well. I agree slower than usual docking but I just thought they were being cautious and because of using two tugs one on the stern and one of the starboard side. Epic did not make a full turn in the basin there. Some captures I took this morning off the https://www.portnassauwebcam.com
  13. Thanks for the review Anne. Will be sailing a EDGE in March and the IV is a concern for me. Well put together review. Will recommend friends to read this
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