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  1. On the Nieuw Statendam I played in the Crows Nest in the evenings. There were often people up there till the early hours of the morning doing jigsaws, reading, board games etc so I didn’t feel out of place. One Deck Dungeon is definitely my preferred choice ...
  2. Hi All, I’m considering treating ourselves to a Xmas break on Nieuw Statendam and just wondered what makes it different from a regular Caribbean cruise really .... Any input greatly appreciated m x
  3. I didn’t receive an invite to the brunch or a tile on my recent Nieuw Statendam cruise (3*) ... I don’t always attend anyway but it would have been nice to at least been asked 🙄
  4. Try the ‘I love rock n roll’ in billboard onboard. It was happy hour so I had to get two of course and they kept me partying all night 😃
  5. Still had exc guides and cruise director on my recent cruise so no changes so far ...
  6. I love a wang wang or two in the evenings to get the party started 🎉
  7. I was on the 14 day segment of the same cruise. I personally prefer the pinnacle class ships as I find them just big enough for myself. I particularly enjoy the evening movies on the big screen and watched them most evenings along with quite a few others. I never personally saw the pool area empty during the day but maybe we just passed at different times ... It’s a case of personal taste I guess and what you enjoy doing with your time at sea. I swim in the outdoor pool, gym, thermal suite, walkthe prom deck and read on one of those big beds on the upper deck above the lido pool. I also found a lovely quiet spot to work on my own writing during the day and evening but I’m keeping that spot to myself 😉.
  8. I bought a pass to the thermal suite once onboard for the whole two week cruise ... best money I’ve ever spent on a ship personally.
  9. I did the blue bag option last week. It left at 9pm and was back by lunchtime the next day ! I asked for cool wash , warm dry and everything came back the same size so I’m guessing it was honoured. Im getting to be quite the expert at squishing stuff into those bags
  10. Wow that isn’t condescending at all 🙄. I am sure of my atheism, I have been since I was a child. There is no god and I’m happy in that knowledge. However, to suggest I be a hypocrite and use the services of a catholic priest to save money is quite frankly disgusting in my opinion.
  11. Thanks for your reply, but as an atheist that would be those most awful solution I can think of. My husband and I were both raised Catholic and have no desire to have anything to do with the Catholic Church or any religion whatsoever
  12. I specifically ask not to be seated with people from the UK if possible ... it’s the same reason I would never sail a UK cruise line. Once bad experience was enough ...
  13. No I didn’t have to pay extra ... I called and asked figuring the worse they could say is no. Tbh I wasn’t thrilled about sailing solo but I am now quite excited given my new cabin.
  14. I think it depends what you like doing onboard as well as how you feel about motion etc. I was recently assigned a midship deck 1 inside and hated the thought of it. It made me feel claustrophobic just thinking about it. However, I’ve moved to spa inside on deck 10 forwards and couldn’t be happier. I’m a gym bunny, who wants to be able to get outside quickly or down to the gym and spa easily, I love the movement of the ocean even in rough seas, so for me it’s perfect.
  15. Is that lunch only for singles or those of us that are not single but cruising solo for whatever reason ?
  16. I recently got to swap my guarantee assignment for another cabin so it happens. I’ve also sailed on deck 4 of the Koningsdam and can confirm you can hear some of the music albeit very muffled. I didn’t mind because 1. I’d been given a huge upgrade from inside to verandah ( didn’t feel I could justify complaining) and 2. Most nights I’d be dancing away with the band anyway
  17. Even though I have cruised from Venice myself, personally I’m wholly supportive of banning cruise ships from the canal. However, I’m baffled by the above poster that wishes all ships over 2000 pass ngers be banned from the med? I’m not a fan of those floating skyscrapers of RCCL etc but there are HAL ships and many others over 2000 passengers too. Maybe it is time to limit the amount of large ships docking on the same day though ... a port that is over loaded with people is no fun for anyone
  18. Update because I don’t know how to delete my previous reply. A lovely customer service agent has found me a rather nice Spa Inside on deck 10. Thanks for for encouraging me to try guys ... sometimes it’s worth pushing myself out of my little bubble.
  19. The cabin is I-1146 on the Nieuw Statendam. Doing a dummy booking I can find nothing on a higher deck which is what I’d be hoping for. HAL were not helpful but then I find the UK call centre rarely is. Thank you you for all your advice anyway. I’m off to make a cup of tea to calm my mind 😌
  20. Thank you for your reply. The cabin is a higher category than my booking I think ( I get confused as to the order they go in ). I don’t have a travel agent as tbh in the UK they’re nothing more than a shop front with no real use. I always envy the fact that in the US you get such things as TA’s with real clout. I will psyche myself up for the phone 📞.
  21. Has anyone ever asked and successfully received a change in a guarantee cabin ? I’m sailing on the Nieuw Statendam in 10 days time and received a cabin on Deck 1 which I honestly hate the idea of. I know I take my chances with a guarantee but that is all I can realistically afford, particularly as I paid close to 200% as a single. Before I psyche myself up to call ( I have an autism spectrum disorder and phone calls are very difficult and stressful) I just thought I’d ask around thanks in advance
  22. Complimentary hold usually lasts 24 hours and I’ve always received a call the next day from a rep. Sometimes if you speak nicely to the rep when they call you get a further 24 hours. Don’t know about flightease and tbh I don’t even know what it is ..
  23. Bushmills ... but mainly because I live down the road 😂
  24. As an extreme introvert I hate crowds. but having done 33 days on the Koningsdam and 14 on the N.Statendam neither felt crowded. Yes there are areas that get busy , such as lido at midday and crows nest at happy hour, but nothing unpleasantly so. I’d be the first to avoid a return trip if it felt crowded and as I’m on the N.statendam in just over 2 weeks time you can guess I found it fine.
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