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  1. We had the first timed ticket and Sagrada Fam and it was great being inside before it was packed.
  2. mskaufman

    Timing for flight leaving Rome (FCO)

    12:50 should work. We have flown out of there (from a cruise 3X) and sometimes it is a bit of a madhouse. By that I mean uncontrolled masses instead or organized lines. Just be prepared for something other than a leisurely walk through the airport.
  3. Even though your mind has been made up note that Uber is a potential problem at the port in Baltimore. The port was not letting cars into the port to drop people off until the parking lot cleared of departing passengers. Our Uber driver had people for the next cruise so couldn't get into the port. Had to cancel and take a taxi.
  4. mskaufman

    Day or Overnight Trips from Barcelona

    Not sure where you have been before. An easy train ride from Barcelona is Girona. Also, if you have not been to Montserrat, that is an option.
  5. mskaufman

    Venice overnight

    The logistics on and off the ship take time. However, it is more than doable. On one trip we checked in, had lunch, went into Venice, back to the ship for dinner and then out again until almost midnight. In the morning we were off again.
  6. mskaufman

    Prague pre cruise

    We did Romantic Danube with a pre-cruise in Prague. Happy to answer questions or share photos
  7. mskaufman

    Prague or Budapest Viking extensions

    Beautiful picture
  8. mskaufman

    Mykanos Greece Excursions?

    We spent the day wandering around the tourist area and had a great day. Here is a link to some of our pictures. https://markandkareneurope2013.shutterfly.com/pictures/8
  9. mskaufman

    Garden of the Groves Freeport

    We went to Garden of the Groves. However, it was a Pride excursion (had OBC to use). It was a relaxing day. Here are some photos.
  10. mskaufman

    Prague or Budapest Viking extensions

    Here is a link to a video from the Prague extension
  11. mskaufman

    Christmas cruise from Baltimore

    I agree with the previous poster. With three days, at least one in DC.
  12. mskaufman

    For the birds

    I actually took the picture in a sanctuary in Washington DC.
  13. mskaufman


    A lot of my favorite scenes were from Arles. Here are another two pictures. The second is the site of the Van Gogh painting.
  14. mskaufman

    Christmas cruise from Baltimore

    Even with the shutdown you can see the buildings. Also, the non Smithsonian museums will be open (e.g., Newseum, Spy Museum, etc.)
  15. mskaufman

    For the birds

    Petros the Pelican from a cruise to Mykonos, Greece