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  1. Ok, guys... give me a break. I was trying to delete and start over and now I can't figure out how to delete it. But they say brevity is the soul of wit.... not. Sorry about that.
  2. Everybody definitely has to figure out what works for them. "Within reason to be healthy" varies so much from person to person. Also depends on your age and health issues. When I was younger, I could eat, drink, and be merry on a cruise with no problems (other than maybe a bit of a hangover the next day).... now, not so much. Great thing about cruises is they have something for everybody.
  3. I lost a bunch of weight on keto/low-carb/carnivore, but I also have some health issues it helps with, so I tend to try to stick with it. If it weren't for that, I would totally go off it for a cruise! Must admit what I miss most are those sugary alcoholic drinks. Still have good memories of the mudslides on Norwegian Breakaway.... sigh.
  4. Yes, Regal will be our first Princess experience - the buffet seems pretty extensive. Fingers crossed on the quality. 🙂
  5. Yay - that's my go-to beer. Congrats on the weight loss - that's impressive with so many days on ships.
  6. Agreed. We loved our escorted land trip to Ireland - when you want to see the countryside and a mix of small towns and cities I think it's easier than trying to rent a car and drive in a foreign country. Haven't done trains so much - although I did a lot of train travel in Japan several years ago and it was a blast.
  7. Definitely - I'm definitely not into those 10 hour excursions from the cruise port. We think about our priorities carefully. If we want to see Rome, we'll just fly into Rome, stay in a nice hotel and fly home. I'm all about the easy these days - still want to explore and see stuff but have to weigh the cost/benefit ratios.
  8. Thank you so much - exactly the info I needed! My plan is the same - maybe a couple of indulgences but mostly on track. I just find that I feel like hell when I go too far, so it's all about trade-offs. My keto drinks of choice are dry red wine and good whiskey. 🙂
  9. I hate driving more and more, so no long car trips for me. I wouldn't say "only" cruising, but we tend to look at cruises as our default option. For instance, our next plan for a major vacation is either Scandinavia or Italy. We'll look at cruise options before we consider land tours. I'm at the point where cruising seems so much easier I will only do land-based if a cruise doesn't go there or if it's a "fly into the big city and enjoy the big city" vacation.
  10. I feel best when eating keto/carnivore style - any tips on maintaining this sort of "way of eating" on Princess? I think one of the great things about cruising is that you have a lot of choices, so I know that getting enough meat isn't an issue, just looking for things that have worked for some of you or things to look out for. For instance, can I get a cheese plate for desert in the MDRs? Thanks!
  11. 🙂 I hadn't heard "Fowl and Fetus"! I'd love to go back to Oxford - wonderful memories from past visits. So much history, so little time...
  12. Just adding my 2 cents as someone who has never sailed HAL, was considering it for a recent cruise, but didn't pull the trigger. My reasons echo the concerns many have mentioned on this thread. My husband and I seem to be in HAL's 'natural' demographic - late 60's, interested in good food and wine, interested in a variety of on-board activities, and looking for a reasonable (not cheap) cruise experience. We want a step above Norwegian (don't need the go carts and climbing wall, thanks) but don't want to spend the money for luxury. We enjoyed our one Windstar cruise a lot, but actually prefer a mid- or large-sized ship for greater activities available and dining choice. So, when we were looking into an Eastern Caribbean getaway, we considered HAL, Princess, Celebrity, and MSC. We ended up choosing Regal Princess, although I was initially trying to talk my husband into the Nieuw Amsterdam or Staatendam. Why not HAL? Three reasons: (1) husband kept hearing it was nursing-home-at-sea - he prefers a livelier mix, (2) husband afraid not enough to do on board since this is an itinerary we have done before, and (3) the website. The last kind of clinched it. The website was a nightmare to navigate, uninformative, and the choices of cabin on two separate dates we checked was terrible. We couldn't even tell if the other preferable cabins were sold out, being held out, or what the h*ll was going on. On other lines' websites you can look at deck plans, see sold vs. unsold, etc. It ended up not being worth the hassle. I also agree that HAL needs to up their advertising. We get brochures from NCL, Oceania, Azamara all the time. We have never gotten anything from HAL or seen any print or tv advertising. If my husband had seen some glossy add to counter the negative impressions he had from who knows where, it might have made a difference.
  13. Thanks - he will be reassured. Looks like a good set-up.
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