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  1. Silpat is the brand name for non-stick silicone baking sheets and molds. Other companies make similar products. Easy to find online or at cookware stores.
  2. The Dungeness crab season, in the CA coastal areas, was a bust during the season because of unacceptable levels of some kind of neurotoxin. This delayed the beginning of the season by a couple of months. We sure missed our crab during the holiday season. Crab from north of CA was available locally but was quite high priced, and not too plentiful due to the late start. Recreational crabbing ended today, 7/30.
  3. Yes, op is speculating as well, but his account is a result of first hand experience. I find that easier to read than the posts of those removed from the situation. Just how I view it, of course .
  4. I just finished reading this thread. As always with cc, I am mildly amused by folks who just can't imagine that others think or do differently than they do, or those who spend a lot of time speculating on what might or might not have happened (especially if the op never returns). -Lost or stolen? Who knows. Sadly, bad people can crop up anywhere. - Purses? Carry a big one, a small one or none ar all. It's up to you and your needs. No one else has to "get it". However, please do not ask me to carry your very heavy purse. :)
  5. I am not nearly as experienced as many here. My understanding is as follows. If you absolutely do not want to move, have your TA Mark your reservation "no upgrade". If you will only want an upgrade to a higher category (not within your current category) have reservation marked meta upgrade only. Even with all of this, I have heard of cases where Princess still moved folks to places they did not want to be, though folks were sometimes able to go back to their original cabin. We marked meta upgrade only, and did not find out about our good fortune until we were checking in at the pier. We were so surprised, that we thought it was a mistake. At present it seems that free upgrades are becoming increasingly rare. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. I have really liked cruising on Princess, but I am one who has gotten the short end of the stick on mattresses. I kept hearing about pillow top mattresses, but so far have just gotten the ones that seemed to be at the end of their useful lives. Maybe next time...
  7. Thank you! I always like to know how things work. Why and how are my favorite question words. I am a very proud geek!
  8. We must have been unusually lucky, as we were able to get reservations for a wide variety of times. Again, just my personal experience.
  9. Cool Cruiser, I can only speak to my own experience, as noted. You are a far more experienced cruiser than I am, so I'm sure your experiences have varied due to cruise volume. Dean, I have never heard of being able to make ATD reservations in advance of the cruise itself, even with a firm booking. Time to give up on that web site!
  10. Dean, That part is true! If you have anytime dining, you can call the dine line (we always call when we wake up) and make reservations for that evening. Some have reported having trouble doing this, but I never had that experience. Others report that by speaking with the maitre d' on the first night that they arrange a standing ATD for the whole cruise. Never tried that as what time we dine depends on what we're doing each day. Since the info you got regarding headsets is years out of date, I would find a more reliable source for your Princess cruise info. The Princess site is not bad, and cruise critic members are more than willing to share recent experiences.
  11. I wasn't aware of the special tp, but would never take up valuable packing space by bringing my own. I can live without my preferred brand for quite some time😉 As for people not putting silly things down the toilet at home, my HOA newsletter is always reminding people of what should/shouldn't be put down the toilet or garbage disposal. Most of the units are owner occupied, so even ownership doesn't confer good sense.
  12. Your question made me curious. Just combed the princess web site and couldn't find anything. I have never seen anyone using headsphones when viewing MUTS. Do you have a link to the page?
  13. I agree with budget queen, and as I was an Alaska newbie last year, found myself looking into excursions.As budget queen notes, you can use the same vendors that the ship uses, but book with them directly. We did that, booked well in advance and saved a good bit of money. I kept monitoring prices after I booked and they continued to rise. Yes, I saw tour vendors at the piers, but for us, it was nice to know that we were doing exactly what we wanted to do, at the time we wanted to do it. We did, spontaneously, take the Mt. Roberts tramway and found it hard to believe that folks actually booked this as a ship's excursion. We just walked up to the ticket window, bought tix (with major cc) and that was it! Have a look at the descriptions of the ship's excursions, then google and you will likely find the vendor and can book directly. Doing so in advance, will then give you more time to enjoy in each port rather than spending time looking for a tour. Have a great cruise.
  14. If your 3 in 1 is light (i.e.weight wise and packing wise), layers can easily be added/removed and you will use it at home, then yes, it will work. I am not big on spending money on garments which will sit in your closet after your cruise. Have a great time!
  15. Personal preferences always play a huge part in people's responses. For my first several cruises, I sailed only in balconies. Then I had an obstructed OV and found it to be just fine. When we booked Alaska, we carefully chose an obstructed OV. At check in, we found we had been upgraded to a Caribe balcony. We loved it and enjoyed using the balcony, but would not have wanted to pay for it on our own. That money was better spent on excursions and fun in port. We will continue to book obstructed OV, but Princess is welcome to upgrade us anytime 😉.
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