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  1. I know that there are only 3 entree choices on the lunch and dinner menus. Also ACL tries to make regional specialties. Does ACL have a stand alternative choice such as grill steak or chicken? We have taken many other river cruises and also 2 small (78 passenger) sailing cruises. This will be our first ACL cruise. Grill Steak and chicken were always available for dinner on the other river cruises and sailing cruises. Thanks for any and all info on saiing with ACL.
  2. Thank you I will probably do 1 or 2 loads for laundry during the cruise just to reduce packing clothing. Now for some questions on the baths. Are there any hooks to hang a small bag. Are there any baskets or soap holders in the shower? Does American Cruise Line furnish bath robes to use while oh board? Any other "secrets" on the ACL ships? Thank you so very much for the helpful info
  3. June 14m 2021 sailing on the Constellation Juneau/Juneau 10 day. It will be our 1st ACL cruise
  4. Thank you for the quick reply, We are booked for our 1st ACL on the Constellation June 14 sailing
  5. Are the breakfast and lunch buffets or order from "menu" I understand the menu will be limited because for the small number of guest on board. Thanks for any information for a new American Cruise Line guest.
  6. Is detergent supplied for the guest laundry on the Constellation? Is it free or coin operated? Any other information on the Guest Laundry?
  7. We are now booked for the June 14th Alaskan Explorer Juneau/Juneau. Read an article that the big cruise ship will not be able to cruise Alaska this year unless.: 1. Canada changes their block on cruise ships in Canadian waters and ports. 2. Congress gives a limited "law" or waves the band on non USA flagged ship passenger arriving and leaving the ship without visiting a Foreign port. I look forward to being in ports without thousands for other cruisers..
  8. Thanks for the quick response. We are thinking about booking an Alaskan cruise for 2021 summer. Are service (tips) automatically added to your on--board account? We did Holland American Alaskan Cruise-Tour about 10 years ago We boarded the ship in Vancouver and where on the ship only 3 nights. We left the ship in Skagway and took the White Pass Train to the top where we boarded the tour bus for our 11 night tour.
  9. Is tripping expected by crew on American Cruise Line. Is tipping allowed. I read about 1 cruiseline where crew could not accept tips. The salaries for the crew member was much higher than on the mass market cruises. Are passengers allowed to bring wine or other beverages on board? There have been occasions where I would like to purchase a "local" bottle or 2 of wine to consume while on board. Thanks for any information on taking an American Cruise line trip.
  10. I know that Park rangers will be on board for parts of the cruise. What are some of the tours offered during an Alaskan cruise? Are tours included with the cruise fare or is there an extra cost?
  11. I have found a great TA and was extremely happy with her service when our cruise was cancelled in March 2020 (NZ to Australia). When we were told when and where we would be disembarking the ship in Melbourne, I sent her a text message and email with our flight confirmation numbers. Within 30 minutes she had us rebooked on flights from Melbourne to ATL. She also got airline to waive change fees. She gives us OBC and does not add any booking fees for booking our air flights. The cruiseline, hotel or tour company is not giving you a discount to book directly with them. The commission will
  12. You can also request the type of soft drinks you want. We always made a list of preferred items and put in the "nut" section of the refrig. We usually picked up 1 or 2 bottles of water when coming back on board. We kept these in the mini frig. I usually mixed the water with crystal light. It is also nice to bring back local bottle (or2) of wine or beer. Viking Ocean room service is quick and hot food was always hot. I pack Ziplock type bags. When on our V River Russian cruise, I would make sandwiches from the breakfast buffet for our lunch. When on tours in Russia, Viking did not
  13. I am getting more optimistic about my VO Bali to Sydney cruise for the end of Nov 2021. VO may eliminate the Bali start of the cruise. Just got our 2nd Moderna vaccine shot on Feb 10. Did a goggle search on Australia and Covid vaccinations. Australia will begin vaccinations with Pfizer vaccine before in the end of February and start AstraZeneca shots in March. They expect to have all of their population vaccinated by October 2021.
  14. I am getting more optimistic about my VO Bali to Sydney cruise for the end of Nov 2021. VO may eliminate the Bali start of the cruise. Just got our 2nd Moderna vaccine shot on Feb 10. Did a goggle search on Australia and Covid vaccinations. Australia will begin vaccinations with Pfizer vaccine before in the end of February and start AstraZeneca shots in March. They expect to have all of their population vaccinated by October 2021.
