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  1. Things seem to change daily, looking for experienced input. Carnival Magic 11/14 Sailing. 4 total, 2 platinum in same cabin, 2 gold in different cabin. Traveling together, desire to board together and as early as possible. We get to choose boarding time 2-days earlier than travel-mates due to platinum. Recommended best time so that we board together. Thanks.
  2. Don't blame you a bit. Sailing in a few weeks and definitely not looking forward to the unnecessary stress for a vacation. Living an hour from Canaveral and GF's desire to sail weigh into decision to go, but cancelling would be fine with me. Enjoy your alternative vacation...
  3. November sailing on Magic. We're platinum, our travel guests (different cabin) are gold. They were always allowed to board with us pre-covid. Will I be able to assign a boarding time for all of us during the 2-day advanced online perk?
  4. A Transatlantic/Repositioning cruise is a bucket list item for us and we're getting close to pulling the trigger. Please indulge us as we mull this over. We will begin or end in Florida. Any real advantage either way? If we begin in FL - is there an opportunity to donate clothes & other non-essentials after debarkation? (Similar to a 'Good Will'... It seems to be a win-win. We could donate most of our clothes and other non-essentials with the hopes of helping some in need and would also lighten the load for the return flight...) Does the casino stay open during most evenings? If yes; is it similar to a week-long cruise, more laid back or somewhere in between? Are there opportunities for booking daily poker games or tournaments? I've read about the lectures, trivia and other daily activities. Are the sports-venues busy? Nothing crazy, perhaps friendly volleyball, basketball, putt-putt, etc. MDR time opinions... Is laundry service generally included? We will purchase travel insurance. It looks like most lines offer 2 plans - a general and a high-end. Is the highest plan recommended or will the general plan be sufficient? I'm sure we'll have more questions. Thanks in advance...
  5. Bad decision by Carnival. Very impersonal. All the best!
  6. We've done the same a few times and never any issues. Carnival will require an adult to be booked in each room, the room stewards are always accommodating and it's never been an issue. I can't imagine being bumped with the lower capacities. Do it and enjoy!
  7. That's what I found. Maybe they should put masks on the cameras. 😜
  8. Sailing on the Magic in November. Great info for our well being! So relieved to know that there are no particles on serenity, the spa, Alchemy, on some nights in the casino at the big wheel and mornings in the MDR. It looks like we're winning this war... Let's keep it up! Thank you for the heads-up.
  9. From the Mayo Clinic: "Most people catch Legionnaires' disease by inhaling the bacteria from water or soil. Older adults, smokers and people with weakened immune systems are particularly susceptible to Legionnaires' disease." Smoking in the casino is all good, as long as 😷 Interesting dichotomy... 😉
  10. LOL! Do you have any idea what all would be included in "covid-like" illness? Allergies, hangover, food poisoning, insomnia, lethargy, depression, fatigue, body aches, hunger, migraine, pulled muscle(s), over-exertion, stress... Please - stop the madness!
  11. Of course that's what she says... 😁
  12. Didn't read the link, taking OP's word for assessment. If accurate; it's appropriate to recognize that the CDC is advising and not ordering when it comes to cruising. 😉
  13. Another step closer to herd-immunity. That is still the goal - right?😉
  14. Spitballing with a mask! That's awesome!!! 😝
  15. Guess I still don't get this process. As I understand it; the mask is supposed to 'catch & prevent' the virus particles from transferring through the mask and become ingested or breathed in by the wearer. (In other words; as we inhale, the particles are 'caught' and held by the outside of the mask.) If true - what happens to those particles on the outside of the mask when we put it into our pocket/purse/plastic baggie...? Wouldn't the particles transfer and spread from the outside of the mask to everything inside those articles, thus contaminating the contents?
  16. Appreciate the input. Our PVP confirmed our concerns and offered a 100% refund. There's a lot going on right now so perhaps she's mistaken or overwhelmed.
  17. Booked on the Sunrise from 9-6 to 9-11. Day 3-HMC Day 4-Nassau Day 5-Bimini (Changed from Grand Turk) Carnival Test Requirement: 3-days prior to sale date. Bahamas Entry Requirement: 5-days prior to entry. If we get Carnival Test on 9-4, our eligibility for Bahamas-entry ends on 9-9 (Day 4) leaving Nassau-iffy and no Bimini. We could chance it and get Carnival test on 9-5, but if results are late - no sail. PVP agreed. (And offered full refund!) Am I missing something?
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