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  1. A lot of the posts are of this topic are made by the so-called "Entitlement Society". People think they are either special or do not have to abide by business rules. I really do not feel for them, we have so far had 2 cruises w. Oceania cancelled, we took one FFC, opted for a full refund on another and and are currently debating of either cancelling before the final pmt., get a full refund or wait to see whether we will take another FFC or wait to see if Oceania cancels the cruise. The process was fair and efficient. Please you all, be more understanding of the current situation they are in.
  2. I am sorry that my post was quoted under ORV on 3/17/2020 @ 12:47 pm, the post about our experience and cancellation policies are by "excited cruise traveler"
  3. I don't quite understand the misconception about cancellation of a cruise. In your documents it lists all the conditions in ref. to time and penalties. If you cancel within 59 days of the cruise, you forfeit 00 % of the full fare. We had two cruises cancelled due to COVID-19 and both times Oceania did either refund total costs plus any paid shore excursion, etc. or a Future Cruise Credit of a certain percentage above the fare. Reimbursement was prompt and accomplished in a fair and good manner. I am at a loss of why there is even a discussion about it.
  4. Clo, obviously you have to book a new cruise for 2020, the cruise from Singapore to Rome is cancelled f. this year, but is on for 2021. Why would you think a 100 % refund for the cancelled cruise and 25 % for a new cruise booking f. 2020 is not generous??
  5. I meant so say "next year" in my 2nd. paragraph, sorry!
  6. We were booked on Nautica f. May 1, 20 and the cruise was cancelled. Nautica sent out E-mails to their individual passenger on 21 Feb noting that 100 % would be refunded for this cruise and a 25% discount for a future cruise in 2020 I believe this will create a good amount of good will for the cruise line. We have started the refund process through our TA and also booked another cruise for about the same time period. (South Pacific)We are long-time OC customers and hope to take the cruise from Singapore to Rome next, as it is already scheduled.
  7. We have traveled with Hassan E. on a similar cruise and I am very happy to see your post and the info about his father as well. He is the BEST lecturer we have had on our numerous O'cruises. I still keep in touch with him from time and time and always hope that we will be able to see him again. He is a wonderful person to meet and know. And, you blog is fantastic, I enjoy seeing the photos of places we have been and will be again next year on a cruise from Singapore to Rome. excited cruise traveler
  8. We were on the Sirena two months ago, and none of the above descriptions apply, especially for management. We have been on O cruises many times, and have always had great response from total management and staff. But I have also witnessed some rude passengers that felt entitled to anything and everything. We traveled with another couple and they also DID NOT have described experience.
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