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  1. I use a stick connected to the GoPro so the small camera is not in my hand. It is fairly easy to walk with the GoPro on holding it by the stick.
  2. Did you get any feedback on options for the FCC other than the upgrade and extensions. For example, could you use it for excursions?
  3. Last year we went to Pamplona and Saragossa. It was a bit of a drive from Barcelona. But, we were there the week before the running of the bulls.
  4. Thanks Terry, We usually take my 11 year old grandson on a trip. This year that is in doubt. Also, his parents were planning to take him on a Med cruise, also cancelled. We have agreed that we would look at travel videos on Zoom. This could be a start.
  5. For us it was only last year. Seems so long ago. This year looks like we will be cancelled.
  6. As I indicated in an earlier post I have an SX-40 HS (an SX 70 predecessor). I have taken over 10,000 pictures with the camera and have been very happy. With a 65X I hope the image stabilization is good. The only problem I have is handheld photos on full zoom with objects far away. Otherwise, it is versatile and takes great pictures.
  7. Not worth posting but I took a trip to NYC with my grandson and took a picture of him in front of Madison Square Garden. When I got home and looked closely at the picture I saw my brother walking down the street.
  8. I am now using a SX 720 (40X). I had a SX-40, which was much larger. The SX 40 is 35X, has a viewfinder but the SX 720 fits in my pocket. Both take good long distance pictures.
  9. I think the answer depends on where you are going. On a Med cruise I am more likely to "load up" even though I don't take everything with me everyday. I take the DLSR when touring. Often I also take a "bridge camera" that is lighter and has a longer zoom lens. And.. my GoPro. This past December when we went to the Bahamas I just took the bridge camera, which fits in my pocket (40X zoom).
  10. Pick one that goes to Provence. We went to Les Baux, Avignon and Arles.
  11. More optimistic than I was a couple of weeks ago. However, I would not book until I felt there was a safe vaccine. TO me, not worth the risk.
  12. Because of scheduling limitations I will probably not be the first one back on a ship. That will give me a chance to watch the cc reviews and see what is happening before making a decision of when to cruise. We were on a cruise in late December and had another one cancelled for July. We will see what the post COVID product looks like and how comfortable we feel about getting on a plane or ship.
  13. I am a fan of taxis in Barcelona. If there is not one waiting, your hotel can call one.
  14. From another Bronx Boy. We too have stayed at Hotel Jazz and found it very nice. In Barcelona the location is more important than the transportation. Pick where you want to stay and use a taxi.
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