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  1. Uncertainty abounds on many fronts. There is the virus. There is job uncertainty causing reductions to discretionary spending in my household as well. With 40M unemployed, it may not matter what they have to wear on a cruise if they can't spend for it.
  2. Nah, there will be a priority program for a fee I am sure. Faster to the Fun style. But I don't foresee cruises disembarking by 10AM and reboarding at 1030AM. I could easily foresee as I posted many weeks back that boarding day lunch is done with; the ship won't start boarding until 3 or 4 PM after it has had more time for sanitizing crews to get through all the public spaces, as well as a chance to sanitize terminals between departing and arriving guests. The hotel industry will have to adapt to the way people are going to need their services in the future. Perhaps staggered check in and check outs at hotels become a new normal. Or the purchase of a 1/4 day additional to leave by 2pm from a hotel becomes a normalized add on?
  3. That does nothing to address the potential of being an asymptomatic carrier. I may appear perfectly healthy and pass a temperature screening, yet have COVID-19 and bring it aboard. The mask I wear in the super market isn't so much to protect me. It is to protect you. The masks other people wear are so that they are trying to protect those that are around them. Unless and until people accept that and go along, I have reservations about entering into public crowded areas. I do not believe anything about the cruise experience is conducive to social distancing, unfortunately. And I have doubts that when left to self-regulate that the cruise lines will hold themselves, and more importantly, their guests, to any sort of rigorous standard. If someone doesn't want to wash hands or take temperature and barrels past some smiling Filipino's, everyone else will follow their example. My concerns are less with the cruise lines and more with people and their behaviors. Thank you for sharing your post.
  4. Their service standards and basic amenity inclusions seemed to drop in lock step with ever increasing prices. Some areas they continue to excel, some they have slipped significantly. The value proposition with RCL is getting a little out of whack to me but will see what next year pricing and what cruisings new normalcy looks like; reserving judgment as they make changes to the product.
  5. I put "Unsure". I personally don't have a problem donning a mask in public spaces, but many around me seem unwilling to do the same. Not being able to trust people around me to act decently will do more to deter me from going to crowded areas than the requirements of being in that area. I saw NCL's "Plan" today and its a step in the right direction but doesn't mention masks whatsoever. I'll have to see what the all encompassing changes are to the cruise experience before I put any more money on the line. Although, I will say this; I will never book an interior or oceanview again. Balcony or not going.
  6. Probably about the same. I tip for services received, not someones personal financial situation (which I never know as it's not my business), so I wouldn't feel guilted or compelled to tip more, likewise my own personal financial situation doesn't dictate that I am going to tip less than before; I know the expectations going in and if service is at the level the company sets, everyone gets their fair piece of it.
  7. I don't eat that garbage on land, I don't want it on a cruise.
  8. Another week, zero customer communication. Cheerleaders; top off your coffee for another lightning weekend round of defend corporate
  9. You're right, but this entire posting is just a discussion excercise. Cruising and social distancing don't mix, no pun intended. Nothing is organized or arranged to keep people apart. Much of the energy of a cruise is dependent on "the crowd". Even those that say "We make our own fun" can't deny the excitement and fun that comes from a packed showroom for Love and Marriage or the pool games during the afternoon. Most ships aren't really designed or have infrastructure to support distancing once in public spaces (outside of the cabin).
  10. Correct. I did not realize who I had posted my prior question to. The science does not conform to his own exceptionalism and therefore he does not need to be courteous to those around him. Dang. I wasted my time.
  11. I agree that when used incorrectly, protective gear doesn't really meet its objectives; but in what manner are you observing that the gear is being improperly used and the conclude with absolute certainty that it is of no value and that almost all people are not using the gear properly? Wouldn't logic say more emphasis should be placed on people using the gear properly?
  12. Not insurmountable if you have 50% capacity onboard; but the big Oasis class ships have always struggled with WJ capacity and long lines to get in at peak times. I can see a Food Gallery concept like Virgin working...but NOT with existing space and infrastructure on ships.
  13. Cruise ships are going to look exactly like that store. Yikes
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