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  1. I’m sorry if this question has already been asked and answered, but this thread is too long to read through entirely. I’m wondering when this cruise set sail?
  2. No, I didn’t know that. It seems odd since, as far as I know, virtually all cruiselines have a range of nationalities sailing on them. I like the international experience, so maybe P&O isn’t for me.
  3. I am British, English to be specific, but half Irish. I also consider myself European. I have not sailed on PO so far, and I’m less inclined to if ‘patriotic sail aways’ are a thing! What a hideous idea. Isn’t cruising an international thing, with part of the pleasure being meeting people from other parts of the world? So far my cruises have been on Azamara and Celebrity. I wouldn’t have felt that I was being welcomed if the sail aways involved hundreds of people waving American flags and singing the American anthem.
  4. Pentlands did not say that Customer Service offered to move her/him. She was simply clarifying the type of balcony cabin booked. I have heard this frustrating experience several times before. The answer usually is it was there in the terms and conditions. On the one hand, that is a fair point, on the other hand, since other cruise companies, hotels etc have no smoking policies which include private balconies, overlooking this can easily be done! I feel for you Pentlands.
  5. I wonder if they lose more potential passengers than they gain with this policy. I suspect they do, since smokers are in the minority these days.
  6. Are there any areas of the ships where smoking isn’t permitted on the balconies? We have never cruised with FO before, but since they sail from Newcastle, which is about 10 miles up the road from us, it’s an attractive option for some destinations. We have so far sailed with Celebrity and Azamara. Both of which only permit smoking in one small area on the pool deck. Someone was once smoking on a balcony on the floor above us and to the side. Despite the distance, it really stank. We’d love a balcony, but don’t fancy being surrounded by cigarette smoke. I’d value any feedback on the general issue.
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