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  1. The internet on NCL is a joke, I have a tip, DON’T PURCHASE INTERNET SERVICES ON NCL, I spent over $200 on 1 unlimited premium internet package for our recent cruise, it frequently didn’t work, it would not connect to sites, nothing like it was advertised, PLUS they wanted me to spend an additional $9.95 to be able to message people on the ship with their app, REALLY? I just spend over $200. NCL internet is a decade behind Royal Caribbean’s VOOM, which worked great, NCL should be ashamed, their excuse was that their locked into a contract with some crappy company providing the service and they can’t get out of the contract in order to update their internet services on all their ships. Plus we also had “free” internet from our package of 250 minutes, my girlfriend couldn’t even use that up since she couldn’t get online and surf reliably. I posted what the browser would frequently show.
  2. I’m spoiled with the internet speed on Royal.Caribbean, how are the speeds here on NCL? We have the free internet package, 250 minutes per cabin, how does that work with 2 people, can you be online at the same time? Should I purchase an unlimited package and see if they’ll let me pay the difference? Do I need to do it onboard or is there a way to do it at the pre sailing discounted price if I call?
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