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  1. I love finding out about all the different jobs and professions out there. I use to be a maintenance engineer which was a 40/60 love/hate relationship. I got made redundant as they were getting rid of the maintenance department (ha ha). best thing that ever happened to me. currently work as a lead validation engineer, which unless you work in industry in technical role no one knows what it is 🙂 Really hard to explain to non-industry folks I find. Anyway it funds my addiction to cruising, I just hope it won't be too long before we can cruise again.
  2. Lovely photos looking forward to reading something pleasant about cruising.
  3. Be warned isopropyl is a flammable liquid with a very low flash point. It vapourises at room temperature and should be use in well ventilated areas only. I have no idea how up to date security are, so you might be able to get it passed them. But you would be better off bringing IPA wipes.
  4. Actually from reading the the Who reports for any one under 50 with no underlying health issues the mortality rate is much closer to the flue. It is a lot higher though for those over 50 and that is why the average is around 3.5% There's a big difference of probability of a healthy younger person being seriously impacted by the virus. Also out of the WHO they are starting up with follow on studies. For instance they have found that people who had direct contact with an infected person (not carers) only 1-2% of those people where infected by the virus.
  5. We all ways go to lunch in one of the sit down restaurants. Maybe to pool deck if it's sunny get us a bed near the pool, it'll be the only time 😉🌞
  6. For that money I think I would cancel now. And see if you can pick up a last minute cruise nearer your sail date. It's very unpredictable at the moment. Maybe they get this under control I would think cruise lines, would entice cruisers back with all sorts of perks
  7. It only has an average death rate of 2.5%. If you are under 50 it is only 0.4 (1 in 250). If under 40 it drops further to 0.2 (1 in 500). Obviously over 50 and the death rate jumps a lot, but it is especially dangerous to those over 80 or have an underlying condition. Further more the death rate is calculated against known cases & doesn't include all the non-reported cases due to mildness of symptoms. it is estimated that 80% of people who catch the virus are not bothered by symptoms due to mildness of affects. If someone doesn't realise they have the virus they can't report it and it is not included in the overall death rate.
  8. I just want to point out that the figure of 2.32% you are quoting is the overall death rate. As 80% of people who get the virus might not realise they are sick due to mildness of symptoms. It is estimated the number of people who have the virus is much greater than the reported known cases of the virus. it is known cases that divides the number of deaths that give you the 2.32%. That is why some are saying that this could be no worse than a normal flu. Also the 2.32% hides the death rate for age cohorts, as disproportionate number of elderly people are severely impacted by the virus. The death rate for anyone younger than 50 is only 0.4%. But again this number is inflated due to the non reporting of people who don't realise they have the virus, whose symptoms are a mild headache, possibly a sore throat or a light dry cough. A couple of paracetamol and they feel fine. With the way the media is reporting this virus it makes it sound like you are at deaths door if you catch. Why would a person associate a bit of a headache with this deadly disease reported in the media? I will attach screen shot of death rate by age to give you perspective. I will see if I can find the death rates for pre-existing conditions.
  9. I just want to go on my cruise. I don't mind if the islands don't let us Dock, it is their right. As long as I get my fees and taxes back for those ports. I would still enjoy myself sailing around the Caribbean in the sunshine. You never know people might find they prefer it and cruise lines might start no port day cruises!
  10. Just be a no show and you should get your tax and port fees reimbursed
  11. I am a very nervous traveller and I went to therapy for my anxiety (I have a brain thing so can't take meds) I found it really worked and can't recommend it enough. It didn't cure me completely, but he taught me techniques to calm myself. It has reduced my stress greatly. On the whole travelling is a much better experience now. 🙂
  12. I thought it was a high temperature plus symptoms? I also thought it was by medical review not by a non medically trained check in staff? There numerous reasons you can have a higher than normal temperature that has nothing to do with being ill e.g. Ovulation. A person can have a higher base-line than standard too. A high temperature doesn't tell you much with out a patient history or at least some sign of symptoms.
  13. I Would say challenge them if they are saying things that are offensive, just let them know what they are saying is not acceptable in public . For the harmony of the group you will have to let some things go though. I agree with the suggestion of an earlier poster about talking to them before the cruise. People are on holiday and want to get away from the normal everyday issues and don't want to talk about their religion or politics, let him know this two. If the worse comes about then just pretend you don't know him😉
  14. The main difference is that royal is very American focused, while MSC is European focused. I have travelled both, enjoyed both but I am European, so I find MSC to be refreshing 😊 You are not going to find staff asking if everything is OK every two seconds, if you want service you just signal a server who will then attend you. Also you won't find the servers over the top friendly, they will be European friendly. Europeans often find American friendly service as artificial, I would say the way Americans do service is baffling to a good majority of Europeans. Also on MSC you will have a lot of European wait staff who find it unnatural to pretend to be your best friend. But they will be polite and if you have actual real conversations with them then they'll become more friendly the longer you know them. The food portions are a lot smaller than American food portions, but if you want more, there is no problem ordering more😊 Yes they do announcements in multiple languages depending on the mix of passengers. I am not sure why this is such a bother to some people 🤔 I really enjoy MSC and would cruise on her again. My next cruise is on RCI.
  15. Typically if it is after final payment they are just a no show and have taxes and port fees reimbursed. If it is before final payment the fair will have to be re-priced. I am not sure how insurance works I think both of you have to claim the one still going on cruise because their partner is not going to pay for new fair and the person claims back the money they lost on booking. But you could just get someone else to travel instead and just pay for a name change.
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