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  1. We have a B2B on December 12th and 18th, 2021 They sent out the survey only for the 18th. I'm pretty sure there is no order in the cruise that they pick.
  2. I believe it completely. By way of how my business has surged
  3. I thought the guy, don't know his name, on Symphony was the best one that i have seen. ( i've been to Wonderland on both Harmony and Symphony) He had striking resemblance to Johnny Depp and he was amazing. He also did the morning windjammer announcements.
  4. The best rum runners are the ones you can legally bring on board. (That answer should be pretty easy to figure out).
  5. nope, nope, nope and nope I always bring something on board. we drink it the first couple of days and then buy the alcohol package. We always get the refreshment package at a discount and then I upgrade 2 or 3 days into a trip.
  6. Portofinos was by far one of my favorites. I have never had a better Tiramisu to this day.
  7. Yep, I'm doing the 8 nighter over christmas. (as well as the 6 day one prior) these pics just get me salivating...!!
  8. To the public, but that was exactly what was going to happen. As far as i know, it's still the plan. it's just a matter of when.
  9. To me, it looks like those openings are there. You can see indentations located, in the photo, where the openings are normally located. I believe they are just covered.
  10. ugh, my December 21 cruise hasn't budged since i L&S'd to it. Stuck at $90 cdn - for the 6 night cruise and $95 for the 8 day cruise....
  11. This was our last kids free in a suite. Booked in the summer. First time I've ever seen it truly free. So it does happen once in awhile.
  12. I guess we got lucky, We had a PV on the Freedom and L&S'd to the Odyssey and was put into a GS. The difference in cost was insane, so happy about the price protection. This is also for next December, for our B2B over Christmas. My biggest complaint is the Bev package and Dining package costs, they have gone up immensely.
  13. 30 points away from D+ so our B2B next year will now give us 40. Good times!
  14. I have checked with two different reps, including my strategic manager and they have all said that it’s double the points for all. Thus 4x the point for suites. I’ll be on a conference call on Wednesday, with RCL, and will hope to reconfirm this. C.
  15. ^^^ no. if there is a cruise a year down the road that fits your needs then take the L&S. if not then get a refund. We took the L&S and our new cruise is valued over 3X to what our original cruise was, out of a better port and on the newest ship in the fleet, ya so were pretty happy.
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