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  1. We did the bus up to Emerald Lake and the train back. Great trip. Also more than 3.5 hours as it included lunch.
  2. Thanks. The benefit of "golden hour". Picture was taken in early evening with the sun behind me.
  3. I have cruised out of both. Cruising out of NYC has an awesome departure and arrival route down the Hudson. You also pass the Statue of Liberty. Unless the cruise from NY stops in Boston an advantage to Boston is less travel time to N. England. However, cruising down/up the Hudson is worth the price of admission.
  4. Here are pictures from La Coruna and Santiago. My gut feel is to go to Santiago from Vigo but recommend checking to see for where the excursions are better. We did Santiago on a land tour so did not have to make that decision. Portugal and N Spain (shutterfly.com) (La Coruna) Portugal and N Spain (shutterfly.com) (Santiago de C)
  5. We have a Seine cruise this summer and our flights were sent this week. Wonder if it will happen?
  6. We have been recording it and watching (and getting excited when he goes to somewhere we have been)
  7. I am not a semi professional photographer and take 300+ pictures a day when I travel. While looking a pictures is a highlight of getting home I try somethings to minimize my exposure to losing pictures. I do not take a laptop but do load pictures onto a tablet so I have at least two copies of each image (one on the card and one on the tablet). I leave the tablet set to load the images to the cloud when it encounters free Wifi.
  8. I change cards about every 600 pictures, which is about every two port days on a cruise.
  9. I load photos onto my tablet each night and swap the memory cards (putting the used one in the safe). Then when we have free wifi things are set to load pictures to the cloud. I then have three copies, one on the card, one on the tablet and one in the cloud.
  10. In Rome we couldn't buy bottles of water fast enough. We bought 2L bottles in which the water was frozen. Stay hydrated. We have a teacher in the family so summer is our only choice.
  11. I always cruise based on itinerary. Whoever is going where I want to go at a price I'm willing to pay gets my business.
  12. We have kept our photo books. They don't take up that much room.
  13. We've started/ended in Barcelona three times. We still haven't seen everything. However, each trip we do go to Sagrada Familia.
  14. If their budget is tight, stay away from Atlantis
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