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  1. We had booked, before Christmas one on Marella Explorer leaving 28th August Adriatic and Greek Islands, I wonder if my luck holds up as far as cruises have gone the last few years, no that is a big ask, but I would like to think things will be getting back on track for all of us all around Europe and the rest of the World. A big unknown atm Keith (Southend)
  2. I cheekily posted an edited version of your post on Twitter with the the Hashtags #Marella #TUI as I'm sure we all agree we want to see them come out the other end of this in tact. And yes, I still look every day.. *Asia 'Enchanting Far East Cruise' weather overview* 26th March 2020 Max °C Min °C Rain (mm) Bar(mb) Trend Hum% Wind (mph) Weather Location 36.4 26.2 - 1011.2 F 50 W 7 * Laem Chabang(81m) 35.3 27.3 - 1010.7 F 55 SE 3 Haze Bangkok Metropolis(3m) 30.7 27.9 - 1009.1 F 35 SW 4 Haze Ko Samui(7m) 33.8 26.0 - 1010.0 Fs 70 SW 6 Cloud Decr Langkawi(8m) 33.7 26.4 0.2 1009.6 F 64 W 6 Thndr Penang(4m) 36.3 25.0 1.0 1008.9 F 49 SE 3 Haze Kuala Lumpur(27m) 34.9 25.1 0.2 1009.7 * 52 E 6 Haze Malacca(9m) 33.4 26.4 - 1009.8 * 59 NE 9 Haze Singapore(22m) 33.5 26.0 - 1010.2 F 56 SE 6 * Ho Chi Minh City-Nha Be(2m) Keith (Southend)
  3. Seems to be anchored off the west coast of southern India atm, probably the safest place to be, assuming none of the crew have the virus 🦠
  4. Just over three weeks ago we flew back from Langkawi, we would never had imagined we would be where we are now with this virus, surreal..
  5. Yes, after being lucky in November 2018 with Cuban Fusion and now probably getting the best two weeks of the entire Discovery Asian cruise season, I feel a little humbled.
  6. The situation is changing everyday, I'd imagine they can only wait until it gets to a point of no return, so to speak. It must be a nightmare for cruise company's. I also wonder what happens with all crew.
  7. I feel TUI/Marella will do everything expected of them and can only be given credit for that. This situation is unheard of before.
  8. I notice it had been docked in Singapore so assumed they were off loading the Langkawi passengers to board the 3 Dreamliners. It may now be heading for Bangkok to off load the rest. I haven't heard that Thailand have stopped cruiseships yet. Just my thoughts, but I don't know. So it looks like Singapore came to the rescue with a number of ships for repatriation back to Europe after Malaysia shut their doors leaving everyone in the lurch!
  9. We consider ourselves extremely lucky, we did Malacca and just missed Cambodia, had we gone a week later we’d be stuck with the current passengers. We had a most wonderful cruise, so so lucky...
  10. Not that this is any consolation, but I wonder if the cruise lines insurance covers this?
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