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  1. Thank you for all the input. We may have put down a deposit for a future cruise. I know that on 2 of the cruises we skipped ports; so maybe it is a refund of Port Charges. My husband and I each received a check for $100.00.
  2. Thank you for the information on Stinger Suits. Being very fair, (I always burn; never tan), I have the leggings and long sleeved top to protect from the sun. Much easier to avoid the sun with the leggings & top than trying to smear on sunscreen.
  3. Received what appears to be a check from Bottomline Technologies PaymodeX for Holland America Line N.V.. Has anyone received such a "check". If it is a real check? Why would HAL be sending me money? It has been 1 years since we sailed with HAL. Thanks for any information.
  4. I understand that a "stringer Suit" is for protection from Jellyfish Stingers, Would a lycra type sun/swim leggings with long sleeve sun/swim top offer the protections needed for snokeling in the Great Barrier Reef area? We will be there later part of March 2020. Thanks for information on "Stinger Suits" and Port Douglas trips.
  5. We lived in the Athens area many years ago. Summers were very warm and dusty. The water temperature was cool. I also swam/snorkeled with a long sleeved t-shirt. We like to wear Hiking pants when traveling in warm climates. Check out outdoor stores or clothing (LLBean, REI). Also like the light long sleeve shirts. Such clothing offers protection from the sun and dries very quickly if it gets wet. Make sure you carry water and drink it while touring. It is easy to get dehydrated. We always pack 2 or 3 empty 8 oz plastic water bottles. Easy to refill on ship and takes less space then the larger bottles Viking gives out on the ship.
  6. We are planning to do the Port Douglas and Great Barrier Reef post cruise offered by Viking Ocean in March 2020. I want to know more about the underwater viewing platform or observatory, if anyone has taken this tour or similar please tell me more about the tour and viewing platform. Also what is the water temperature at the reef the end of March. Thanks for the help.
  7. We really liked the location of cabin 5080. Very convenient to get the the many dining options. We did order breakfast room service on days with early tours. Everything was delivered hot, even the omelette. We found the carafe of coffee, muddy. We stopped ordering the coffee and just used the coffee maker in the cabin. Really liked the roomy bath with lots of storage and very nice shower. The DV cabin had plenty of room and storage for us. We really enjoyed the Churchill War Rooms and our trip to Bletchley Park. Learned about the Pigeons used for a secure line of communication during WWII. Enjoyed our trip and have 3 more VO cruises booked.
  8. We are booked on the Hong Kong to Bangkok Nov 15, 2019 cruise. I am looking for information on Hanoi Overnight vs A Day in Hanoi. This will be our first trip to these countries. Should we stay with just the Day Trip ? What is included in the Overnight that we would not see on the Day Trip? Thanks for any and all information on this cruise.
  9. Just got back from Bletchley Park. Took a train from Euston Station to Bletchely Park. Round trip Fare was just over 20 pounds each. About a 5 minute walk from the train station to Bletchley. Arrive about 10 AM and left about 3 pm. Very interesting place. Learned about the Piegons of War (message carriers. Some were parachuted into France in special crates. Also some were water to be used by downed plane crew.)
  10. I should have typed Arrivals for Terminal 3. Blackberry cars did send me a text or email with link to trace car. Also gave a description and sent taxi license and tag number for the vehicle that picked us up. Like getting the description and tag number. Check both before we loaded luggage and got in car. Just got back from day at Bletchely Park. Tomorrow to the ship!!!
  11. I did see a SIM card vending machine in the Terminal 3 departures as we were walking toward baggage claim. Using Credit Card with chip a lot. Insert card, print paper and sign. Very easy.
  12. We arrived today for our British Isles Explorer Cruise. Used Blackberry Car for transfer from London Heathrow to Hotel. Had to send email to Blackberry Car. Got message from driver to met him Short term parking Lot on Level 4. We were at the stated meeting spot of WHSmith in Terminal3. If you are using Blackberry Car, make sure you can use your cell phone to contact them or to receive messages. Tomorrrow to the Churchill War Rooms.
  13. We will be arriving in London 5 days early for our British Ilse Explorer cruise on May 11. I went to the Churchill War Room website. The site recommends purchase of entry tickets. You are given a choice for entry time. They are now letting in a certain number of visitors each hour. There are long lines for ticket purchase and then another line for entry if you do not have a specified time for entry. It was easy to purchase on line using my credit card. (I am in the USA) Also I was immediately given a reference ticket number and a hot link for the email that was sent to my. I printed out the tickets. This is on the Churchill War Room web sit: iwm.org.uk not another vendor selling the tickets. You can also just show the tickets on your phone. We plan on seeing the Churchill War Rooms on Wed, May 8
  14. I would choose an a flight that avoids Frankfurt. If going through Frankfurt make sure you have at lease 2 hours to get through customs and change flights. I have been in/out of Frankfurt of the airport. It took us about 1 hr 45 minutes to clear customs.
  15. Thanks for the quick replies. I hope that the guides will use the Vox system. It makes it easier to hear the guide. I did not like the vox hanging around my neck. I purchased an Arm Band cell phone holder to hold the Vox when we were on tours. With the adjustable Velcro arm band, it would fit over shirt sleeves or jacket sleeves. The Vox will easily fit in the cell phone holder. We will be boarding the Sun on May 11 for the British Ilse cruises. Hopefully the Astronomer will still be on board. What a great evening! Thanks again for all the great info.
  16. When traveling with Viking on river cruises, we were always furnished a "Quite or Voice" Vox to use to hear the tour guide while on tours. Does Viking Ocean use a similar type of device for the tours? Also what is the size of the Vox ( voice box)? Thank you
  17. Laundry Room question Is there Fabric softener or should I bring some fabric softener sheets? I was surprised at the Laundry charges; cheaper than my local cleaners. Thanks to all for the great info on this board.
  18. Thanks for the quick replies. I missed it on the website.
  19. Is Viking still furnishing bathrobes and slippers to use while on board? Thanks for the update.
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