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  1. We are looking at booking the 69 day South Pacific/circumnavigation of Australia for Fall 2023. Any ideas how soon the itineraries will be available for booking?
  2. Thanks. I’m waiting to hear back from a Holland America PCC but not hearing a lot of good about them. 😩🤭
  3. Not seeing anything for 2023 yet. But the 2022 on Noordam is very appealing to us.
  4. Has anyone done this? If so, what are pros and cons? We are looking at 2023. If you can’t do the circumnavigation cruise, has anyone combined Northern and Southern routes to essentially do the circumnavigation of Australia that way? If yes, advantages to booking it that way as B2B cruise. TIA
  5. Looking to book an Australia circumnavigation cruise and want to deal with a personal cruise consultant. Any suggestions of how to get one? TIA
  6. I know I’ve seen these posted but can’t find them for current 2021 Haven restaurant menus. Can someone help me with a link? TIA
  7. In the past we’ve had the choice of Cagney’s or Le Bistro for one included meal and Onda or Moderno for the other. For those who have been cruising since late July and are Plat Plus, what restaurant options were you given on your certificates. and ignore the spelling error in the topic title - auto correct did a weird thing with spelling of restaurant. 😩🙄
  8. We stopped there once in late 2019 and got a Haven cabana. It’s nice but we will not do it again and will stay on the ship instead where it will be quiet. Plus we can avoid the mob of humanity all trying at the same time to get off the ship onto a tender. The 45 min tender ride can be bouncy, too, depending on the weather. Remember all food, etc has to be hauled off the ship so the buffets are meh. If you really enjoy the sand and water activities, you should enjoy it. Personally I feel it’s overrated and cabanas are over-priced but we are not big beach people so YMMV.
  9. Getting a pcr test result within 48 hours can be a challenge in some areas. CDC is making travel next to impossible if you prefer the pcr test. 🤬🤬🤬
  10. Well this all started out as a question regarding transferring either in Charles de Gaulle or Schiphol. Did not feel details of actual flights would be that important since my main concern was plausibility of transfer in these two airports with layover of 1 h, 25 min. Date of departure is flexible but Sunday works best for our itinerary. Looking at September 2022 but searching for routing and price expectations is too early since I realize I cannot yet book flights. I have used a variety of search engines with Travelocity, Expedia, etc plus looked at Delta, American and United themselves since they are the main airlines available to us from Madison. Now why you chose to be condescending and insulting is beyond me and you can keep your non-stop airline info to yourself for all I care since I'm mainly interested in opinions/experiences in the two different airports given limited layover time. Thank you to those who answered my original question. Think we will go with the Amsterdam routing and hope longer layover options become available when we are closer to actually booking. We've been through there several times but were unfamiliar with de Gaulle.
  11. There is nothing more to the story. I would take a non-stop flight from Chicago but it does not come up on my search for a Sunday departure. What airline?
  12. Yup. But I did learn that I don’t have to transfer terminals in Amsterdam so that sounds like it’s easier to navigate. Unfortunately it’s not airline loyalty but where we live and limited airline options that make our routing so dicey. Thanks for all opinions.
  13. Is 1 h, 25 min enough time to transit in Amsterdam? It seems like it always took us more than 2 hours.
  14. Looking ahead to routing for a flight to Copenhagen. We depart from Madison and route through Detroit with plenty of layover there before departing for Copenhagen. We can route through either Amsterdam with 1 h, 25 min layover there or Paris also with 1 h, 25 min layover to catch final flight to Copenhagen. No longer layover options available. Which routing would you select and why? TIA
  15. Actually the DOS’s on deck 15 on the Jewel class ships are not accessible by elevator - only a stairway.
  16. Which 2 bedroom is better? Is there noise from Horizon lounge in 17100?
  17. Just a quick nosy question. Do PCC’s get paid a % of bookings made through them or a base salary? I’m curious. Thinking of switching to a travel agent since many offer additional perks and PCC’s do not give anything additional from what I can get if I book on my own. TIA
  18. We are Platinum Plus on NCL and get quite a few extra perks. We are thinking of switching to Celebrity because NCL itineraries are getting a bit stale. Does anyone know if Celebrity will offer to match our NCL Platinum Plus status like MSC does? And what perks do you get from Celebrity in The Retreat? Does Celebrity have Personal Cruise Consultants? TIA
  19. We are NCL Platinum Plus Haven travelers and thinking of trying Celebrity. Not seeing any itineraries right now that appeal to us with NCL. We love the Haven and are wondering if any here have experienced both the Haven and The Retreat. We are interested in which you preferred - the pros and cons - and why. I did a search but it is not working for me for some reason. TIA
  20. We use it all the time but only for non-delicate clothing. I did a ship tour and saw how they do the laundry. Convinced me to not include delicate blouses, etc. It’s a great perk.
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