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  1. My theory is that those of you who still haven't heard may be in a reserve pool. The t&Cs state that those who decline the prize will be redrawn and there's also a bit about notifying everyone on the 30th or as soon as possible in the case of a re draw. So I'm wondering if they have kept back a pool of people to re draw from and not yet notified them either way
  2. Not something I've seen personally, but I'm also discussing this topic on another forum and someone there said lots of people on twitter are asking RCI they won't be vaccinated and can they still go. Or they can't make the available dates can they have another. Kind of annoying that people applied that can't actually do it when the t&Cs were very clear.
  3. Sounds like your kids are older now (mine will be 2 going on 3 when we travel) but anything related to kids on board I'd love to know! This will be our first time cruising as a family. How do you negotiate taxis abroad with the car seats issue? I thought we'd be stuck with either coach excursions or walking. So many more things to think about when taking kids isn't there!
  4. I did look at the select fare but even after the discount it was £300 more so couldn't justify!
  5. We booked a saver but used the trick of checking the p&o payment page and can see we have been assigned a cabin on deck 5. Bit nervous about not being under a deck of cabins for the first time! We are under the gin bar (I forget the name) which the description on the website makes me think won't be too loud and lively. Could be worse, could be under the theatre... 😬
  6. Maybe we should ring and ask to speak to the manager 🤣
  7. Nothing yet- don't expect to win but just want to know so I can stop hoping 😂 Edit: literally just had an email! Didn't win, bit rude if you ask me 😂 Anyone lucky?
  8. I'm sure there will be vlogs- are you on the Iona group on FB? We've booked a seaview cabin as they are larger than a balcony (although obviously no balcony!) So am very interested to see what they look like. We went on a cruise with my nephew when he was about 3 and he really enjoyed it so I'm sure Hiro will too! Little bit nervous about booking a 2 weeker as his first one though haha
  9. We'll probably take him to Loro Parque in Tenerife as we've been before and really liked it, but if you have any Lanzarote recommendations? Gran Canaria last time we just walked to the beach was really easy
  10. Hes great thanks, a full blown toddler now! Can't believe we booked our original cruise when he was 8 weeks and he'll be almost 3 by the time we actually go haha. No Florida for us until he's 5 or 6 I don't think, jealous of you!
  11. Hiya Vampiress Which cruise have you booked? I've just changed ours to Nov 2022 Canaries on Iona! Would be funny if you were on the same one
  12. Yes he'll be around that age. Hoping he will be manageable by then! My parents are thinking of booking too so we'd have some babysitting. They did a cruise with us last year and not sure they love it but they just want to spend time with us. My mums mobility is very limited now due to Parkinsons so holiday options are limited for them anyway. We're doing the western europe route on iona- Amsterdam bruges etc. Mainly chose it as the price was very good and P&O only charge £50 for the little one. On RCI they are full price!! Although we ended up nearly doubling the price by booking a su
  13. Have you got anything booked in? We've booked Iona for October 2021 just because I'm desperate to get something in the diary!! And we need to get that boy introduced to cruising lol. Although technically he did his first cruise while in me! Hes 13 weeks now and growing very fast. Life is very different than it was pre baby! Everything went through on our house purchase so we've been in a few months now. Hope you are well!
  14. It was probably like looking at holiday brochures now- nobody pays the printed price! We've used an agent in the past but have found discounts very minimal and I prefer to cut out the middle man if possible.
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