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  1. We had it last Christmas on the Glory. Loved it. It was not only a fun thing to watch, but it was a different experience to eat also. It wasn't really a dessert, but a combination of unique tastes and sauces. There were a few truffle type cakes on the table and the sphere was full of goodies, but the sauces were each unique, so you were getting all kinds of different tastes while you worked your way around the pallet. We couldn't finish it, but it was fun. Also fun - the chilled, smoked oysters.
  2. We enjoy Carnival because of the laid back atmosphere and the variety of people on the ships. We have cruised Disney,, Carnival, and Bahama Paradise and enjoyed them all, but Carnival offers the most variety at the best price. I am sure we would enjoy other cruise lines, but, for us, THE OCEAN IS THE SAME. We have never had a bad Carnival cruise, so we figure we won't fix it if it ain't broke.
  3. We've been on the Conquest twice and we're scheduled again on her for this Christmas We were on the Disney Magic when it was brand new. We were on the Carnival Magic this past Christmas. We enjoyed the Conquest every bit as much as the others and even enjoy the Ecstasy and Paradise as much as the newer ships. Being old is not bad as long as it is clean and the staff is great - which it always has been. The Conquest has a lot of the new venues on it and it has always been a good time for us. I'm sure you will enjoy your time.
  4. Maybe I missed it, but are the taxes collected the entire time the ship is in U.S. waters, or only while at the pier? The reason I ask is that we are leaving out of New Orleans this summer, and it will be 7 or 8 hours before we clear U.S. waters. Are taxes charged all the way to the Gulf of Mexico? Thanks for your help.
  5. I know there was recently a cruise hack's thread, but thought I'd add a couple more. Just got off the Magic and used these..... When going to the steakhouse on a Carnival ship, it is not uncommon to not be able to eat all of your meal. They will give you a plate with a cover to take back to your room. If you want to put it in the fridge, it won't fit, SO..... got to Guy's Burger's and get one of their metal plates. They DO fit int he fridge. Next, if you have a balcony, you probably are sitting in one of their chairs, and if you are a normally sized person, when you sit down, the railing on the balcony is at or near eye level, making it difficult to get a clear view of the horizon. SO -- take your floatation device out of the closet, put it on the chair sideways (and fasteners down) and you can sit on that comfortably. It will raise you up a little bit for a better view. We also used the suction-cup handles that can be bought at most hardware stores to attach to the shower walls, since my wife is mildly disabled. Worked great and going to do it on our next cruise too. Happy cruising!!
  6. Absolutely!!! There is so much to do and I want to make sure I won't have ANY worries when we leave. I've saved it from year to year and make adjustments as soon as we get home.
  7. Have to try this one yet, but my wife is mildly disabled, so we are bringing a couple of those suction cup shower handles and we'll attach them to the shower walls. When we leave, we'll pull the handles off and take them back home. Instant accessibility for her and we get to stay in our room (aft wrap) that is not designed as an accessible room.
  8. This one is rather simple, but my wife and I usually have a glass of wine or two on our balcony before dinner. We like to watch the other ships leave and we can usually see all kinds of neat Christmas decorations on them. Nothing like having four to eight Christmas trees pass by while sipping on wine.
  9. Haven't been on either ship yet, but we have been to all of those ports. I would definitely take HMC over La Romania.
  10. We have been on many Christmas cruises and are going again this year. Once you get past Cuba, you are pretty much guaranteed nice warm weather. Most times, the weather has been nice around Florida too, but on a couple of occasions, it has been quite cool when a front came through. The temperatures were in the 60's when we got north of Cuba, and when the ship is moving at 20 knots, the wind chill was quite cool. Spent a lot of time taking naps in the warm room, but still had a great time. One time, we docked in Port Canaveral and there where icicles on the buildings when we docked, but that is VERY rare. I usually bring a light jacket just in case. Have fun.
  11. I've seen a number of ships. They tend to gather on or just before the weekends as you are coming back to the Florida ports. I can remember seeing as many as six at a time at night. They were a longs ways off, but on the last night everyone is heading home.
  12. We had cruises in 1987 and 1991 that were not credited. The first time I contacted Carnival, they asked for proof with a picture, booking number, or ticket. I couldn't find all of the paperwork easily so I didn't do anything at the time. Several years later, I contacted Carnival again and told them the ships, the dates we departed and the destinations. I even mentioned a parade in downtown Miami that we saw before we left and within 24 hours, we were credited.
  13. We have sailed the last five Christmas or New Year's weeks, and are going again this Christmas. I am a teacher and REALLY need the break, so its always good to see land just disappear on the horizon as we sail off. The cost is a downside for sure. Another thing that I notice is that it gets dark faster than the summer, so we miss a daylight sail-away. We haven't noticed the extra crowds, but have loved the decorated ships - even the ones docked next to us. Carnival seems to ramp things up on the holidays. Its great to sit out on your balcony with some wine as another ship pulls out and you get to see all of their decorations too. Since our kids are grown, out of state, and can't come back home, its REALLY nice to have someone else decorate for you and put it all away when you're done. Simple question for us.... Christmas in the Caribbean?--- or Christmas in Michigan with 20 degree weather?------ NO BRAINER.
  14. There are tons of places you can find where it's quiet. I personally enjoy being outside. If you go to the lowest deck (the Main Deck (lobby level) on Conquest ships, you can get outside and there is a covered boardwalk where I have never seen more than five or six people at a time on that whole side of the ship. Sometimes I've been out there at night and the only people there are an occasional crew member. We've also been on the top deck in the late evening, and you'd never know there were 3000+ people below you. On some ships, there is a observatory deck right above the bridge. It's sometimes called a "secret place" because you can often only access it through one of the decks at the front of the ship. (google up "secret places on Carnival ships" or "secret deck on Carnival ships.") If you are ever up REALLY late, you often only see crew members and the hard core casino owls. Other than that, the ship is empty. We've been on a number of cruises, so another trick we do is to stay on the ship when we are in port. Most of the crowds go away. I've sat on the entire Serenity Deck with three other people overlooking the harbor. It was heaven, and one of my fondest memories of cruising. Enjoy.
  15. Sounds like you are on the same cruise as us!!! We make our cruise special by upgrading to a balcony and we always look for the aft wraps. Its always our anniversary at Christmastime so our first night is always at the steakhouse and we get the wine discount. Its great to bring it back to the room for the rest of the trip (along with that which we brought on board). Breakfast on the balcony is great and watching the sunset on the last night with one of our bottles of wine always is our signature end to the trip. Tons of little memories make for a great trip. Enjoy!!!
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