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  1. On our first cruise (14 day med), my wife found out that she gets pretty bad motion sickness. A friend on our cruise gave here a Transderm V patch and has never had a problem since. They use a drug called Scopolamine and it works wonders IMO. A friend of mine is allergic to adhesive so she just had her pharmacy make up Scopolamine one a day pills. She swears by these for every cruise.
  2. Anyone can own RCL shares. (I own them as well as my Wife and my Son. - all CDN) They are valid for any sailing except: "Benefit is not combinable with interline rates, travel agent rates, and employee friends and family rates. Benefit cannot be redeemed for chartered sailings, any Galapagos sailings or complimentary sailings"
  3. So, I'm trying to find my preferences for my "onboard gift" and I can't seem to locate this or any other preferences you could choose, anymore. Have they disappeared from the website now? Sorry, this question may have been answered but i searched and didn't see anything.
  4. Let's get real here. They are only doing this for Florida and Texas based cruises. Why? Because at this point they can't sail otherwise. Until those laws are challenged and overturned then they have no choice. All ports in other states are still using the Vaccinated 95% rule. If there is anyone to be disgusted with then it's the Governors of FL and TX. Happy Sailing!
  5. holding steady as well. RCi @22 and NCL @13 wife is very happy.
  6. I'm sorry but this is the most ill informed post i've seen in awhile. boggles my mind.
  7. we do it every chance we get. Symphony did not offer it. Our second time out, we dined with Adam G and his family. The one thing, don't hesitate to ask for more wine, they will happily oblige. The one thing I've learned, is not to buy it in advance as you can basically get it 50% off on embarkation day. FYI, on the Oasis class ships, you meet in the library for a pre meal drink and then are escorted to the concierge lounge for the meal. It's simply amazing.
  8. i believe they are only doing test cruises because they don't think they can make the 95% threshold with families. but they will absolutely require vaccines from eligible passengers.
  9. get a day bed. by far my favorite.
  10. I hate when people transform into hospitals.... 😉
  11. Gawd, don't they know that paragraphing is part of basic english...
  12. If he's anything like Kirk the he will always be a Captain.
  13. Let's be clear. The government is not telling anyone they need a third shot. The company, that did not take any incentive to create the vaccine, who created the vaccine is telling everyone that there will most likely be a booster to defend against variant cases of a pandemic virus. Pfiezer has no affiliation with the US government. They are just a skilled company that, you know, created a defense against a foe that has killed more people world wide since the 40's
  14. just a quick note that I was able to L&S from Freedom to Odyssey for our Christams B2B. Just called in to get it. Didn't even know of a list..
  15. there's also a difference between provinces. I just got my 1st Pfiezer yesterday and they booked my second one 5 weeks out.... unfortunately Ontario is scary right now.
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