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  1. Great review so far! We were on the Hawaii leg before you.
  2. Just a heads up they do not have boxes of cereal anymore they switched to dispensers. You could bring zip lock baggies or prepackaged snacks for in port.
  3. Our son was 15 months when we took him. We brought an umbrella type stroller but it is a taller one (tall husband and kids) and it reclines so he could nap in port (and for diaper changes!). I also brought the carrier and did use it at the airport and getting on/off the ship and in port if needed. We did any time so we didn't have to worry about rushing if we were running late. We just did a private table for our group. We used a pack n play but we never co slept at home (he has always needed his own space to settle down!) I also used magnetic hooks to hang a curtain around it. He is the type of kid that will not go to sleep if he could see us... We thought about using the night owls but it didn't start till 10 and we kept him on his normal schedule as much as possible. We took turns going out during nap time and bedtime. I packed 3 outfits per day plus a few extra (he had lots of diaper accidents and a dairy allergy that didn't help). I didn't want to do laundry on vacation and their clothes don't take up much space at that age anyways! If you didn't know no pools on ships for babies (must be fully potty trained, no swim diapers allowed). Bring plenty of diapers, wipes, and baby meds (the ship will not have any). It will be a different cruise but you will have so much fun! Ignore the ones that will say leave the baby at home, we did leave our boys behind on the last one (Hawaii) and there were times I wished they were with us and can't wait to take them on one.
  4. When we were on the legend 2 weeks ago the pub wasn't open.... I was really looking forward to the happy hour! Hopefully it is for you!
  5. I believe it's because of the sliding roof over the pool, something aboot not enough room for one...
  6. Unfortunately it does not, we will really miss that on the 16 night cruise we have coming up. I have heard that sometimes show movies during the day in one of the lounges.
  7. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2663129-our-25th-anniversary-adventure-baja-mexico-hawaii-on-the-inspiration-splendor/ He has the fun times in his review and lots of pictures, it is a great review.
  8. It is definitely San pedro, shows it on the itinerary. Like I said for us 1pm is early, we usually like more of a buffer we have run into delays after disembarking in the past. Once was waiting for a shuttle for at least an hour and a half or the mob of people that made it impossible to get a cab after a repositioning cruise like the one we are going on.
  9. No problem! I actually really love it and use it all the time for my 14 month old for appointments (twice a week for 5 appointments between the 2 kids...). As to the negative comments you got, shame on them!! You know your kids and what will help everyone have a more enjoyable time!
  10. The journey's cruise we are going on in September was released 16 months out... I was waiting and waiting for it, there had been one for at least the last 3 years that I knew about but I'm sure it was longer then that. They did end up changing it from its normal cruise because they are switching the ships around a bit so that is probably why this particular one was delayed. Oh man was it hard waiting that long to start planning it especially since it's for our 10 year anniversary and first time leaving the kids!
  11. What is the best (cheap would be great) way to get from San pedro to LAX for 2 people on a Saturday? We have an earlier flight then normal at 1pm, we usually stay an extra night. There will be a lot of priority passengers since it's a journey's cruise (carnival) but we are not one of them yet. With it possibly taking us longer to disembark and and it being a busy airport I'm a bit anxious about making the flight.
  12. Large puppy pads, they work great and you won't need to worry about laundry if she does have any accidents. But if she is a crazy sleeper they might not stay in place as well as a regular pad.
  13. We have a delta ultimate convince stroller (got it specifically for a cruise), its an umbrella stroller but much taller, the seat also reclines. My oldest is only 3.5 but he is tall and still has room, he gets jealous sometimes of little brother using it.
  14. We are on this one too, getting so close!!
  15. Thank you for such a wonderful review! I am even more excited now for our Hawaii cruise!! Looking forward to your sunrise review, we have done a Bermuda cruise with royal we had awful weather while we were there but still had a great time.
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