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  1. Goodness, but who's paying for the outrageous drink prices? ...some people are making NCL very rich.
  2. Cool. The ship is docked for 8hrs, best way to go seems to be a car rental. I have yet to drive in Europe but that shouldn't be a problem at all for me. The cab option will cost me about the same after buying the cable car tickets but is the second best option. Thanks.
  3. Good pictures and info, thanks for sharing. We will be there in a few days and we want go up to Mt. Teide or just cable cart, we hope weather allows and we can make it. We are booked thru the cruise at $99pp, is that too much? Anyways, we booked thru them to make sure all goes well, on time and not a chance we'll miss sail away.
  4. 7-Eleven ...like you, my longest is 7 going to Eleven In 36 days, can't wait.
  5. FEE PAID stickers on bottle, interesting. So, with sticker on bottle the wine bottle is cleared to freely travel around the cruise. Got it.
  6. Yes, I've done the bidding thing and it worked!! -from an inside cabin to balcony. It is kind of fun and all that but figuring out what to bid to win it is different for every one situation.
  7. Nailed it! You are correct, as it was for me too, bidding is ideal for you in this case, now' the how much are you willing to bid' is the next question.
  8. I love the sea and the tropical destinations with all the great people that are ensuring I have the best experience ever. So far cruising has never let me down.
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