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  1. We've only stayed on 17 so I'm not positive, but I'm 99% sure you'll have to re-enter through the entrance on deck 17. Jim
  2. Same here! Got my $1500 back last week.
  3. I think you learned 3 valuable lessons... Never be gullible enough to pay $450 annually for a credit card, no matter what fancy name they call it!
  4. The title says it all. In January I put down a $1500 deposit for a Dec 12 cruise on the Escape. With everything going on I wasn't sure NCL would survive, let alone cruise in December so on April 6th I called and cancelled. I was obviously months away from final payment but was still told my refund would take up to 90 days to hit my account. The $1500 was back in my account this morning so it ended up taking 24 days. I'm just happy to get my money back and I hope everyone has the same result! Jim
  5. Got my $1500 refund onto my credit card today! One less thing to worry about in these crazy times... Jim
  6. I hope my case ends like yours... I cancelled my Dec 12th cruise on April 4th. Put down a deposit of $1500 and was told it'll take up to 90 days to get my deposit back. Looks like yours took a little over 3 weeks to get refunded. That's where I am right now. Jim
  7. Same here. I went on the NCL site Monday night to get the phone number to cancel my Dec 202 cruise. I called and cancelled and the next morning I got a call from a number in Fort Lauderdale. I didn't recognize the number and ignored it. They did leave me a voicemail thanking me for visiting the NCL site and invited me to call back to speak to Edwin so he could let me in on the fabulous specials they are running at the moment. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures... Jim
  8. I called last night and cancelled my Dec 2020 cruise. First I was asked if I would rather transfer my $1500 deposit to a cruise further in the future so my final payment date was at a later date. I said "no thanks" and was told my deposit would be credited back to my card but it could take up to 90 days. 90 days seems a bit excessive since it's probably just a matter of a few keystrokes but at this point I'll take that over a FCC or losing my deposit all together to a bankruptcy... Jim
  9. Good to know. I'll try calling NCL tomorrow for a full refund and report back on how it went. Jim
  10. So does this mean people are getting cash refunds for cruises that are months away and haven't been cancelled by NCL? I have a cruise booked Dec 2020 on the Escape and put down the $1500 deposit back in the beginning of January. I haven't done anything since I figured they'd just offer me FCC and jack up the prices of future cruises. But if I can call and cancel the cruise and get the money put back on my credit card, that's definitely my preference. If it takes 7-10 days, 30 days, 60 or 90 days, as long as I get my deposit back, I'm good. Am I reading this right or are they just offering FCC
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