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  1. So frustrating! Yes, I just like to start out initially with an email because then I have the dates/prices/needs/wants etc. all laid out on paper, and I can sort it better, present to the husband, and then call to finalize. It just drives me crazy that the ones I’ve been dealing with always want the phone call. I know they like to do this in real time but I can’t do that when I have to narrow down dates for PTO, school schedules etc. It’s already going to cost an arm and a leg cruising during peak times, I don’t see why a PVP just can’t work with me! If they are too busy then redirect people t
  2. Thanks for the info! Well, at least now I know that I can choose what I want and not have to have “permission” to book a freaking cruise.
  3. Curious - I am struggling with PVP, emailed a few weeks ago to try and get some details to book a cruise. I usually end up calling, but it is a struggle for me to phone, although have requested a few times over the last 7 years to get emails of options. So, I want to switch PVPs to hopefully find someone who will communicate with me the way I need them to. I was told I have to speak to my current PVP, and ask to be released from them in order to switch. This seems a bit over the top that I can’t use who I want, when I want to, especially since I’ve been told they aren’t commissioned more than
  4. Those are helpful suggestions, thank you!
  5. Wasn’t sure what specific words to use for this search, sorry if I am repeating requests. We have all dang day til 7 pm to get to the airport after the cruise. Not interested in getting off the ship super early, so looking for something leisurely to do. Does it make more sense to rent a car for a day to store our luggage to go to South Beach or something to eat and relax, or do you guys do something else? What are some things you’ve done to pass the time when you are stuck with luggage, instead of sitting at the airport? Thank you!
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