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  1. In addition to the desserts on the Buffet, I would be interested to know or see how the buffet is operating in general. Is it the same, a little different, or is it more like a cafateria line?
  2. I would highly recommend the Hotel Bethel, located in the Nyhavn area. The price is very good, the location can't be beat. Breakfast is included and is very good. The staff here are wonderful. I have stayed here three times, and would not stay anywhere else.
  3. Hello Everyone: I am new to shopping with RCI. The 12 Night Arctic Circle Cruise caught my eye, but I have other trips planned already through 2022. I am wondering two things: Has anyone ever done this trip - I like the July itinerary a little better than the June one - and can you provide recommendations for or against it; and How far ahead does RCI typicially - even though I realize we aren't in typical times - release their future itineraries? They are currently up to April of 2023. Thanks for the help
  4. Thank you for that information, that is great to know.
  5. In planning an upcomming trip I will be ending my cruise in Civitavecchia, Italy on a Saturday and flying out of the Rome Airport (FCO) on Sunday. My plan is to stay in a hotel near the airport on Saturday night. Can I use the Norwegian transfer service to get a ride to the airport on Saturday, then get a short cab ride or shuttle to my hotel? I can't remember from past experience if they check the luggage straight through to the airline, which I certainly don't want to happen. Thanks for the help.
  6. Is there any way to see your balance due on the NCL website if you book a trip through a Travel Agent or other third-party agent?
  7. This is what NCL told me today: We understand that The Government of Canada has announced an Interim Order which calls for the suspension of passenger cruising in Canadian waters through February 2022. We are currently studying the Order and its implications and have not canceled our cruises that visit Canadian ports. We are currently exploring several initiatives that may allow such cruises to continue, especially for the important Alaska season. Given the fluidity of the current environment, we will also continue to work with the Canadian government to amend their current suspension. We are working through all available options as quickly as possible and as a result we have not canceled our 2021 cruises that visit Canadian ports. We will continue to keep all travel partners and guests updated as the situation progresses.
  8. With half the capacity in the theater, I would think they could just put the shows live on the in-room TVs. I realize that cuts into the ability to sell alcohol, but there isn't anything I can do about that.
  9. I was going through a TA. And what happened to me was, I was given the price, and then I argued for a few weeks about a missing $1,113. And the travel Agent was agreeing with me that the account did not add up. Then finally NCL said, "Oh, we applied the 25% FCC to the price right off the top," explain that that was where the money went. So the price they quoted was not the price, it was a rack-rate, minus 20% minus my 25% FCC. That is very shady. I still may cancel and take the full FCC value and shope for a better trip. I am waiting to see if that trip goes down, or if there is a better trip that I may want to switch to.
  10. I went through a similar “misunderstanding.“ I got my FCC and 25% FCC, booked a 20%-off cruise and through I was short $1,113. What they had done was given me a 20% off an inflated price, and then before presenting me with the amount due, they applied the 25% FCC (that was the $1,113). Then here was the great deal. The price of the cruise - which was one year later than the one that was cancelled - had a base-rate (before the 20% off) that was 34% higher than the previous fare. So that is the way passengers are treated. So your money didn't disappear, it was accounting misdirection. Thank you NCL for taking such good care of your loyal customers.
  11. Here is the "great deal" you can expect, along with the smoke-screening. I had a 2020 Alaska crusie booked, 2 people in a balcony cabin - all included cost = $4,810 (with gratuities) We got future cruise credit (FCC) plus 25% FCC, and 20% off if we booked in a certain period of time. We booked the same trip basically the same room for 2021. They took off the 20%, and before giving us the price applied the 25% FCC (that was the smoke screen). Which caused a lot of confusion and discussion for weeks because we though we lost some of our credit. So the price they were charging for the new trip is $5,980 (before discount). With all of the extra FCC and discounts applied we ended up with $799 to apply to another trip. But all those benefits they were offering basically just went away with the increased prices.
  12. I had a repayment for travel insurance.
  13. Prices have ABSOLUTELY INCREASED. Here is the perfect scenario: I was booked on an Alaska trip in the third week in June of 2020, for one week out of Seward on the Jewel in a Balcony. Trip got canceled, here are the basics of the financials: · I got Future Cruise Credit (FCC) for the cost of the trip; · I got 25% Bonus Future Cruise Credit; · And could get 20% off a cruise booked within some amount of time. I rebooked an Alaska trip in the third week in June of 2021, for one week out of Seward on the Jewel in a Balcony. · If the price was the same, I would have used 56% of FCC to pay for this trip; · It in fact cost me 86% of the FCC I would say that is quite an increase.
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