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  1. You will only need a small amount of cash everywhere uses credit cards. I usually gave my left over currency to the stewards. As they do get to go ashore, I see them coming back to the ship with bags of snacks๐Ÿ˜
  2. I have done it with family members & it was fine. The biggest problem for us was one of our cabin mates was a really loud snorer that caused some friction ๐Ÿ˜Š But if you can afford it two cabins are preferable, even if they are insides. another suggestion is that the person who needs natural light gets a balcony /OV and pays the difference of who ever shares with her (between inside and whichever cabin she chooses). Also even with a balcony the curtains are the black-out type and don't allow much light in, does she sleep with curtains open? will her cabin mates have to get up and open the curtains for her? How does she work it at home? The more I think about it the stranger it is!
  3. Intresting, I had never heard of them either. I always have to have some sort of cover to sleep, but the weight doesn't bother me. I do have a beautiful hand knitted aran blanket that one of my aunts knitted me I use in the winter. It weighs 20 lbs, so I don't think I will need a weighted blanket. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. When I was a child we always had a certain amount of cash that was ours to spend. If she is careful with her own money take her to reception and get her to hand over the money herself to be put on her card. It will make it seem like real money. I think even teenagers have a hard time relating credit to real cash. Some adults too๐Ÿ˜‰ Then just monitor what she is spending.
  5. Before the drinks package changes I would always book an Aurea suite, just for the extra room opposed to the YC. I would never book a YC inside, way too small even for the perks.
  6. What cruise line are you travelling with? Some cruise lines allows adults under The US legal drinking age to consume alcohol with a parental Waiver. It is illegal to drink below 21 while in US port, not while in international water's. The drinking age is at the descretion of cruise line.
  7. You can all have an on board account with your own credit car. I also think you call cruise line and pre pay your gratuities if you like, just make sure they place them against your name and credit card. Also my travelling companion always get separate travel insurance all I ever needed was to show my name was on the booking. The travel insurance assumes each person shares equal cost I never had to show I made the payment. I had trouble once because I had paid for the cruise and hotel rooms and I was trying to claim for them, then I did have to show I paid for the whole lot, which was really difficult and time consuming. If its a family group travelling the rules seem to be different. So if you want insurance (don't go to cruise line) reach out to independent insurance agency and see what they give you, make sure you only get insurance for yourself and what happens if your travelling companions drop out.
  8. The crew will no doubt appreciate either, but I see the crew in port so Euro's would be useful for them or else they would have to convert their money and lose on the conversion rate.
  9. You should know that they automatically add tips to your bar bill and spa treatments between 15 to 20% depending on line. The receipt they give you will have a blank space for an additional tip. I personally draw a line through this and don't tip any extra. If I like a particular waiter/waitress I will give them a tip at the end. I usually give about $20 to the room steward.
  10. I am afraid you will have to be off the ship before 10.30. Depending how many in your party you can do a tour that will drop you and your luggage off at the airport. This is what I do when I have a flight on the same day. Also they usually want you out of your cabin between 07;00 and 8:00, all the bars are usually closed so you end up hanging about anyway.
  11. Relax just wear a cross body bag. People are not lining up to rob you, no more then in your own country. Just be aware of your bag and surroundings. Also wearing money belt when you need to access the money defeats the purpose of the money belt, you don't want to draw attention to yourself when trying to get your money out. Typically the daily schedule will tell you if you need to bring your passport with you.
  12. Our school trip to Germany many years ago was something of a disaster, (we still had a great time), lucky for us it was arranged by the school and a travel agent that specialises in group travel. This was back in the 90's so we had to give our money to the school secretary, it was all my birthday/Christmas /babysitting money and my parents made up the difference. It was during Easter week, so a lot of the attractions we were meant to go to were closed. Our teachers were furious that we hadn't been warned. We didn't care though and had so much fun. I feel sorry for the students who won't get to have this experience ๐Ÿ˜ž
  13. If cost was a concern I would get the cheapest cabin I was happy with and have more money to spend in port. Europe is pretty expensive, so if you are not particularly bothered by not having a balcony, then go for the cheaper room. I have been in all rooms types and on an alaska or Norway cruise I would recommend a balcony. But the Mediterranean is not a must have for the Balcony. Leaving Venice takes about 30 min journey and you get great views from the deck. Also you might be on the wrong side of the ship all you will see is the sea ๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿ˜Š
  14. Seriously it's around the corner from the deck furniture. The balcony is huge it is not going to impact your views. Don't worry about it and enjoy your cruise.
  15. School holidays in Europe begin in June and finish at start of September. If you want a less crowded experience travel outside these times for the Mediterranean. Scandinavian and Baltics cruises have a shorter season, but don't typically have a lot of children on board. There are a lot of UK /IRELAND cruises for most if the year but weather is very unpredictable.
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