  15. Even more optimistic on Cruising before the end of 2021. We just received our 2nd dose of the Moderna vaccine. In a month I will think about eating in some of our favorite restaurants. Know they will welcome the business. Booked on VO Bali to Sydney for end of Nov 2021.
  16. Do any of the cabins have mini refrigs? Is there storage in the bathrooms in the cabins?. It seems like the AAL and AAC are the same size are are just on different decks. The AAM are listed as 18 sq ft larger. Any cabins to avoid? Thanks for the info.
  17. In 2007 we booked a pre-stay in Hong Kong and then the long China River Cruise with Viking. It was explained that we would have to pay the $50per person deviation fee and additional cost for having Viking book us on different fights than offerred with Viking. It was explained that we may have to pay $300-500 per person for getting the flights that I specified. Viking air was ATL to Chicago to Hong Kong. because of the usual weather problems during Thanksgiving travel, I wanted ATL to San Fran to Hong Kong air. Viking like other cruselines will "block" seats on certain flights at reduce
  18. We are very well , Thank you. we got the 1st vaccine shot on Jan 13. Tried to get appointment but appointments slots were full. Names went on "waiting" list. We got the call to be at the vaccination location within 30 minutes 2 people had appointments and were "No Shows". 2nd shot on Feb 10. Booked for VO Bali to Sydney in Nov 2021. Also planning a post cruise stay in Sydney and then to Melbourne. Know you will enjoy Russia and the Baltic Sea.
  19. We have booked some cruises very early when doing BtB cruises. I wanted to be in a specific location on the ship and have the same cabin. It sounds like after booking the cabin for the 1st leg of the cruise that cabin was not available for the 2nd leg of the cruise. A good TA can really help you with any problems. We were on the New Zealand to Sydney cruise that was terminated by port closures. My TA had booked our air. As soon as I knew where and when we would be disembarking I sent a text to my TA. I included our flight confirmation numbers. It was 5 PM on Sunday afternoon for
  20. We got the first inoculation and will get the 2nd inoculation early February. We are booked on the VO Bali to Sydney cruise beginning in Nov 2021.
  21. We are booked on the Bali to Sydney cruise the last week of Nov 2021. That will completethe New Zealand to Sydney cruise that was terminated before we got to Australia. One inoculation down, one to go in Feb. Then ready to travel by May 2021.
  22. We have taken more than 1 excursion on the same day. We usually allow at least 1 hour between the return of a tour and the beginning of the 2nd tour. We have found that it is very easy to take a morning tour and then a late afternoon or evening tour. One thing to check is the drive time between the location of a tours ending and the time back to the ship. On hte Hong Kong to Bangkok cruise it was at least a 1 1/2 to 2 hr drive between the end of a tour in town and back to the ship. Several people stayed in the city and meet the second tour at its first stop.
  23. FrenchBeret We were also on the NZ/Australia cruise that got stopped We are now booked on the Bali to Sydney with a Melbourne post cruise. We will have 1 night in Sydney before flying to Melbourne.
  24. I'm very hopeful we will be cruising with VO in Nov 2021. We are booked on the Bali to Sydney cruise. We were on the New Zealand to Sydney in March 2020. We visited all of the New Zealand ports and were to dock in Tasmania when all Australian ports were closed. Our TA had booked our air flights. When we got the details on docking in Melbourne, I texted our TA with our original return flights information and booking numbers. Even though it was 5 PM Sunday afternoon for my TA; within 1 hour we were rebooked for our return flights. When booking our VO cruises, my TA only charges us $50
  25. We also were on the Viking Orion. Viking was very helpful in getting people rebooked for flights home. As a last option Viking was offering free economy air back home for passengers. Viking also transported us to the airport even though we had not booked transfers with Viking. We were originally scheduled to leave then ship in Sydney and then travel to Port Douglas on a private booking. I contacted our travel agent (it was about 5:30 pm on Sunday March 15 for her, 7:30 AM Monday, March 16 for us) about the our cruise ending in Melbourne. By 8 AM, Monday, March 16 I had our new
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