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  1. on the last sale: 30% off and kids free. I compared it to my group rate. It ended up not being kids free but it was 30% off for sure. I still didn't jump at it but I will compare the next one and see if it rates the same or a real 60% off.
  2. It's postponed. Most of the parts are already at been purchased and are waiting at the drydock. They will just put those in storage until such time that when they plan to do it. But that could be a few years....
  3. damn, i have a FAM in sept on Allure. I wanted this cruise just cause of those upgrades...
  4. Seriously, Princess .. *****!! all my clients are asking me if it’s safe, I’m literally — anyone but Princess... My next cruise is in Sept, plan to be on it, wherever it goes!
  5. I can not and it really isn’t a big deal. but if a mod wants to reach out to me to verify, I’ll happily oblige.
  6. Omg, listen, I was just passing on info from someone in the know. Believe me or don’t, I don’t really give a crap. but I know this person and I’m 99% sure he knows..
  7. I can’t really say but I do know that the Cali relocation is for this year now. but again until it’s official...
  8. https://breaking911.com/breaking-state-dept-u-s-citizens-should-not-travel-by-cruise-ship-quote-tweet/
  9. Nice work! It amazing, because i think i want to go to Europe more than ever now. (just maybe not Italy, lol)
  10. Voyager is due to be moved to Cali by Sept. At least that was the plan last week.
  11. been flying throughout the week. all full....😯
  12. I do have knowledge that Voyager OTS will be repositioned to LA by Sept. IMO this timeframe could accelerate with the increased spread of CV but with Trump threatening a southern border shut down, who knows what’s going to happen... with really any of the Ships...
  13. my last sailing on Symphony received almost $400 off our balcony. all my Mariner cruises had the discount as well.
  14. also, i know its bound to get through but the Virus is in the North, away from the port city's. I'm also on the Allure trip but not till Sept.
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