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  1. Even if they did decide this, they would have to have a viable replacement which would probably take a few years to create and cost millions. Not smart if they just want to avoid the Vaccine thing, but then again Florida’s government…..
  2. Nothing wrong with Bahamas, our December cruise just changed from Jamaica to Nassau
  3. Just put in for Star Class - min bid. Grand Loft Suite on Odyssey. After already buying 2 beverages packages, we will get money back if we win! Lol But I’m very skeptical, as I don’t see any available on the cruise.
  4. That’s the trap… you just keep outbidding yourself.. 😛
  5. Dec 13th? I'm on this cruise and booked my South Beach Day Bed as a just in case. Prob the best deal at CCC.
  6. Oh my, you need to order from the Vegan menu in the MDR. I am neither a vegetarian or a vegan but that menu is absolutely gold.
  7. Did you actually do a chef’s dinner? Cause if you don’t drink wine and don’t eat food then why bother. im pretty sure the OP was asking people who have had a Chef’s dinner experience. chefs dinner is simply amazing! but I absolutely suggest buying it on board as you can get offers up to 60% off.
  8. They absolutely should as it’s 2 different sailings.
  9. Kids keep whatever their parents level are, when they turn 18. But they can not increase levels until their actual points match said level.
  10. You can as much wine as you want from $50 - $80 a day! 😉
  11. Yes, this is what I stated. 2 weeks prior to sailing. Our first cruise in on the 12th of Dec, so as long as my daughters final shot is on Nov 28th, then we’re good. so not 5 weeks…
  12. This just isn’t true. It’s 2 weeks prior to cruising, not 5. Unless I’m missing something ? we’re on a B2b in Dec starting on the 12th. And my 10yr old will be fully vaccinated prior to boarding. Our plan is get her 1st shot in Oct (whatever date is available), get 2nd shot exactly 21 days later and then she’s set for our cruise.
  13. Ugh, I always forget about that. Great reminder. So, staying on the boat it is. now, I wonder if I can store additional bottles of wine to be used for the second leg. 😉
  14. Bumping this post as my Family (and I) will be sailing a B2B in December. 1. I gather you can get off the ship and come back later. Is there a priority access area to get back on? 2. We will be in FLA, has anyone ever taken laundry off to be done in between sailings?
  15. well it appears you can use a self test, which would make things a lot easier.
  16. On our first cruise (14 day med), my wife found out that she gets pretty bad motion sickness. A friend on our cruise gave here a Transderm V patch and has never had a problem since. They use a drug called Scopolamine and it works wonders IMO. A friend of mine is allergic to adhesive so she just had her pharmacy make up Scopolamine one a day pills. She swears by these for every cruise.
  17. Anyone can own RCL shares. (I own them as well as my Wife and my Son. - all CDN) They are valid for any sailing except: "Benefit is not combinable with interline rates, travel agent rates, and employee friends and family rates. Benefit cannot be redeemed for chartered sailings, any Galapagos sailings or complimentary sailings"
  18. So, I'm trying to find my preferences for my "onboard gift" and I can't seem to locate this or any other preferences you could choose, anymore. Have they disappeared from the website now? Sorry, this question may have been answered but i searched and didn't see anything.
  19. Let's get real here. They are only doing this for Florida and Texas based cruises. Why? Because at this point they can't sail otherwise. Until those laws are challenged and overturned then they have no choice. All ports in other states are still using the Vaccinated 95% rule. If there is anyone to be disgusted with then it's the Governors of FL and TX. Happy Sailing!
  20. holding steady as well. RCi @22 and NCL @13 wife is very happy.
  21. I'm sorry but this is the most ill informed post i've seen in awhile. boggles my mind.
  22. we do it every chance we get. Symphony did not offer it. Our second time out, we dined with Adam G and his family. The one thing, don't hesitate to ask for more wine, they will happily oblige. The one thing I've learned, is not to buy it in advance as you can basically get it 50% off on embarkation day. FYI, on the Oasis class ships, you meet in the library for a pre meal drink and then are escorted to the concierge lounge for the meal. It's simply amazing.
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