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  1. Yes he'll be around that age. Hoping he will be manageable by then! My parents are thinking of booking too so we'd have some babysitting. They did a cruise with us last year and not sure they love it but they just want to spend time with us. My mums mobility is very limited now due to Parkinsons so holiday options are limited for them anyway. We're doing the western europe route on iona- Amsterdam bruges etc. Mainly chose it as the price was very good and P&O only charge £50 for the little one. On RCI they are full price!! Although we ended up nearly doubling the price by booking a superior deluxe aft balcony... oopsies. Can't wait to see what you think of Iona! Have to admit P&O is not my cruise line of choice, we said we wouldn't sail again unless on Iona. She looks a huge step up from the rest of the fleet.
  2. Have you got anything booked in? We've booked Iona for October 2021 just because I'm desperate to get something in the diary!! And we need to get that boy introduced to cruising lol. Although technically he did his first cruise while in me! Hes 13 weeks now and growing very fast. Life is very different than it was pre baby! Everything went through on our house purchase so we've been in a few months now. Hope you are well!
  3. It was probably like looking at holiday brochures now- nobody pays the printed price! We've used an agent in the past but have found discounts very minimal and I prefer to cut out the middle man if possible.
  4. Price driven too. Our first time with p&O we booked saver as the price difference was large and the benefits small. This time the price difference was only about £200 and extra obc offered to the tune of £180. Went for obc and parking though as we don't really need that much to spend but we do have to pay to park either way! Plus we will be travelling with a kid for the first time so wanted to ensure a quiet cabin location
  5. Thanks both, definitley won't book it until I've heard some reviews. Think we might pay a little more for a superior deluxe a couple of decks down, the aft balconies on those look great.
  6. Deck 14 is probably more sensible! I do normally try and book a deck sandwiched between only cabins. Now I'm tempted by the superior deluxe cabins right in the middle aft...
  7. That's what I'm thinking, noise from the pool chairs being dragged around. The ones on lower decks don't look to have as large a balcony, although deck plans can be decieving!
  8. Considering an Oct 2021 cruise on Iona. Looking at an aft balcony on deck 15, 15737- however these are directly under the aft pool. Do we think there's likely to be a lot of noise disturbance? Anyone stayed in a similar cabin? Looks like they have a slightly bigger balcony, we had a 'hump' cabin on the NCL Escape and the balcony was a good bit bigger Edit to add we will be travelling with a child so will be up early but may need to use the cabin for day time naps
  9. Thank you definitely the kind of experienced perspective I was looking for
  10. Thank you all very helpful. Yes he's our first! We are obviously still adjusting to how different life is with kids! Maybe we'd be better waiting another year then. We did a cruise with our 3yr old nephew last summer and beyond the usual toddler high jinx it was fun!
  11. All opinions definitely welcome. We're one of those cruisers who enjoys the ship just as much (or maybe more!) Than the ports. Some good points re healthcare etc seeing as how much little kids pick up!
  12. Fair enough but what I meant is 'the same price as an adult' I guess!
  13. Didn't know that thanks. I'll request a quote from a TA
  14. Thank you for all the tips and good point about the diapers etc. I read a good tip about bringing a small inflatable pool for bath time and filling it with the shower! We wouldn't be able to afford 2 cabins unfortunately, can't believe they charge full fare for an under 2yr old!
  15. Am I nuts to consider a 14 day transatlantic on Harmony with our son who will be 1 and a half by then? Hes 8 weeks now and we can't wait until we can get back cruising with him! I was eyeing up a 7 day med itinerary on Harmony in Oct 2021, but it seems we could do the 14 day transatlantic for the same price (plus the more expensive flight home). We had in mind to only get off the ship for quick wanders anyway on port days as long excursions would be too much for the little one and we've done most of the ports before. The transatlantic only has 1 port stop in Malaga (which we have been to but happy to go again). We love megaships so are pretty happy to make the ship the destination and just enjoy hanging out and letting baby do whatever he wants. We could take turns in the evenings to see the shows while he sleeps in the cabin etc. So I'm curious if anyone else has done a transatlantic with such a little one? Did you enjoy it or do you think we shouldn't do it? Looking at a central park view interior- anyone have any experience how that works with a young child as the 3rd guest? Is there a sofa bed or can we request a cot?
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