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  1. Scientists have wrong also. Mask or no mask or double mask.....
  2. I will never forget the sight of the golden dome in the morning sunrise, when our ship was passing the Square 15 years ago. Unforgettable trip for our 25th anniversary.
  3. Thank you much for participation. It was a hypothetical question, but if all law required criteria is met and such cruise is offered, we will book it, since we enjoy sea days. Over the years I observed that a lot of people don't even get of the ship in the Caribbean, that is why I thought cruise to " nowhere" might be an option. Of cause, for no other destination this will be viable. I remember 7 days cruise, when we were avoiding big storm in the Caribbean and end up with a cruise to nowhere with 2 hours stop in the Bahamas before returning to Florida. We still had a good time. Hopefull
  4. For everyone who "have been there, have done that" cruise to nowhere will be a good start to cruising.... If cruising from Florida, I think this will be a good option. All on board will be vaccinated, so it should be safe. What do you think?
  5. As of next Monday - Florida is open for all age vaccination. Maybe new Biden's CDC don't like DeSantis. I am very disappointed in CDC decision, but health is most important. Hope my December cruise still will go.
  6. Love Perry, but he doesn't fit with Celebrity New Modern philosophy. Too bad.
  7. Thank you very much to all cruise lovers. I knew I can count on you. Love these boards.
  8. I know some will have an answer for me. I haven't cruise on Princes in 10 years. Can anyone tell me what is the price for unlimited internet on Princess? Lately I have sailed with Celebrity and being Elite+, I had 240 free internet on 10 days cruise. Princess don't give that perk. Thank you all.
  9. I haven't sailed on Princess in about 10 + years, but I remember "Good old days" when Entertainers were entertaining. We Enjoy Marty and his wife acts over few cruises. We sailed on original Grand Princess first Caribbean sailing back in the 90s.. Grand is still my favorite ship. Thank you for remembering Marty....a very funny man.
  10. Marty Allen - remember him from 20 years ago??
  11. We met him during our TA 5 years ago and we have not enjoyed anyone more. Superb musician. Can you give me info regarding Mr. Aehron? It will be great to check it out. And I am big Perry's fan. Miss him on Celebrity..
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