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  1. I also grew up in winters with snow having to shovel it, fortunately I have a brother that got stuck doing it more than my sister and I. I've lived in florida since 1985 and usually go home in summer and early fall. I went home in the winter a few years ago for four days couldn't wait to go back to Florida I told my mom that no one can die in the winter because I don't want to come back in the winter for a funeral.
  2. Here in central Florida it's still hot in the upper 80's. No snow for us sorry if I'm rubbing it in. Still enjoying the pool when it's not raining. We don't have much covid restrictions here the gov. Moved us into phase 3. Most people are wearing masks so that's good.
  3. I sold Avon at the time I discovered this site which was my email address during that time with the numbers being my house number.
  4. I was on a sailing with the chumleys bears as well on the emerald a few years ago. They weren't too bad but did take over the aft pool as well. I did know about them in advance thanks to a post here on cruise critic had to look them up online since I had never heard of the group before.
  5. I remember seeing the Mayflower as a kid on a family vacation. I had forgotten how small it is could you imagine crossing the Atlantic in that boat.
  6. If you book directly with princess you do not need to add insurance right away. I add their insurance which includes cancel for any reason just before I make final payment. I'm not sure about when you book with a TA since I have not booked that way in a long time.
  7. I had a new England cruise booked for October which was cancelled by princess it's still showing active fortunately I only used an fcd for deposit. So at least I'm not waiting for a refund.
  8. I was on that cruise as well since I live in florida I booked 2weeks in advance for a quick getaway. The drive down to Ft. Lauderdale was horrible rain coming down in buckets and very windy.
  9. For those in florida starting on Monday the governor is allowing salons to open up except for those counties that haven't started phase 1. That will be nice since I'm in need of a haircut. That cold front went through here it was 49 degrees this morning fortunately no snow. I grew up in it and don't miss it.
  10. I'm with you all on the hair salon our governor here in Florida did not include salons in phase 1. I thought about driving a couple of hours to Georgia for a hair cut my bangs are driving me crazy. Restaurants can open up dining rooms on Monday at 25% capacity. The restaurant I work in as a server is not opening yet, so probably have another couple of weeks off not looking forward to wearing a mask at work.
  11. Loved the video thank you thanks for posting.
  12. Who would have thought grocery shopping would be so stressful. I wanted to make ham and bean soup with our leftover Easter ham so I went to publix to get canned beans they only allowed 2 cans so I had to go to dollar General to get more cans of beans. Although since I'm laid off going to the grocery store is the highlight of my week.
  13. My last cruise was this past December on the Sky Princess eastern seven nights. I have one booked for October new England but will probably have to cancel since I've been laid off work used all my vacation hours already.
  14. I'm in central Florida on stay at home as well since I was laid off from my restaurant job as a server. The highlight of my days is taking my puppy for a mile walk in the mornings. What Voljeep said about the WWE is a program that I or anyone in my family would ever watch as board as I am I would still not watch the WWE. Every one stay safe and hopefully we Will all be cruising again soon.
  15. He was on the Sky last I knew.
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