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  1. We are traveling on the Anthem to Bermuda August 12, 2017 and the 4 teenagers I'm traveling with want to try the Escape room. I cannot find any definitive information on where to make reservations. I called RCCL and their only answer was to keep looking on the website. I have also seen posts that say you need to sign up when you get on the ship but it fills up fast. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.
  2. How did you manage to book the escape room? I was told it's always booked.. Where do you go on the ship on embarkation day to sign up? Thanks for any help you can give.
  3. We are going to Bermuda on Anthem in August. Where do I go to book the Escape room when I get on the ship?
  4. We had great service. We found that the kitchens were what was slow. the servers were excellent and attentive but the kitchen took forever. Some of the desserts were lacking but all in all the food was good. Again, if you are going to the pay restaurants I highly suggest you make your reservations long before you get on the boat. All the pay restaurants were completely booked most of the time. We did not try La trattoria mostly because all they did was rope off a portion of the cafeteria and call it a restaurant. Cagneys, teppanyaki, and Le Bistro were excellent.
  5. The captain was Peter and the hotel side was Armando.
  6. We just got off the Spirit. We were in an inside cabin (9569). I hate to repeat other posts. Does anyone have any questions while everything is still fresh in my mind?
  7. I just got off the Spirit. We were in an inside 9569. Great room steward ( Tafiq) and the room was fine. There are places to walk on the promenade and there is a walking/jogging track, tough it is pretty narrow. It was nice not having to walk a mile to get anywhere and the staff was wonderful. Windows is a free restaurant and it gives you that feel of old time cruising. It was very elegant and the meals were delicious. We booked all our pay restaurants in advance thank goodness. They filled up very fast and there were no openings a couple of days into the cruise.
  8. Exactly 2 weeks til we fly down to sail on the Spirit. It will be interesting. We are on a small ship in an inside room(it's all they had left). Last cruise was on the Breakaway in a penthouse suite. Oh well inside or outside, I will have my toes in the sand and someone catering to my needs instead of the other way around. ;)
  9. The forward Penthouse was not worth the money. It does not have a pullman. One teenager had to sleep on the floor on a sleeping pad and one slept on the couch. DO NOT GET THIS ROOM IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 2 PEOPLE.
  10. Oh well. I guess we'll just stay with our original rm. It's a cruise. We will have fun no matter where we sleep. :)
  11. We're 22 days away from our cruise on the Spirit and I found a larger room available that is a slight upgrade. I called NCL and was told that because we are so close to sailing, I cannot move to a larger room that just so happens to be less expensive, because prices have dropped. I don't want a refund. I just want a bigger room. I don't understand what the big deal is. They're still getting my money and the room is available. Strange policy.
  12. There are taxi's waiting near the exit after you clear customs.
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