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  1. Ha, I said that when this package came out and was soundly put down. Guess Royal's accountants saw it the way I did? (I don't think it is right though)
  2. It's very predictable; they generally follow a script and don't deviate much. They may switch out question or two, but if you've been once you know what you're gonna get in the future
  3. Incorrect. I am not arguing an opinion. Just stating a fact. As far as taking one off at Labadee, very well may be that it is the case for the private island. I am relaying my personal experience. More and more sharing any personal experience on this website seems to come across to the general readership as some sort of open invitation to attack or berate. It is not. Grow up.
  4. No they are not the only one that does but some newer developed port stops for NCL and MSC do not honor drinks or have any included food
  5. 5-8 years ago you could get on any 3 night cruise from Miami with taxes, insurance, tips, parking, fare, and be all in for around $500
  6. This is a statement I agree with. Some think it's OK to charge more and then reduce the menu and make house rules on the fly
  7. That's why it is an upcharge and labeled as "unlimited". Didn't we all know Royal would dumb down the menus and add all kinds of gotchas and "house rules" after they took people's money? Honestly, you are just digging a deeper hole and your backhanded attempts to make me appear as if I had a lobotomy would work better if you had a full grasp of our language and actual business logic.
  8. I like the idea of a later stay and evening activities/entertainment on the island. That sounds fun. But there is not enough to interest me at CocoCay to spend 2 full days there on a Monday-Friday cruise. I also enjoy sea days and the tranquility of the ocean. I also love SeaDay lunch in the dining room; it's a real treat for me at least.
  9. This is the most ridiculous post of the day and it's not even 9am
  10. Most unsafe type; we take pool life jacket off in Labadee no problem
  11. I know someone that works at the office. They tell me things. I share some here. Within months most of them come to be in effect. Some don't. I'm just sharing some of the things I've heard. If you think there is more to it than that or feel offended, can't help you out.
  12. Am on Navigator next week; still scheduled with 1 sea day and hope it stays that way. Don't need 2 days at CocoCay.
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