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  1. I go by there every couple of weeks and have not seen it there
  2. We bit the bullet and went to Berlin. It was three hours by bus each way. If it is your only time in the area, it might be worth the trip. We thought it was.
  3. We were on HAL. Well worth the trip to the Alhambra. The lunch was in a hotel across the street and up a hill. It certainly was not the highlight of the trip but it was a fine lunch.
  4. Same story here. We knew we weren't going anywhere and knew we would have more options if we got cancelled vs. cancelling.
  5. From the top of Mt. Roberts you can see that there are multiple piers. The length of the walk depends on where you are docked.
  6. For CDG I would leave 3. The other airport that has taken us a long time is London (LHR).
  7. I was hoping a had a picture of our room but no such luck. 108 sq feet is like 10 X 11. I don't remember it being that small but we didn't spend a lot of time in the room. I did have a picture of the rooftop pool.
  8. Our first cruise was on the Imagination (1998)
  9. We did this last year. Porto was one of my favorites. Even with rain Lisbon was very night. I'll take any excuse to go back and look at pictures. https://portugalandnspain.shutterfly.com/pictures/8 https://portugalandnspain.shutterfly.com/pictures/72
  10. I have credits that expire this Dec. I'll have to check.
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