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  1. KamisPal, I think this probably started when HAL started charging all of the crew for their airfares to and from their homes. Given the low pay I assume the behind the scenes crew receive, It would be a hard thing for them to spring for their airfares without receiving some additional monies from somewhere. In other words, we are just subsidising their take home pay. JMHO.....jean :cool:
  2. Greg, you are going to have to stop it....I can`t talk for laughing!!....jean
  3. Is there a full moon tonight? you guys are getting to be too much!! I thought we Mariners were supposed to be a bunch of old fuddy duddies..don`t sound like it today!!......jean
  4. UCK....un controlled kids PUFAB......people using fingers at buffet CPWHNETDBWSP...crazy posters who have nothing else to do but write silly posts (hee hee) We are having a great time today eh? any newcomers to the boards must think we`ve all gone mad!!!......jean
  5. ROFLMAO!!! Don`t know when I`ve laughed out loud as much!! How about some nice Ripple, Thunderbird or Wild Irish Rose? you`d have a choice of white, red or rose then....jean
  6. And the toaster for those oh so pale bagels and English muffins from room service at breakfast!!.....jean
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