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  1. There are some pictures from the Santa Cruz barrio in a link I put in an earlier post. Our tour gave time for lunch on our own, which was great because we had a quick lunch. The one site we missed was the inside of the cathedral. However, that was our choice as we chose to walk around. Also, if we wanted, we would have had time for a horse and carriage ride. I agree that Seville is worth the trip from Cadiz.
  2. We had the same choice and chose Pompeii. No regrets. Pompeii seemed like a unique destination. The only negative was how hot it was that day in July.
  3. I wonder if anyone has a picture of the new setup.
  4. We sailed in late May and there was plenty of space.
  5. I can also answer for pre-COVID. We were once late arriving (on the ship) coming back into Baltimore. They held up traffic coming into the lot until spaces opened up by those leaving. Since there was only one entrance to the lot our uber (who had passengers on board for the follow on cruise) could not get in to pick up.
  6. I was thinking the same thing as the previous poster. Taxis are lined up at the port and ready to go. It is an efficient operation. Ride to the airport is a little over 30 minutes. As the previous poster said, not sure what changes have been made due to COVID.
  7. It is really unbelievable how easy they make it in Baltimore. Everything close in.
  8. In Juneau, helicopter with glacier landing. I am also a fan of the train in Skagway.
  9. I would also go with Capri unless Sorrento gets extended down the Amalfi Coast.
  10. We've cruised out of Baltimore twice in late December. While it can vary both times first and last days were indoor days.
  11. I've sailed under Verrazano Br and it must have been a smaller ship because it didn't seem as close.
  12. People on their first trip wonder why I am setting up with my camera or video
  13. I've cruised from Baltimore six times and it never looks like the ship is going to clear the Key Bridge
  14. Have also been there on Christmas and everything was open
  15. We've done the walk to the Queen's stairway. OK way to spend a morning. We have also gone to Cabbage Beach (by taxi). Beach is very nice, but as a previous poster said - no facilities. We went in the morning and back to the ship for a late lunch.
  16. So, that is another evening option instead of the wall!!
  17. What about the cable car? Does that remain open?
  18. Interesting question. I would probably not be first in line but if it got consistently good reviews,, why not
  19. Here are some pictures from our trip. Mark and Karen Alaska 2011 (shutterfly.com)
  20. Tough choice. We went to Nuremberg Old Town (but also drove us to the Parade Ground). Here is a sample. In Regensburg we stayed on for the Jewish Heritage Tour. There was really nothing to see as where the synagogue was is not a playground. However, the guide was a wealth of knowledge about the Jewish past in the area.
  21. mskaufman

    White Pass RR

    Here is a link to our pictures on the train https://markandkarenalaska2011.shutterfly.com/pictures/81
  22. We can also say that Hotel Jazz was a positive experience. That said, stay where you want and take a taxi to the port (you will need to anyway).
  23. We generally liked Avenida Palace better. The two were about the same distance from Placa Catalunya. Avenida Palace was closer to the Gaudi Houses and more restaurants. Hotel was a little more upscale. Breakfast at Jazz was excellent and a positive for them.
  24. September should be wetter and colder (and less daylight)
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