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  1. My last cruise on the Regal I enjoyed the Swedish massage....I cant tell you if they were trying to sell me anything because I dozed off.....;)
  2. I always fly in and take a taxi over...I just say Princess Cruise terminal please....and I always get there...if your driving I'm sure there are signs to direct you...sorry I cant be of more help
  3. In my opinion I think Princess could save a lot of time and aggravation, simply by adding a question on their check in page. Where you are asked if you would like a Robe, bed configuration, they could add mini bar or coffee cards or one specialty dining for two.....it would save a lot of running around by room service. Did you like my added option of dinner!?!? ;)
  4. Easyboy, I'm sorry, I was not referring to your comment...It was actually in Trip Advisor; folks posted they walked...Thank you for the cab price!
  5. Pooh, I asked the question because people stated they did walk to pier...Like you I'm not willing to drag my luggage nor myself through the streets of Ft. Lauderdale, unless the hotel was across the street from the port. Since I am unfamiliar with the area I thought it was better to ask and be prepared. Thank you all for the information on taxi fares. I was long hauled on my first trip to port from airport. The driver charged us (4 ladies) 10.00each. Any tips about the Hilton and the area are appreciated....
  6. Sailing soon and flying in the day before we booked the Hilton Marina....does anyone know how close it is to airport and the cruise port? Someone said they walked to port is that possible or insane? :o Thank you!!
  7. I'm sailing Nov 26 on the Regal, we booked this cruise because of the Medallion feature...think its unfair that the cruise was advertised as having it and now it doesn't.....thinking some false advertising going on
  8. This technology isn't new...just new for princess! Disney has been doing for years with their Magic Bands. Disney however perfected it on land prior to putting on their ships. I'm sailing on Nov 26 I too received an email that I wasn't in the focus group. To be honest I'm glad I'm not until they get all the bugs out of system!
  9. Yes, its on their web site. I'm cruising Nov 26, on the Regal and it should be in place on that cruise. I guess its like the Disney Magic Bands...They are suppose to mail them to us prior to boarding. I guess will shall see...
  10. I'm sorry if my question was vague......I'm doing a 7 day eastern Caribbean in Nov. the cruise has 3 of those days at sea....we are going to Princess Cay, St. Thomas and St Marten....in the past we did Grand Turk too....I was wondering if they ever added another port to the itinerary....
  11. Have you ever been a cruise where the itinerary changed and NOT because of a storm or mechanical issue? Just wondering when they add on so many sea days if it isn't cheaper for them to dock?
  12. I am going a cruise with the casino offer and have been offered casino "cash"...but no where in my reservation is a mention of casino cash or voucher. Is the voucher left in your stateroom? My last cruise people were unhappy because they wouldn't give them money offered because they didn't bring the offer letter. That just seems a little unfair....
  13. Does wish listing an excursion have any meaning other than your own wishes.... I wish listed 2 excursion that are sold out just wondering if anything happens (i.e. add more buses or notify you if someone cancels?) Thank you!
  14. I'm going to put my 2 cents in here!! The Princess disembarkment procedure is much more complicated than it has to be....they should look at they way Disney does it!! If you are eating at the early dinner you go to the dining room you had dinner in the night before for breakfast at an assigned time ( i.e.7:00am), later dinner then your breakfast is at 8....and so on. Once your done you just walk off the ship... The dining staff gets you in and out within 30-45min....they do hurry you along they don't encourage sitting for hours having more coffee! If you need to catch an early flight you can just walk off the ship once it clears customs. Same if they are providing transportation, just walk to the bus that is going your way (i.e airport or a Disney resort, etc)
  15. You are correct....it burned my hair!!! I didn't want to take my hair dryer on my last cruise....What a mistake! My hair looked horrible! I have shoulder length hair (BOB) I couldn't do anything with that dryer, by the end of cruise my hair looked fried!!
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