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  1. 2 tops for us always. Neither of us drinks very much and never at dinner and we don't like a long meal with multiple people. We have had some nice conversations with other adjacent 2 toppers but still have the flexibility to leave when we choose.
  2. We were on in January to Cuba. LOVED Cuba but we were glad to disembark Empress. We would not sail Empress again due to pervasive sewage smells on Deck 7 aft and lower decks via the aft stairwell. Cabin was old and worn. We and others on Deck 7 aft had ongoing air conditioning issues - very hot or very cold, almost never comfortable. Our bathroom sink had no hot water and had a jagged edge faucet for 2 days until fixed. We went to guest services 4 times for these issues with only the faucet issues being resolved. Crew was good overall with some notable exceptions, e.g., guest services, the Windjammer and its crowded, weird configuration. We have had better food on almost all other ships but it was edible. My Time dining was completely disorganized and took a long time to be served when placed at a 10-top table despite requesting and being confirmed for a 2 - top. Your mileage may vary but we were underwhelmed - and it takes a lot for us to be dissatisfied.
  3. We almost never travel in summer, preferring January - February to go to warmer climates On the rare occasions we have traveled to desirable places in warm weather (Galapagos, Panama Canal, etc.) we make an effort to do activities earlier in the day or try to stay in the water/shade/AC. I cannot take much heat and avoid it whenever possible!
  4. I would not use anything that leaves a scent. The next occupant may not like that sent. I was in a hotel room once where a previous occupant had used a lot of lavender scent (which I don't like) in the drawers. I had to leave everything in my suitcase so as not to get the scent on my clothes. Google "activated charcoal."
  5. Thank you! Being quite ill has helped me adjust to things I cannot control and to focus more on changing me. Uphill all the way but I have become more compassionate, more knowledgable about mental illness, etc. so it is all good. I hope I might help someone else who might struggle in a similar fashion. Namaste, y'all.
  6. We travel a lot because we love it, have the means to do so because we are debt-free and especially like remote places where animals far outnumber people. More importantly, far-flung travel helped save my mental health. I dealt with a serious depression after the deaths of my parents (less than 2 years apart) concurrent with difficulties with my then-teenage child. I saw a documentary on Antarctica and it was the first thing in many months that interested me. I said to my husband, "I want to go to Antarctica!!!" and we went a few months later. I felt so much better with all of the planning, reading, etc. that we set a huge goal to travel to and set foot on each continent before I was 50. I had to have something to look forward to while the day to day misery slowly got better. A wonderful husband who never questions the cost of our travels and time (it really does heal all words) returning to work at a non-profit I respect and a love of experiences, not things, has healed my mind and soul. I am never happier than when we are off to another location on our new bucket list.
  7. All good info here. Always check an agent's company with the Better Business Bureau, too.
  8. We were on Empress to Cuba in January. Loved CUBA but would not sail Empress again. There was a lot of sewage smell on Deck 7 aft and in the aft stairwells almost the entire cruise. Our interior room was quite small but not a huge issue as we travel light. Air conditioning in our room was hit or miss - freezing cold to very warm and not comfortable almost the entire cruise. My time dining was very disorganized and our requests for 2-tops worked on just 2 nights and we had to sit at a table for 10 - ugh - SO not us and dinner took over 2 hours. Windjammer was oddly designed and had the worst crowding of any ship we have sailed. Boleros was very nice inside but smoking is allowed on its outside portion. Crew was good overall.
  9. PB&P sandwich. Peanut butter and dill pickle. Love them - particularly at home with organic, unsalted, no sugar peanut butter on toasted oat bread. Regular peanut butter is so cloyingly sweet. 😠
  10. We have used a travel agent in Orlando, Florida for about 12 years. Just start googling until you see one that has good reviews then give her or him a call. Check any agency out with the Better Business Bureau and make sure they are open 7 days a week should you need to contact the agency regarding a price drop, etc. My agent is the owner of the business but their is always someone to answer the phone and help us. We have gotten enough OBC via our travel agent over the years to pay for a couple of short, off-season cruises. When we went to the Galapagos, we each got $500 back after the trip.
  11. Any seafood, dark meat chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, Indian food with the exception of biryani, cottage cheese, cold cuts, almost all the desserts, etc. I eat mostly salads and the occasional chicken breast, well-cooked eggs, oatmeal and fruit.
  12. I agree with Extra Kim. I would never take the chance.
  13. El Toro in San Francisco many years ago. Incredibly tasty fresh Mexican food in a spotlessly clean little restaurant. Nothing nouveau, pretentious or gimmicky; nothing cooked in a pig bladder, etc. A small Bolivian restaurant in Seattle at Pike Place with the best empanadas I have ever had.
  14. The caramel corn pot de creme was very good on Pride. I almost never eat deserts as many ot them contain foods I do not like such as chocolate, whipped cream, nuts, etc. The pot de creme was the perfect size - about 3 bites, and the popcorn was crisp. I found Carnival Pride's dining room food better than Royal's as there were more vegetarian options that were not limited to pasta or Indian food.
  15. Just realized you were asking about an insulated cup. Ignore my previous post!
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