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  1. I am really hoping we love this cabin! We sail in it for ten days in March 2022 and I snagged c753 for November this year on CB (looks similar). Diane
  2. So what happens if I purchase gift cards and put them towards the cost of the fare and the cruise is cancelled? My worry would be the expiration date on the promotional card? Are we talking it has an expiration date of six months, a year, two years? Diane
  3. We are going on 3-13-21 with some friends. We were originally booked for 2020 but cancelled in 2019 due to not knowing if it would sail. I am feeling hopeful for this trip. Diane
  4. No, the amount for us was the same with either. Had I known that they were not stackable, I wouldn’t have bothered with the First Responder credit due to shareholders credit being easy to get.
  5. No good reason for the denial, only that it couldn’t be done. To be honest, it was such a PIA to get the First Responder credit and keep it on my account, that I didn’t have the energy to argue about stock holder credit being stackable. However...today is a new day!!! Lol Diane Good Luck!
  6. I had the First Responder credit placed on our 11/2021 cruise. When I sent in a request to get my shareholder OBC for the same cruise I got notification that I could use one or the other but not get both. If you are successful can you please post? Diane
  7. We have never sailed with Princess in the past. We are booked with a couple who have sailed with Princess several times for a trip in March of 2022. They did not refer us at this point although we had intended to do so in the future. We have now booked a cruise by ourselves for 11/2021, which means this will be our first cruise with Princess (without friends). I heard somewhere that the referral could still be made even if friends are on differing cruises... is this true? Also if we already have the booking made, can it be applied or would we have had to have referral made prior to booking
  8. Well good news! I heard from Sheer ID and was told the info was verified to Princess. Sheer ID gave me a request ID number and referred me to Princess cs 1-800-774-6237. I called and spoke to the nicest and most helpful woman and after giving her the number and being placed on hold for a short time...the onboard credit was applied! I then called Costco to finalize the transfer of my reservation and it was there on the invoice! Viola! Hope this can help someone else. Now, the trick will be for the credit to remain on reservation until next November! Diane
  9. Not to beat a dead horse... but I called Princess and was told that sheer I’d did not verify so it was never given to me (no matter that it was in my planner two days ago in addition to receiving verification email). I was told to email customer service and help desk at sheer Id (which I just did). I’m sure sheer I’d is going to put it back on Princess so...I think this whole thing was probably a waste of time. Not that this obc is going to break the trip, but it has left a sour taste in my mouth. Diane
  10. I lost mine too! It was in my planner and I have two cruises coming up. I thought they were going to attach it to 11-2021 cruise and when they didn’t I had planned to call. By the time I was going to...poof! Not happy! Diane
  11. Mine is showing in cruise planner but is not attached to either 11-2021 or 3-2022 cruise. Do I call to have them put it on specific cruise? Diane
  12. Atlanta Cruiser, you may be on to something about Bonaire only wanting so many ships at a time. Our notification said it was due to “ship congestion.” Diane
  13. Thanks for the tip! I looked at their website and it seems like our kind of place! Now...hopefully we will be able to do private excursions by that time! Diane
  14. We are on this cruise and got notification about the change yesterday. I’m not overly upset because we have been to Bonaire in the past, but I was looking forward to snorkeling there. We have never been to the port replacing it. Is Grand Turk known for anything special? Diane
  15. No, but will be anxious to hear as we are scheduled on the November 20th cruise. Diane
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