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  1. As for makeup when I got married in 2015 I was told that it is not guaranteed that there will be qualified people aboard. There is a good chance that there might be someone that will give it a stab, but results can not insured. The advice that I was given was to work a self sufficient option, meaning doing it yourself or having someone that is coming along with you. Once on board you can ask the salon if they have someone available and bring the products you know work. My reality was I went to a few stores and got "make overs", and picked up the products I thought worked well along the way. Watched some tutorials on Youtube, (before everyone and their sister was doing them) and practiced. About once a week I used to my makeup for the wedding and wear it to work. I worked in a small office, so once I let everyone know what I was doing they all (guys and girls) gave their two cents. Based the feed back I got I would change things, or watch another video to learn more. Once I was happy with the look I had I focused on consistency and tried to reproduce it each week. I took notes and photos of what I was doing each time so that I would have reference material. The final result certainly made an impression when my friends and family saw the finished product, since day to day I don't wear the stuff.
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