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  1. HAL is a premium vacation for many people. I have friends who will go drive to Disney for their first, and likely only, ever trip in their lives. That is a super premium vacation for them and represents a large cost. Cruise Critic is an exceptionally small portion of a growing vacation market but you need to look holistically at the numbers of people cruising, and the numbers that actually ever repeat. HAL markets itself as a premium experience. Premium meaning above cruises like NCL and Carnival. An Infiniti is a premium vehicle compared to a basic Ford Fiesta. But an Infiniti is not being pitched as the equivalent of a Bentley. It is though a premium product. I do look forward to the day we can sail Viking Ocean. Our son is too young for that line.
  2. Cheap and chintzy is the final impression. Not a good look for a premium company.
  3. Alright fine, better your money than mine. Looking forward to your review of the benefits. I hope you find them valuable or at least give us your constructive input as to what worked or did not.
  4. No one is scolding you, and you absolutely are getting worked up. Some of us are trying to help and are not card carrying Royal Cheerleaders; we call it as we see it, not as Royal's marketing department would like you to believe. It;s a whole lot of nothing. Spend the money elsewhere and get a much better bang for your buck.
  5. I had one of those new interior rooms last year. Typical interior room, nothing out of ordinary. Good location; there are two firedoors on either side of the hallway so no one, NO ONE, that doesn't have one of those rooms will even know they exist or walk past your door.
  6. How is it that the deck or flooring is not padded or cushioned in some manner? That would not have prevented the mechanical failure, but it could have mitigated injuries.
  7. I don't cruise in a suite, just trying to help people not get ripped off. See above, one person thinks MDR breakfast isn't a thing and is new for Key people; it's always been there. Mostly "fake" perks and internet. Waste of money.
  8. Every cruise I've ever been on had breakfast in MDR final morning except for a pre-dry dock cruise on Enchantment.
  9. Everyone can have breakfast on disembarkation day in dining room. On a 4 day cruise you will have a LOT of self-disembark. I have read many people NOT really viewing this as a perk on the shorter cruises since so many walk off. Priority embark only counts if you are at the terminal first. Honestly, just buy lunch at Chops and set your carryons down. You're going to spend over $200 on a bunch of absolute NOTHING especially if you didn't want the internet. your money, choose what you want, but you could do a heck of a lot more with it than this
  10. Miami Beach is being destroyed for Spring Break. https://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/miami-beach-police-announce-spring-break-2019-crackdown-on-south-beach-11122873?fbclid=IwAR22mkhgTT6FimVik5dhxhKTrfh1LB0QZjI-OzfDJwBu8Ocgm4EAWMK-9jE
  11. Last roll call I participated in became 70 page life story about some ladies extended family that wasn't even on the cruise. Every day for a year and a half updates about the dogs and out of the house kids. It was weird. Onboard they dominated the MM. Last one I went to.
  12. Waivers are not enforceable if the equipment fails and/or the company is not operating the equipment properly. Guests have a reasonable presumption of safety when using these features. I really see no way to defend RCI here. Lucky he didn't split his head open and die.
  13. Any mass market cruise is still a luxury and HAL absolutely advertises itself on refinement, being a cut above, etc. Maybe it is not a high end, boutique, ultra expensive luxury experience, but it is still a luxury. This is not like flying Spirit Air because you NEED to get to somewhere. A Lexus is a luxury vehicle. It may be a fraction of the cost of a Rolls Royce, not be anywhere near as exclusive or difficult to obtain, but both are well above basic transportation.
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