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  1. Those getting emails from Celebrity, did you book direct with them rather then a TA? Haven’t received anything here, I booked through TA. Thanks.
  2. Hi, Did you cancel through Celebrity and not through your TA? I thought if you booked with a TA, you had to go through them to cancel. Thanks
  3. So, my thoughts are next round of cancellations will be FCC only. Don’t think RC survives if they offer refunds. What would, if anything, makes that acceptable to you? For me, 150% of price paid, 2 years from original date of cruise to book, 3 years to use, FCC can be used for deposits. And FCC’s reusable if I cancel inside normal cancellation deadlines.
  4. I am afraid that FCC will be the only option going forward with the next set of cancellations. That’s what Air Canada and Air Canada Vacations has already done.
  5. I would hope they do at least a rolling 2 week notice. So next 30 day (whatever-4 weeks) on March 27.
  6. Nothing Celebrity/RC has done so far gives me the confidence to be calm. Will they wait till the day before again before next round of cancellations? Arbitrarily change those dates after publishing them? Change FCC rules for those who should be able to get cash back? Will they still be in business in 30 days? I can appreciate the novelty of this situation and how quickly things are developing, but it seems to me they had NO plan for this even though many on this board predicted many of the outcomes.
  7. Cruise on the 12th is cancelled, no rooms available if you try to book. So one question answered. I also feel this has been handled very poorly by RC.
  8. What exactly is the protocol for canceling an upcoming cruise? I booked through an online TA, Air Canada Vacations. Do I contact them first, or do I go through Celebrity? Is it the same for FCC and for, hopefully, full payment refund? Thanks.
  9. Excellent point, this will take smarter minds then mine. Let’s hope they are working on it.
  10. As much as I would like an offer like this for my upcoming April cruise, I no longer feel Celebrity is in a position to afford it. A week ago, I scoffed at those that were concerned about them going bankrupt before being able to use FCC. That is no longer the case. In fact, I feel if support is not soon announced for the travel industry and in particular the cruise one, there is going to be very little left to save. Sad times....
  11. Seems like the cruise industry is choosing death by a 1000 cuts. Transmission is the coming issue with COVID, this does nothing to address that. Total shutdown is coming one way or another,(port shutdown, dock worker shortage, quarantines, etc.) might as well get on with it.
  12. But this advisory from the State Department doesn’t change that. As long as cruises run, people will continue to go, and disproportionate resources are still going to be called into play.
  13. I used Aeroplan to do the same, very interested as well how it works with any point booking. Cancel through Celebrity or through Aeroplan? Credit returned as celebrity FCC or points? My cruise is mid April so still some time to work this out.
  14. Just read in another thread that "no FCC or anything" was offered to someone who just called in. So, not official yet, maybe just need to get lucky...
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