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  1. The snorkeling is pretty poor. I found an area on the extreme left facing away from the beach where some stone fish hideouts were placed and saw some fish there. But this is not a snorkel beach. Also, there are barrier ropes which you aren't allowed to swim past so you can't go far out.
  2. The cruise line transfer buses cannot stop in front of the terminals, so you will have to lug your bags from the drop off point. Another reason why I won't use them. SAS has always been reliable.
  3. You can walk across the entire ship on decks 5 and 9. This is good to know if you try to get MDR and are stuck on 3rd floor. You can also go down to Deck 2 and walk across. It's all cabins and the corridor goes the entire length.
  4. I read about other ships no longer performing the aerial show. So I don't think it was a mechanical problem on your cruise
  5. My b2b was great. When we re-boarded for cruise #2 they had a special luncheon for us in Chops. You couldn't order off the regular menu but the set lunch was terrific. Only time I ever experienced a boarding day table service lunch on RCI. I wonder if they still do this. I was able to buy duty free alcohol on the first cruise which was held until the last night. When I collected it I just kept it in my cabin for the 2nd cruise.
  6. Don't understand your remark about ass't CD Dan. What was inappropriate?
  7. On Carnival Splendor we had a terrific Mardi Gras party. It started with mask making in the aft lounge on deck 5. Then there was a judging. After that everyone paraded with a Dixieland band down the deck 5 promenade to the Atrium where we walked down the stairs to the lobby. We partied there while the recreation staff tossed beads down from the upper levels. Lots of fun. Hope Royal does the same for you!
  8. The real disappointment to me was the show. Difficult to view and lasts for like a big 10 minutes. Plus the apparatus was shaking and making a racket in the Centrum throughout the cruise. This was on the Legend so maybe it's better on the Brilliance.
  9. First of all, they are capable of creating SeaPass cards on board. They do this when guests lose or damage their cards. Secondly, they are used to checking in guests after a cruise has begun. People miss the ship all the time and catch up at a later port. So none of this entails handling anything above and beyond the routine. Still, if you have to pay a convenience charge for purchasing theatre tickets (when this is really a convenience for the vendor) then I suppose the $65. is just another chance to squeeze a few more bucks out of the guests. So you can always do what Rita Rudner does when someone owes her money...break something of theirs of equivalent value! :D
  10. You can set up your preferences for the welcome perks in your C&A account.
  11. Guy's is on Carnival ships. It replaces the burger grill. It's named for Guy Fieri. A lot of people love it. I find the burgers to be too greasy and could eat only half. But then again, I found JR's too greasy. I only ate there when it was free, so I definitely wouldn't pay to eat there. Getting back to the OP's remarks, I have even gotten phone calls in my cabin soliciting reservations at the specialty restaurants from C&A when they offered special pricing to members. Found that annoying too.
  12. If it were me I would check out the other cruise lines' southern Caribbean cruises to compare ships and prices. The Fascination may be well maintained but it's still going to have very small cabins lacking amenities like a hair dryer and mini fridge.
  13. I have seen it happen. No guaranty but it's worth a try. They may have a wait list for cancellations or possibly add another departure time if it's possible. You also could look to see if an independent provider offers a similar excursion.
  14. It is impossible for you to have a foot of snow since you use the metric system.
  15. That's funny; someone working in the casino (bar) named Penny. Is there also someone named Chip?
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