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  1. Keith,

    if you think people will forget waiting for refunds, you have not been keeping up with the refund string.  People will not soon forget waiting 100+ days for tens of thousands of dollars. We are experiencing great angst waiting and wondering if we will ever see our refund/money. Money we can definitely use in these trying times.  Many have said, and I believe them, that they are done with Crystal! 

  2. On 8/31/2020 at 4:10 AM, Keith1010 said:

    I don't see how Crystal has gone down the toilet.


    This is a challenging time for the entire travel industry; Airlines, Hotels, Cruise Lines, Travel Specialists, Major Parks such as Disney, Restaurants, etc.  Does this mean they are down the toilet?  No.  


    We have found plenty of enhancement since Genting purchased Crystal.  

    This includes the changes made to Symphony and Serenity with respect to the enhancements made to both ships in dry dock and the changes including open dining.  The river cruise vessels are amazing and we loved the opportunity to sail one of them.  Haven't sailed the Yacht but heard almost all good things about it and was looking forward to Endeavor.


    If you go back to the live reports for the past few years you would read lots of positive things that people have expressed along with some items that people didn't care for.  Having been on these boards from inception I would tell you that the positive views have been as positive as I have read since that time.  There are always some who don't care for the cruise line or didn't have a good experience but by and large the vast majority have been positive.  Crystal has been making changes since its inception and some have been applauded by many people and some have not.  From the moment we sailed Crystal in 2002 some complained about cut backs.  I've seen this mentioned on every cruise line board and on every line we've sailed.  I am reminded that some people don't like change which is a contributing factor.


    The future was very bright for Crystal.  I believe booking for 2020 and 2021 were very strong just simply looking at cruise availability before COVID-19 hit.  


    COVID-19 put a damper on all of this.  It has some similarities to the Great Recession of 2018 where without a bailout banks, the largest insurer, major companies (in the USA GE, Verizon, etc.), would have gone under without the government taking many steps to safe them.  It was a matter of days before the banking and financial institutions were to collapse and companies such as GE and Verizon had insufficient cash on hand to even meet their payroll.


    Yes, the refund process has been very difficult.   Many thought that COVID-19 would impact itineraries for a few months and by end of Summer cruises would sail again.  Remember, when some in the USA said it would be gone soon and very few people would be impacted.  This turned out to be wrong and with so many cruises being cancelled it has resulted in massive refunds.


    I am reminded that if everyone went to the bank today to withdraw all of their money we would have a crisis.  


    Time will tell how this all plays out.  I am hopeful Crystal will make it through this troubling time.   


    To me the overall product before COVID-19 was as good as ever with some things being better than ever before, some about the same and a few that we miss. Service levels IMHO have been the best we've ever experienced and overall we have enjoyed the continued changes to other areas including all the choices in entertainment and all of the options for dining.

    Viking is interesting.  There was an article about Viking I read in May of 2019 (ether in Forbes or Fortune 500 - can't remember) about the owner and Viking.  It had several positive things to say but also covered their financial challenges and how the owner was on the verge of bankruptcy and also questioned if he was doing things so the company could be sold.  Whether right or wrong I've learned as an outsider and even an insider when I worked that some companies might have financial issues which are not readily picked up by most people.  Time will tell on them as well.


    The unknown to all of this is COVID-19, what happens over the coming months, whether or not there will be a successful vaccine, whether or not the virus will continue to mutate, whether or not antibodies will prevent reinfection in most people, how long it will take for those who want a vaccine to get it when countries will open up to USA travelers and for that matter to travelers outside their own country and the list goes on and on. All of this will impact the travel industry and so many other industries.

    Time will tell.


    My opinion though is if things get resolved and Crystal gets back to cruising it won't be long before most people forget about waiting for refunds.  I truly believe that most people would rather be cruising on Crystal rather than having their cruise cancelled or having cancelled it themselves and waiting for a refund.  This is not the first bumpy road for Crystal or the travel industry.  Yes it has been the bumpiest of all roads.



    Keith, if you think people will forget about waiting for refunds, you have not been keeping up with the refund string.  People will not forget waiting over 100 days for tens of thousands of dollars.  Some of us are experiencing great angst waiting and wondering if we will ever see our money.  Many have said, and I do believe, they will not return to a Crystal! 

  3. We cancelled our August cruise back in April.  Unfortunately we had paid in full.  So we requested a refund.  It is well past 90 days and we disputed the charge with our cc.  I also wrote to Crystal via Facebook messenger.  They responded immediately stating they are working diligently through the queue in order of filing and have processed millions of $ in refunds.  Personally, I believe they don’t have the manpower or money to make the refunds.  As much as I love Crystal, if we do not receive a refund, we will not cruise with them again.  We have cruises booked for February and July 2021 with other cruise lines.  The February cruise is a charter on Silverseas.  There is a penalty for cancelling and we will lose substantial monies.  

  4. Keith,


    Thanks for replying. Our TA has tried more than once and even contacted his Crystal Rep. I actually emailed guest services and received a reply within 15 minutes. Unfortunately they told me they have used up all their allotted slots and could only wait list us at this point.


    This is our second issue with Crystal on this cruise. Hope this is not an indication that things are changing. Our first two cruises with them were very nice, no issues.

  5. We are sailing nyc to iceland and have been wait listed for both main and dining by reservation. TA tried twice but could not get us confirmed. Very frustrated as I am diabetic and need to eat before 7 p.m. This is our third crystal cruise and never had this problem before.

  6. We are traveling on June 1. We received our documents and are wait listed for both main dining and dining by reservation. Our TA has tried but not succeeded in getting Crystal to confirm our dining status. I have even tried. So we can't make any reservations. Guess we are are cruising but will gave to eat all our meals standing up or in the Lido or Trident.

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