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  1. Just booked our first Silversea cruise, big fan of Viking and very much enjoyed a Regent cruise a couple of years ago. This type of thread is fantastic for newbies to a particular cruise line and the thought of returning from an excursion to included Rose Champagne and Caviar on the balcony sounds idyllic. Good to know what to ask our butler for.
  2. Thank you for your very helpful comments. I think I will have to go with indirect flights from Birmingham. The advice to do my own research once flights are released and make contact with Viking either direct or via my TA is a good one.
  3. I am looking at booking a Viking Homeland cruise for August 2021. I am interested in which air routing Viking use for travelling out to Stockholm and back from Bergen. London Gatwick appears to be the only UK airport that has flights out to Stockholm and back from Bergen. London Gatwick is not the easiest airport to get to for those of us who live north of London, so I was wondering if they make all their passengers travel to Gatwick or are they happy providing non direct flights from say Birmingham. I am not sure what I would prefer, a change of flights somewhere in Europe or a d
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