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  1. This was taken by my sister about 20km away at the same time. Her family are currently playing on a beach 🌊⛱️🙂
  2. Certainly earning the 'Wild' today. Outside Kenmare, if anyone is wondering this photo was taken a couple of hours ago 🙂
  3. And 15 min further down the coast Glengarriff .pdf
  4. This a picture of bantry Bay. This is about an 1hr 40min from Cobh. Taken on one of the many walks around Glengarriff in beautiful West Cork 🙂
  5. We got our refund, I took the future cruise credit and got the money for my WiFi package put back on my credit card. I have since booked a new cruise for next year. My TA says it will take 3 weeks to apply the vouchers to the cruise.
  6. I love finding out about all the different jobs and professions out there. I use to be a maintenance engineer which was a 40/60 love/hate relationship. I got made redundant as they were getting rid of the maintenance department (ha ha). best thing that ever happened to me. currently work as a lead validation engineer, which unless you work in industry in technical role no one knows what it is 🙂 Really hard to explain to non-industry folks I find. Anyway it funds my addiction to cruising, I just hope it won't be too long before we can cruise again.
  7. Lovely photos looking forward to reading something pleasant about cruising.
  8. Be warned isopropyl is a flammable liquid with a very low flash point. It vapourises at room temperature and should be use in well ventilated areas only. I have no idea how up to date security are, so you might be able to get it passed them. But you would be better off bringing IPA wipes.
  9. Actually from reading the the Who reports for any one under 50 with no underlying health issues the mortality rate is much closer to the flue. It is a lot higher though for those over 50 and that is why the average is around 3.5% There's a big difference of probability of a healthy younger person being seriously impacted by the virus. Also out of the WHO they are starting up with follow on studies. For instance they have found that people who had direct contact with an infected person (not carers) only 1-2% of those people where infected by the virus.
  10. We all ways go to lunch in one of the sit down restaurants. Maybe to pool deck if it's sunny get us a bed near the pool, it'll be the only time 😉🌞
  11. For that money I think I would cancel now. And see if you can pick up a last minute cruise nearer your sail date. It's very unpredictable at the moment. Maybe they get this under control I would think cruise lines, would entice cruisers back with all sorts of perks
  12. It only has an average death rate of 2.5%. If you are under 50 it is only 0.4 (1 in 250). If under 40 it drops further to 0.2 (1 in 500). Obviously over 50 and the death rate jumps a lot, but it is especially dangerous to those over 80 or have an underlying condition. Further more the death rate is calculated against known cases & doesn't include all the non-reported cases due to mildness of symptoms. it is estimated that 80% of people who catch the virus are not bothered by symptoms due to mildness of affects. If someone doesn't realise they have the virus they can't repo
  13. I just want to point out that the figure of 2.32% you are quoting is the overall death rate. As 80% of people who get the virus might not realise they are sick due to mildness of symptoms. It is estimated the number of people who have the virus is much greater than the reported known cases of the virus. it is known cases that divides the number of deaths that give you the 2.32%. That is why some are saying that this could be no worse than a normal flu. Also the 2.32% hides the death rate for age cohorts, as disproportionate number of elderly people are severely impacted by the
  14. I just want to go on my cruise. I don't mind if the islands don't let us Dock, it is their right. As long as I get my fees and taxes back for those ports. I would still enjoy myself sailing around the Caribbean in the sunshine. You never know people might find they prefer it and cruise lines might start no port day cruises!
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