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  1. We I must admit always get currency out at the airport when we land using the atm and get a simcard if needed when we hit first major city. i did like ausbrits point about using an overseas provider....can be cheaper but contacting them can be problematic. funny though, I have always been a an advert for booking directly when you can rather than through a thrird party but this time the only trouble I have had in getting a refund has been through hotels I booked directly....absolutely no give with them. Hotels I booked through a third party even when they didn’t have to refund they did.....go figure...l
  2. Yep good points there too!
  3. I think the big things I have learned are 1. Pay the extra to book refundable accommodation 3. Keep non refundable expenses to a minimum 3. Use 1 credit card for 1 trip 4.expect the unexpected!
  4. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if MSC world wide had the same policies, terms and conditions 🙄
  5. Thankyou! Yes it was a difficult decision and to be fair MSc offered to move the cruise, but the only time/ cruise that suited us is Dubai in January, which was $1300 cheaper and we could rebook under new booking conditions with only $50 pp deposit and not risk loosing the lot if things weren’t back to “normal “ in January. so many people are disappointed and lost lots of money, so fingers crossed
  6. At the time we felt we had no choice, given policies were changing daily we were worried we would lose the 75% that would have been normal. I’m hoping either MSc does the right thing and either refunds or let’s us use it to a future cruise. My next option is my credit card insurance which sounds promising at this stage.....
  7. Lots of Australian travelers too and policies seems to vary against US and UK
  8. We cancelled our April 18th med cruise, due to school imposing a ban on travel and our health department saying i would have to self isolate upon return. MSC Australia are refunding everything but deposit which is $1400 for our family of 4. Does anyone know if the cruise is then canceled by msc am i likely to get the deposit back also? As said this is in Australia
  9. So im wondering what happens to people who cancelled their cruise first and either lost deposit or more....of msc then cancels cruise i wonder if they will be given a credit or refund??
  10. We also have had to cancel, long story short but our kids were going with a school group from Australia to France and the education department banned all travel. Also i work for the health department and I would have to self quarantine upon my return. We were booked on grandiosa on 18th April departing from Marseille, 3 Italian ports. Msc offered to transfer, but the only cruise that would suit us is Dubai in January and its 700$ less plus we would get $600 obc. So it was worth just losing the $1400 deposit from this cruise. Especially since booking a new cruise not just transferring gives us new booking conditions...ie lower deposit and chance to cancel,as opposed to risking the lot if things haven't settled down by January. I looked into our travel insurance which is an annual family policy taken out last july, basically they said any claim arising from corona virus trumps everything... Anyway it seems i may have more luck with the credit card insurance...given decision was taken out of our hands (due to education and health departments) it may be classed as unforeseen circumstances and hopefully be able to recoup money loss there...fingers crossed.
  11. Thankyou, yes I’m really hoping they do, we’ve already lost a few thousand in other costs
  12. Unless the flew into Italy , how would they know if they had only traveled thru?
  13. Just an update from us. so school canceled trip as directed by the department of education in Australia, actually they are just postponing it to next year as insurance company won’t cover the cancellation.....so next April for the girls with us it’s more messy.....trying to cancel all our flights, accomodation, car hire etc..... some companies have been excellent, others not so much.... in in terms of the cruise, MSc allowing us to move to another date without penalty but it has to be the same value. The cruise we could possibly do is out of Dubai in January, of course it’s $700 cheaper and no they won’t put that as on board credit. if I just cancel the cruise we would lose $1400. if I cancel and rebook , with the cruise being $700 cheaper and them offering $600 on board credit....I’m really only $100 down and also have the time to look around. i explained all this to MSc, you would think they would want to keep a customer and the very nice TA is looking into for me....she understood that we would be probably better just canceling and rebooking (would also then be a new booking with the normal cancellation rules) where as moving the booking, there would be no ability to cancel if say travel was restricted even in January. will wait and see.....
  14. I agree it is great MSC are allowing changes without penalty for passengers coming through a quarantine area. However the decision to deny boarding to those thru Singapore is their choice not one govt issued. Singapore has no travel restrictions atm.... in that case it is MSc who is not allowing us on their ship and therefore feel a full refund should be available just my opinion
  15. So latest is MSC will refuse boarding to those traveling through Singapore...which is us of course. Changing flights for us would be nigh on impossible...they are booked thru Qantas frequent flyers.....and where to do go through anyway? Hong Kong....no can do and even the Middle East is going to be a problem very shortly by the sounds of it. So at this point I’m going to try to get a full refund....there are no travel restrictions for Singapore by any govt authorities so this is MSC decision...which of course is their boat=their call. But in my mind they need to completely refund.... thoughts?
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