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  1. We were on the Bliss (breakaway class) for an Alaska cruise this past May and enjoyed it. We were not able to experience everything the ship had due to the colder climate (and frankly, I don't think NCL made the right call putting this ship in Alaska) but I would certainly sail that class again in a warmer climate. Food is comparable to RCCI (we haven't been on Celebrity yet, so I can't compare). We did 4 specialty dining, once MDR and then the buffet. Not impressed with the Specialty. Save your money, or do just one (we preferred Italian). Our best meal was in the MDR and we wished we had opted to just eat there most nights. Entertainment was a nice change, though I wish they had more comedy nights. The room size was similar to RCCI, slightly bigger bath. Staff was quiet but attentive. We plan to cruise with them again in the next year. Probably Hawaii and maybe a shorter caribbean cruise. Oh - and while it is true that they tend to "nickel and dime" you, we didn't see this as a problem. we knew going into NCL that they are more of an al a-carte cruise line. We got a really good deal on the cruise, booking just 50 days out, so we were completely fine paying for extras that we wanted.
  2. We booked an inside cabin through a casino reward voucher. Being our first time, we thought we would be able to upgrade by just paying the difference in the 2 categories but unfortunately, that's not how it works. Will we receive a move up offer or are the casino booked cabins excluded from these? We are OK with staying in the inside room but would like to know if it's a possibility.
  3. I would get confirmation on this because I believe the luggage is held until you sign out of the ship. That is one of the reasons why you have to have a flight past 11a in order to participate in the program. Otherwise, it really wouldn't matter and they would have you sign up for whatever time you wanted to depart off the ship
  4. BTDT - just once and we learned our lesson. It was fresh squeezed orange in the buffet either on Carnival or RCCL (mom brain - they all run together). It was our second time cruising and we never ran something like this on our first, which was Disney, so how were we to know? Thankfully it was only 2 of us who went for them, not the whole family.
  5. Thanks everyone. I will keep an eye out for deals. May/early june work best for our situation and thankfully that is usually two of the cheapest months to sail. I also just realized that I have it in my head that I have to pay for the whole cruise up front - this comes from booking our previous ones so late but in reality, I could book a year out and do payments, which I am not used to. Still, I think I will continue to look for last minute deals, especially on the extended weekend cruises in our area, which will cut the cost
  6. for sure! We were fine in our cabin but it made me second guess not getting a mini suite for just a couple hundred more. At the time, looking at square footage, I didn't think it was worth it but those few feet would have made a difference between the beds. And bigger bath (on the Bliss).
  7. The rooms are definitely smaller, but so is the couch. On the bliss, it is almost double that size. I think my estimations would still be correct - can be done but literally a leg width between the bed, like we had. Now, you can access the first bed from the sofa side and the second bed from the balcony side, which has slightly more space due to the way the opening is. I wish I would have taken a pic once the beds were split. Basically, if you look in the pic, they will move the bed closest to the couch against it and move the narrow nightstand between the beds.
  8. We lucked out on our first NCL cruise to Alaska (Bliss) earlier this month. Booked a gty balcony 50 days out for just under $2000 for 3 people, with free 3rd person and free dining. Totaled $4000 with excursions, flights, etc. But I guess I had that 2k figure in my head because when offered the chance to buy the cruise next deposits, I jumped at it! We didn't need much on-board credit so I opted to double my CN credit - getting four $250 deposits for $500. Great!Of course, I hadn't yet processed that I needed to use them on 6+ night cruises booked 6+months in advance. I got home, settled in after the cruise and am now looking for the next cruise - bam.... They are expensive!!! I was looking to sail on POA around Hawaii with the whole family (5) but that will be $10k just for the cruise itself. Another $5+ for tours, flights, on-board stuff, etc. I looked at the Caribbean cruises, though we have done several of these on other lines. They are more affordable especially since we can drive to port, but the 7 day ones (needed for the CN deposits) are still going to be high. We have 3 in college courses so we are limited in time of the year - basically May/June works best. I guess my questions are 1. Did I just luck out with this year's Alaska cruise being the first of the season and so cheap, booked so close to sail? 2. What is my best timing for booking a May/June cruise to Caribbean and/or Hawaii? 3. Does NCL run these deals frequently where you can use the CN deposits on cruises less than 6 days and/or when booking less than 6 months in advance, like they recently did? We tend not to plan way in advance. So our previous cruises (except Disney 10 yrs ago) have been planned within 3mths of sail. Maybe we have just always been lucky with pricing...
  9. We had the unlimited plan on the bliss for May 5 cruise and found it variable. It was totally down the whole day in glacier bay and the next day traveling to Ketchikan, but other times it ran fine. Son used it for some kind of video chat, though I don't know which app he used. We did not use it for streaming video so I don't know how good that would be. Email and checking simple websites was fine. If you are taking the round trip from Seattle, you are in port at least part of the day for 5 of the 7 days. We had t-mobile as were able to roam for free without a problem, getting LTE in Juneau Skagway Victoria while 4g in Ketchikan. I don't know about the one way cruises though.
  10. There is also flavored water in the buffet and observation lounge throughout the day that is free and tastes like diluted 50/50 juice.
  11. There are usually around 10 teams of 10 people doing the same game so you are not just playing against the clock but also against other teams, trying to finish first. We played it and thought it was a fun hour's worth. We have played several escape rooms and frankly, I found us to be at a disadvantage compared to others who have never played. Our thinking was different than what we needed for this type of game... Still had a lot of fun and met some cool people.
  12. Is there confirmation on this? We were trying to figure out the same information for the Bliss before our cruise. We had a 4 person cabin and it was configured like your photo but I had also heard that the room configurations alternate, one being bed near the closet, the next with the bed by the balcony. If you look at the deck plan, that does not always follow with the 3/4 person indicators.
  13. Is the scooter a narrow one? Are you renting it from the ship? As you can see in the pics, the doors are very narrow. However, the doors do open toward the outside so that's a plus because you could store a narrow scooter int he entryway opposite the bathroom. That's where we stored our 3 huge bags the first night, with plenty of space to walk by.
  14. Just back from the Bliss but the room sizes are generally similar on the ships - The space between the two beds will be just enough to walk sideways between. If the beds are set up near the closet, it will be tough getting into the closet but it is doable.
  15. I just came back from the Bliss in a balcony and no towel animals unless we asked, which we did for my daughter, though we tipped well on first and last day for his efforts and had the "do not disturb" sign on through most of the trip, having him come in roughly every other day. As for the coffee maker and ice bucket - Heck, I would have been glad to get rid of them so we had more counter space. Never used either of them. Hmmm next time, I think I will request that they be stored away...
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