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  1. Hi friends - My father passed away in 2016 after a lengthy illness. He was cremated. He loved Alaska and our family thought it would be a loving gesture to scatter part of his ashes in Alaska. I've researched the legalities about scattering ashes at sea. My question is - Is it allowed to scatter ashes off of a cruise ship if the captain is aware? Do cruise lines ever allow families to do this? Thanks ahead of time. ❤️ Marna
  2. Hey my cruise pals - how ya doin? I hope great! :) We are going to check out Hawaii via Pride of America. I am excited of course, we cruise NCL exclusively. I have read that the staff on this ship isn't always nice - for those of you who cruised on the ship would you find that this was your experience? My other question was when we booked our cruise we were told that the cabin we selected was one of the better cabins – I didn't know what that meant. We genuinely like concierge service so we typically always book that way anyway, so I wasn't sure what NCL meant when they said that.
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