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  1. My wife and I found the dinner buffet on Caribbean far superior to the MDR. Completely different menu with a wider variety of items, many of which made us say "you have to try this!" Once we discovered it we never went back.
  2. We were on Caribbean Princess last month and it was the first time cruising I think I wasn't able to go to every activity/event I wanted because there was so much going on. We stopped eating dinner in the MDR in large part because there was so much we wanted to see/do in the evening before the main show.
  3. A tiny bowl of short noodles to which you can add some cold raw vegetables and cooked meat, and then have it topped with lukewarm broth should not meet anybody's definition of ramen. On the other hand, dinner at WFM (at least for CB) was impressive. It wasn't trays of the MDR menu. There were completely different dishes, often more interesting that was being served ten decks down. They also had 3 types of pate every night, large crostini topped with big portions of roasted meats, interesting salads, and these amazing chocolate covered waffles. We went there one night after one too many long MDR dinners of cold overcooked food and never looked back.
  4. The description of the fried zucchini is wrong. The crostini is topped with melted cheese, not the vegetables. It's a good sized portion, unlike the lamb skewer which was about the size of a fat pen. The pasta portions are appetizer sized.
  5. Steel drum classes w/recital in the Piazza Lip sync competition High Seas Heist arts and crafts Ocean Medallion games dance classes (line, salsa, merengue, etc.)
  6. If we're Ocean Ready and have our medallions does Princess still prefer that we follow their progressive check-in guidelines and check in at the appropriate time for our deck?
  7. What kind of food do you like? If you prefer comfort food go with Pride. Besides the buffet and MDR there's also Guy's Burgers and the BlueIguana Cantina, not to mention the deli and 24 hour pizza. Grandeur just has Park Café, and its offerings are limited. But for more of a gourmet experience you want the Grandeur. You're not going to get lobster bisque or escargot on Pride. And it only has a steakhouse, while Grandeur also has an Italian restaurant as well as a sushi bar.
  8. Is there any value to it other than speeding up embarkation? Because if enough people use it then the lines will be shorter, and I'll still get on the ship quicker.
  9. I see it. There's even instructions to download the app, which I have. I ran the app, and it eventually took me to the mobile version of the same page.
  10. Sailing in <60 days. Went to ocean.com to complete OceanReady. Why do I get "An error has occurred. parsererror" when I log in when trying to complete Cruise Personalizer? I really don't want to spend 1/2 and hour at home just to save myself 15 minutes at the port.
  11. Going to be on the Caribbean Princess in July. Ports are Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Roatan, and Belize. If you could do one snorkeling excursion where would it be? I've done Carnival's snorkeling excursion in Cozumel and wasn't impressed (water too deep and dark).
  12. I see on the 7 day Greek islands cruises the ship is in port nearly every day. When does the actual sailing occur? As I don't see any specific port times I can't tell. Would like to be sure that there's more than one afternoon out in the open water.
  13. Because they both sound tasty, and one of the things that makes cruising special is that it's a magical world where you can order two entrees and nobody cares. If they do have to implement this I think it should be limited to double meat orders with no extra charge if at least one of the entrees is pasta or vegetarian.
  14. So the problem is usually the waiters taking to long to retrieve the food, not that the cooks are making the dishes too early?
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