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  1. We've gone to the steakhouse on the first night on every cruise in the last 5 years. It's never crowded and it is nice having a good long time to get ready before dinner.
  2. I had open heart surgery in October of 2015 and I was on a ship that December. If your doctor says its OK, go!!! I looked at it as getting back on the horse, and even if I did check out, a ship was a pretty good place to do so.
  3. Our first cruise was on the Festivale, out of San Juan in 1987. I almost didn't want to do a cruise, because I felt we were paying for a lot of things and probably wouldn't be able to do them all. We were used to just going to a nice resort and hitting the beach. After getting on the ship though, and watching the ocean for 7 days, I found it to be, by far, the most relaxing vacation I could have. The service was great. The food was amazing!!! The ship was HUGE - (HA). I remember a Greek ship docked next to us t one port and snapped their bow lines. All the Italian officers were laughing at the Greek ship at the time and I found out there was a quite a rivalry between the Greeks and Italians on the cruise ships. Now we cruise every chance we get, and when this COVID goes away and I retire someday, we'll be on several cruises a year. Festivale - Thank you -- and RIP.
  4. I went on the Marine Traffic Live website to see where all the Carnival ships were and there are a bunch that are just wandering out at sea at a very slow pace. I thought most of them would have docked to save fuel. I also thought maybe it was a glitch, but the ships are showing up in significantly different places from day to day. Any idea what is going on?
  5. Belize 2018 on the Magic, looking out on the Legend as we leave at sunset.....
  6. The Festivale, New Years 1988 - Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, St.Maartin, Barbados, Martinique. I remember being amazed at how relaxing it was to watch the ocean. Never had been pampered like that on a vacation before.
  7. I find the Carnival experience to be very similar on all of the ships we've been on, which have been the Fantasy class, Conquest class, and the Magic. There are differences, but the service and food have been more alike than different on the ships we've been on. I would imagine if we had kids, the experiences would be different because of the new stuff on the new ships the kids would enjoy.
  8. We've done a number of aft wraps. We're not picky on our itinerary or where we leave from, but we love the view and the privacy of the aft wrap, so we pretty much take the best itinerary that still has one open. It's closest we can be to being outside while cruising. We never have to fight for a deck chair and we can have dinner with a view any time we want.
  9. Son't know about the size of the balcony you are talking about. Every type is a little different. However, be prepared.... Our experience is once you go to a balcony, you can never go back. There is nothing like hearing the ocean whenever you want.
  10. I would feel comfortable putting the scooter in a a corner somewhere on the deck you wish to leave it on and take the key. My DW did that in a number of places around the ship and then she came back for the scooter when she needed it.
  11. We've done a bunch of Carnival cruises, 3, 5, 7, 8 day cruises. We've found Carnival to be very similar across the fleet. The food and service are very consistent in our experience. The entertainment has been up and down. Nothing really bad, but some outstanding. The best show we ever saw was the Cuban show on the Paradise. I've heard the comedy is always good.
  12. Waking up in the middle of the night and listening to the ocean as we sail to our new destination - then going out on the balcony for awhile and seeing other ships on the horizon, the stars at night and the clouds as they try to obscure the moon. The warm breeze and the hiss of the ocean below us is sometimes better than sleep itself.
  13. Good to get this thread going again. We have had aft wraps on the Conquest (3rd time this Christmas), Liberty, Valor, and Glory. We've been on all three decks (6,7,8). We've never had engine noise. When in higher waves, there was a slight vibration, but it was nice to go to sleep to. All the wraps are essentially the same, but the 8th deck wrap is a bit longer. There is a nice covered area on the side of the wrap where you can look down to the front of the ship. Nice place to go if it's raining. As for the stars, you can see them, but there is enough ambient light from other places on the ship to wash out some of the stars. I think the best place to see stars might be near the bridge, on one of the observation decks.
  14. Cruised on the Glory out of NOLA this summer and loved it. Maybe I just don't notice if the chairs are worn, but I didn't see any of that stuff. Just like on every one of the Carnival Cruises we've been on, the crew were all very friendly. EVERYONE said hi with a smile as we passed them in the hallways. Back on the Conquest at Christmas. We've been on a number of the Conquest ships and they are all pretty much the same, just different themes for their decorating.
  15. My wife has mobility issues too. They do have handicapped parking right next to the elevators, however, they were already filled up when we got there. It was easy to get to another parking spot and do a short walk. Carnival is great at getting handicapped people into the right lines and through the system.
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