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    magic review 4/20 Yes Its late

    Where's the review? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Honeymooner15

    dying to hear updates from the Magic in the Med!

    I'm confused, why is it sad? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. Honeymooner15

    My Getaway thoughts

    Right next to the elevators. Room 11178. Was the perfect location!
  4. Honeymooner15

    My Getaway thoughts

    This isn't necessarily a review, just some thoughts I had. Returned 4/17. Atrium is odd. It's used for many events. Most of them they had to bring in folding chairs so everyone could sit. Poor location for those events. But the events were usually pretty great. When they play music, it is so horrendously loud. I'm not exaggerating when I say you couldn't hear the person next to you. Why must it be so loud? And it's right by guest services. Again, very poor location. The pool was odd as well. Not a lot of lounge chairs in the sun by the pool. Lots up top though. Only one small pool. Not nearly big enough for that size ship. Right by the buffet which was nice. The kiddie area was on the other side. Kids weren't allowed in the main pool. The buffet I thought was great. I've seen negative comments about the layout. You usually end up doing a full circle, but that's because certain stations are closed when it's not the busy time but you never know til you get over there. I never once had trouble finding a place to eat. I've also read bad reviews about the bars being busy that it took forever to get a drink. Never had a problem with that except on the private island. Not nearly enough bars or bartenders to keep up! Anything you'd like to know and I'll answer if I can.
  5. Honeymooner15

    Getaway 11178

    Just thought I'd talk about this room in case anyone's looking to book it. Just a standard balcony right by the forward elevators. Absolutely perfect location. You don't hear noise from above, below or from the elevators. I was worried being close to them, but it was the absolute best.
  6. Honeymooner15

    Quick Getaway review 4/10 - 4/17

    Completely agree with this. My dad got suckered by the same guy as did another person in our group. He's not exaggerating about the 157 taxi offers! It was crazy. Head to margaritaville. Get a nice drink, get some wifi and enjoy the awesome beach next to it. That part was perfect!
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    Does the getaway serve and IPA beers?
  8. Honeymooner15

    Silly food question

    Those do look good. Does the buffet ever have them so I can just make my own and not wait?
  9. Honeymooner15

    Silly food question

    Nachos. Where can I get them? When can I get them :) Getaway if it matters.
  10. How long was the bus ride to the turtle farm?
  11. Honeymooner15

    Norwegian Getaway Live Updates 3/20-3/27

    [quote name='SPB in da RVA']Aren't YOU your wife's husband? :D[/QUOTE] I believe he's talking about his wife's maid of honors husband
  12. Did you know great stirrup cay was cancelled before you cruised?
  13. Honeymooner15

    UBP and how i used it, getaway 2/7-2/14

    [quote name='hammsz']i drank about 3 dozen throughout the week, strawberry banana. Its available at 75% of the bars, really quick and easy for them to make, icecream mix, strawberry mix banana mix ice and bam done in less than 20 sec.[/QUOTE] Is that apart of the ubp? And are there other flavors?
  14. Honeymooner15

    Final payment

    I didn't call. I ended up borrowing from my father in law. But I appreciate all the advice! :)
  15. Honeymooner15

    Final payment

    What happens if you don't pay off the entire balance when final payment is due? We've payed for most, but will be scrambling to get the last little bit paid for before payday. Is there any grace period?