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  1. I did and it works fine. I was able to make a few calls using that too.
  2. The big Hamilton ferry holds 700 plus people. I asked.
  3. I guess I got lucky. This was on 5/1/2019 when I rode the bus. I only took one trip on the bus.
  4. I picked up the public bus by the caves and showed the driver a $5 bill, he said put it in the lock box and I was good to go.
  5. I thought this was the Bermuda section of the boards.
  6. A quick search would have turned up this. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2661341-escape-bermuda-dailies-and-entertainment-sheet/
  7. My first cruise was on the Epic. I've compared my other two cruises to the Epic. I'd go back on the Epic in a heartbeat. That said, I understand most peoples concern about the bathroom situation. I travel solo so it didn't matter to me. One thing I loved on the Epic was how open the lido deck was. I was just on the Escape and it seems so bunched up because of them trying to cram more stuff in like Margaritaville.
  8. I think it's worth seeing at least once.
  9. On the 4/28 sailing the seas only got to around 8 feet but the ship had some movement. There were winds up to 40mph so I think the winds have to do more with the movement on this ship. My hangers in the closet were making noise the 2nd night. The first sea day and the last day was a little rough but it still wasn't bad.
  10. The first day of the cruise is "chilly". I just went a couple of weeks ago.
  11. Yes, it's pretty crowded.
  12. Yeah, I noticed that too and used the app all week. I also noticed y'all left about 2 hours late last Sunday. Did they say why?
  13. I went to the reservation desk and those forms were there. I think you can do any of the ways you mentioned.
  14. I had it Sunday night in O'sheehan's and Saturday night in the Manhattan Room. I did not check Savor or Taste.
  15. Yeah, I didn't even notice there was any construction. I only heard loud music and talking coming from Calico Jacks.
  16. It's by the Escape Theater. Some shows are free, some are a fee. It's noted in the daily.
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