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  1. How early can we drop luggage at the ship. We will be boarding the Viking Orion on March 6 in Auckland, NZ. We fly in early and have 3 nights at the Hilton Auckland on Quay (end of pier where cruise terminal is located). We would like to drop luggage and then go to the Aquarium before we check in and board the ship. Thanks for any information.
  2. You may want to check for tours offered by locals. We booked several with locals. On 2 of our trips it was just DH, me and the guide. I would even pay "extra' for a small group with local guide.
  3. Shore excursions. If you have booked shore excursions though Viking, the trips are listed inside the bulletin. Make sure you check your excursions vouchers closely. There may be several times for the "same" excursions. Also check if you need to bring the QuiteVox. You can also find the dailey menus, and lectures though your TV screen. Many of the lectures can be viewed on your cabin TV. Enjoy your cruise.
  4. You may need to go to Profile under "My Viking Journeys" to save a credit card for a cruise.
  5. We had to be off the whip by 9 AM on our cruise in May and in Nov. Check out a private or semi private transfer with a "tour" before you get to the airport.
  6. Great, thanks for the reply. So much easier than having to exchange money and using cash.
  7. I can use a credit card with a chip to pay for taxi fares in Auckland and Sydney?
  8. Maybe you could contact Viking or have your TA contact Viking to request a shower seat before you arrive. Enjoy the cruise
  9. We booked B-B on the Great Lakes. Doing Thunder Bay (Set 17 2022) to Milwaukee then continuing to Toronto. The pre/post excursion are about 3/4 filled. We are only doing the cruises. It really seems early to book, but I did not want to end up in different cabins for the cruises. I have never been to the Great Lakes. During 1966-69 DH spent 2 1/2 years at AF site near Finland, Minnesota. It reads like most people will be eating dinner in the Cafe. Reservations must be made for "The Restaurant". From the pics the "the Restaurant" and Manfredi each has seating for 40 people.
  10. Update > We completed our November 2019 Hong Kong to Bangkok cruise. Yes there was Roast Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce an mashed "pumpkin" as a vegetable. NO Sweet Potatoes. available in Cafe and main dining room. Note you will be docked 1 1/2 to 2 hours away from the major cities. If you are take the extension in Bangkok, the included tour is covered on your trip from the ship to the hotel. Viking did run shuttles to the cities. Really enjoyed the canal tour in Bangkok, but getting off the speed boat was difficult.
  11. Thanks for the great info. I will checkout the web site
  12. Any reason not to fly into Berlin? That may be a better option. Getting trough Frankfurt Airport and customs can take over an hour as allow extra time to clear customs and to get to the train station at the airport.
  13. We will be taking the South America cruise in Novemeber 2020. The cruise begins in Buenos Aires. How far is the dock from the airport? Also it looks like the ship can dock at the city. Any info on private tours for Buenos Aires? Thanks for the info and help.
  14. We will be on a VO cruise thisT-Day. I was just wondering about VO menus. Some cruise line try to put on the "full American" T_day meal. I remember our first T-day meal when stationed in Greece with the US Air Force. We were invited for T-Day and every guest was requested to bring their favorite Mexican dish to share. My great niece has already stated," Thanksgiving is gonna S---------!. Aunt Em will not be here to cook the ham."
  15. Does VO put on a special menu or Thanksgiving Day?
  16. I read that it is possible to request a boxed lunch to carry off the ship when you are touring. Where do you place the order? What is in the boxed lunch? Thanks for any information.
  17. Viking Research Before Viking began their China river tours, Viking management sent Sales staff, Regional and State, and other personnel on China river tours. Each person had to submit reports on what guest liked and disliked about the cruise they were on. Viking was the first line in China to have mechanical dishwashers, NO WASHING DISHES or GLASSES by hand.
  18. Mini Frig restock Our Min- Frig Steward requested we leave a written list in the frig with the types of soft drinks we wanted. Yes there is one person, not your cabin steward; that will check and replenish items in the mini-frig each day. We also would pick up some extra bottles when returning from excursions of water to keep in our mini-frig.
  19. We are doing the 2 night extension in Bangkok. I sent an email to Tellus @viking.com . I received a call back Lewis. We depart the ship on Friday. He told me that we will have a 1/2 day Included City Tour on Saturday morning. There will be a Viking rep at the hotel (usually limited hours) to help us book other tours or answer questions. That leaves Friday afternoon, evening free and Saturday afternoon and evening open for other tours, shopping, etc. We also have a 9 PM fight out on Sunday night, that gives us another "free" day in Bangkok. We can have the hotel Hold our luggage on Sunday. Any suggestions for things to do in Bangkok during our "free" time. We may just sleep in on Sunday moring to prepare for the fights home. Thanks for any info on Bangkok.
  20. We are booked on the Nov 15 Viking Orion cruise (Hong Kong to Bangkok). We are also on the 2 night extension in Bangkok. I am looking for information on the included tour vs the Tour we received from the ship to the hotel. Should we skip the included tour, is it "covered" on our tour the day we depart the ship for the hotel. Thanks for any information
  21. You really do want medical insurance coverage when you are traveling out of USA. Medicare has very limited out of country coverage with very strict rules (Canadian medical treatment much closer than being transported to USA hospital). If you need medical treatment out side of the USA, you will need to pay up front before you are allowed to leave the country. There are a very few insurance policies that will cover medical care while overseas (Federal Blue Cross/ Blue Shield and Tricare for Life. Even with these you may need to pay upfront and then file for reimbursement. If you are doing independent pre-stay and/or post-stays, you may want to check on line for companies offering medical coverage and evacuation for 1 - 3 years policy for a flat fee.
  22. We always asked for a share table. They seems to seat people at a table for 2 if you do not request a larger table.
  23. The tables for 6 to 8 were round Good Sailing
  24. There are lots of tables for 2. We would always request "Sharing" a table. Ususally within 10 minutes our table or 6 or 8 would be filled. We enjoy sharing and meeting other cruisers at the table.
  25. MSEm


    We completely a Cruise on the Viking Sun On May 25. The day before we got off the ship the cabin steward was changing out the in cabin coffee maker. The old one had a water reservoir; the new one did not and was . The coffee pods were also a different size. We had Decaf and 2 types of "regular" coffee pods.
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