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  1. Having done some work in pricing, I know that a company can really irritate their customer-base if they take a product or service away. A strategy for doing this and putting it back on the customer is to jack up prices to the point where few or no customers will buy something, and then the company can say, "We discontinued it due to low sales." This may be what's going on with dinner plans or some of these resaurants, so more space can be allocated to exclusive-tier passengers. This is just an early guess, but store away this thought, and let's see what happens in the next couple years.
  2. I agree with Keith here; not only would I not want pay for the concierge and butler, but frankly it would make me very uncomfortable to have those people doing things for me that I really don't need and am quite willing to do for myself. When I'm in my balcony room I tell the room-steward that the second servicing of the room is generally not needed. I know I am paying to have the room cleaned and refreshed, but I don't really need more than that.
  3. I work in web-deliver services, and if I can give a suggestion to NCL; if they would just put Banner Announcement on the pages where people are looking for answers, where NCL knows that things aren't working, it would greatly cut down on the need for people to call and call and call.
  4. Thank you all, it was very helpful.
  5. If I have a 4-meal Dining Package and two meals from my Platium Perks, can I make all of those reservations before the cruise; and how does it get sorted out since the two Platinum Perk meals are restricted to specific restaurants. Any guidance here would be appreciated.
  6. I am inside the 120 days for my October 2, 2019 Getaway cruise in the Baltic. Every day I try to do the dinner reservations and all that comes up is the first day of the cruise. The people on-line say that they just had a new system installed (which I don't believe, I think that is in the response manual), and it should be tw days. I have gotten that response now for 15 days. Are people on other trips having th same problem? They aren't able to take the resevations and load them for me because they can't get in the system for this trip either. I pay on time, I would expect that they live up to their end of the deal too.
  7. Though this will not be news to many people, I want to relate my current experience with price-watching. As a practice, I am a planner. I reserve my trips far in advance to get the cabin location I want, to do the location and excursion planning I want, and to have the planning be part of the excitement of my trip. Another thing I do is watch the price of my trip on a regular basis – every 2-3 weeks – by doing a mock booking. I book through NCL, so when I have to rebook at a new price, there is no danger of losing the cabin I chose on the split-second cancel-rebook an outside person has to do. With the current trip I have planned - 9-Day Scandinavia, Russia & Baltic from Copenhagen, in October – I have been able to realize a $500 price drop (2-people) by watching the rates over the last six months, as I move toward the final payment date, which comes in one month. This is over 11%, money that can be used for other things on the trip. Just wanted to pass this along.
  8. Whether it's your first night or last night it not the issue on if the dinning experience is going to be better, worse of different. What you need to know is whether it is your cook's and your server's first or last night of their contract. Now that is what is going to influence your dining experience. What night it is otherwise makes not difference to them.
  9. I have used two Cruise-Next Certificates to book a single Balcony room.
  10. On sea days, Cagney's and Moderno's have a themed buffet at lunch time. The theme is a different nationality - Mexican, Asian, etc.
  11. Thank you all. I guess the votes are in and the train is the way to go.
  12. I have a future trip planned where I will be flying into Anchorage, and sailing out of Seward. I would be flying in from the east coast, and I see that the bus ride is 5-hours from Anchorage, and have kids so I am thinking of breaking up the trip. If I fly in the day before and stay at an airport hotel, is there a way to hook up with the bus the next day (the day of the cruise)? Has anyone done this? How did it work? Thanks
  13. When I bought mine last fall, they were there by the time I arrived home the day after the cruise.
  14. I have to agree with what some other have said and vote for the EPIC as a one-and-done. The bathroom setup in the balcony rooms is just not at all something that works for me.
  15. I am just curious. I was just on the Breakaway and saw the Rock of Ages show, which I thought was very well done; but during the beginning of the show, about 30 or so people walked out in the first fifteen or twenty minutes. This is after the write-up in the Freestyle Daily says, "...this is your chance to experience the raunchy rock event of the year." And, "Adult themes, course language and sexually suggestive scenes are used throughout the show..." Then a similar live announcement is made in the theater 15 minutes ahead of show time, and again five minutes ahead of the show. But still there are walk outs. Could some people that walk out share your thinking? I'm interested. Thanks
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