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  1. When I eat at a regular old restaurant on shore, that is how I decide on the tip. If my glass never gets below half full 25%. If I never run out 20%. If I run out 10% or less depending on the duration.
  2. Reminds me of the old Delta slogan. We're ready when you are! Ya but they'll leave you if your late. Are the girls OK?
  3. I read that it was done in MIA. I wanted to know if it was just that lot or a city thing, county thing, or possibly a state thing.
  4. Does Ft Lauderdale pier offer free parking as I believe Miami does for the handicapped?
  5. Does your mother know your drinking coffee at such a young age. LOL
  6. Seems odd that your TA nor X couldn't upgrade you. Is the ship booked? If so you can upgrade at the pier if there is a cancellation. You can upgrade in the same long line that you check in with, no designated upgrade line. Good luck, I always ask about upgrades at the pier. I've had no luck so far. Keep waiting for that $50 penthouse upgrade that you hear about. LOL Usually they say none available and if they are it's pricey.
  7. Boy is my head swollen! LOL Now I wish I never admitted stealing it off the Carnival board. Does this make me a JR Blue Ribbon Cruiser?
  8. We took our senior cruise on the Dolphin back in '80. Small ship with horrible AC. Was met by the Captain on the gangway coming back from the Bahamas. He almost tossed me! There is still a Dolphin around, don't know if it's the same ship.
  9. Maybe, I don't know. But look, I quoted myself....how cool is that?
  10. Eggs Benedict, coffee, orange juice.....in bed of course!
  11. After two weeks you learn where they keep "the good stuff". When they serve casual tea in the alternative restaurant every afternoon. Look in the cabinets below the dessert table, it's refrigerated. They have regular milks there, maybe yours too.
  12. If all you want is a sauna and shower, I would not check in up front. I do, to get a locker key.
  13. We just got back from a Galaxy Cruise. I tried to have grapefruit delivered with our room service breakfast and didn't get it even though I wrote it in quite boldly on the order card. No big deal. Only tried it once. They brought us eggs benedict, omelet's, and pancakes, etc,etc. A grapefruit seems like an extremely simple request.
  14. Aft on Alantic deck 10 is the same way on the Zenith. Nice sun area.
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