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  1. mskaufman

    Amalfi or Cinque Terre

    Here is a picture by the water in Amalfi.
  2. mskaufman

    Private excursion In Marseille

    We also did this tour with Provence Connection and can recommend it. Can't believe how much we actually saw in one day. On a different trip we did Aix. However we did not combine it with Marseille and spent most of the day in Aix.
  3. mskaufman

    Amalfi or Cinque Terre

    We have visited the Amalfi Coast twice and then CT. Our reaction to CT was that it was similar to Amalfi. I am glad we went to CT but if I had to choose only one, it would be the Amalfi Coast first. First picture is from Almalfi and second from CT.
  4. mskaufman

    Princess or Holland??? Looking for Advice

    For much of the trip you can see land so it is more scenic. Otherwise you are out in the Pacific. Also, note that some of the interesting parts are passed in the dark.
  5. mskaufman

    Princess or Holland??? Looking for Advice

    We have been on both HAL and Princess (although only HAL in AK). DW prefers Princess. Additionally, since you have been to Glacier Bay, Hubbard would be different. Also, when we went to Tracy Arm we hardly got in. It was pretty much only to drop off folks who had the optional excursion. Having been on the R/T Vancouver (similar to the R/T Seattle itinerary). I would probably opt for the one way itinerary.
  6. I was thinking the same thing as an earlier poster. With a 3 pm flight just take it easy and not rush off the ship.
  7. mskaufman

    Pre Cruise

    Agree, there is more than enough to keep you occupied in Rome for more than two days. Hopefully there is another cruise in your future for Venice.
  8. mskaufman

    Skagway Train Question

    Absolutely stand between the cars. I stood for almost the entire trip.
  9. Same switch we had in July
  10. mskaufman


    This video is a combination of stills from my Canon 60D and my GoPro Hero5
  11. We did this a couple of years ago and it was about a 90 minute drive.
  12. mskaufman

    First Carnival Cruise Experience

    First cruise was on the Imagination in 1998. So much has changed since then. There used to be some kind of late night buffet every night. I no longer take my tux on a cruise. Obviously there is a lot more tech now. Can't really complain because the price is about the same as it was back then.
  13. mskaufman

    New York Hotel Central Location

    Hi, There are a lot of good hotels and a lot of different "central" locations. I like to stay in the Times Square South area. Walking to ESB, Times Square and Rockefeller Ctr. Easy access to Subway to lower Manhattan. I have stayed in several places in this area (usually choose by name brand and then price). Many are converted factories or office buildings. View from our hotel last trip (not the best). And one from the time before (a better view)
  14. D train to Yankee Stadium is correct. Check the tour schedule for Sundays so that you can time your trip appropriately.
  15. mskaufman

    Get me excited!!

    OK, its not Alaska. Halifax is very nice and it is a nice ride to Peggy's Cove. Boston has more to do than in a port stop. The Freedom trail brings American history to life. Bar Harbor has Acadia NP. It would be more ex citing if the itinerary included Quebec. Anyway, here is a link to pictures from a similar cruise. https://markandkarencanadanewengland.shutterfly.com/