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  1. How wonderful! We would have liked to do that as well but nothing fit with our departure time.
  2. Oh, wow, orville99, those photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Our non-ship tour of the Sydney Opera House. Being serious fans or modern architecture, furniture, art, etc., the extensive small-group tour was one of the highlights of our Australia/Southeast Asia trip.
  4. Yikes! As I am short, I always sit in front rows to see anything so that would have been a surprising “Eyeful Tower.”
  5. I dare say the belly was not the only thing flopping on this contestant. 😩
  6. Sailing out of Sydney Harbor at night and seeing that beautiful, iconic opera house lit up after having an interior and exterior tour of it a few hours earlier. Riding in a bucking, water-logged Zodiac back to the ship in Antarctica. I laughed about it despite being a somewhat afraid I might end up in the water. Hiking up to a weather station in the Galapagos. It was not a challenging climb until we got to the areas with missing wood planks. My husband is tall so he just stepped over to the next secure plank. I am NOT tall and had to spider myself onward via the hand r
  7. So true! It is very weak but still tastes awful and is caffeinated so I don’t bother. 😩 I drink iced water most of the time but occasionally make a pitcher of tea at home with “decaffeinated” (still has some caffeine but much less) organic black, green, mint and orange tea, brewed dark. I then add 1/4 cup of sugar. Strong, refreshing and very lightly sweetened.
  8. “What a long, strange trip” that could turn into.
  9. I would be so thankful that I was not lured into a false sense of normalcy and did not have to spend time getting my money back.
  10. We always stay in Melbourne, Fl. as we dislike land-locked, crowded Orlando. Melbourne also has an airport, MLB, that can work for some flyers. Melbourne is a nice, quiet town close to Port Canaveral and near good beaches. The Hampton Inn on Durham Rd. in West Melbourne was newly renovated when we were there in January 2019. It is convenient to Publix supermarkets, Target, and eateries. Be aware of Allegiant Air safety issues as or December 2019. https://www.oig.dot.gov/sites/default/files/FAA Oversight of Allegiant Air Final Report.pdf?utm_medium=email&utm
  11. Very good point, donaldsc. We made 4 spectacular Zodiac landings during our time in Antarctica. Though the trip for 2 was pricey, we felt that the odds of making at least one of four landings were much better than that of a frequently canceled flight. We considered an expedition ship with excellent lecturers with other knowledge-seekers/adventurers and actual landings “must-dos.”
  12. Iran, Botswana, Greenland, Iceland, Greece, Madagascar and back to South Africa, Cuba, the Galapagos and Antarctica.
  13. Thanks for posting this article. The financial incentive for doctors is disturbing.
  14. Maybe try expedition ships. While pricey, they have very low kid counts and well-traveled, well-behaved passengers. Celebrity Xpedition to the Galapagos is among our favorite expedition cruise experiences. We would rather do one expensive but far more enjoyable/better-suited to our personalities exhibition trips than 4 or 5 mainstream cruises. We have been to wonderful, remote places (our favorite kind) where the only little “kids” are baby seals, turtles and penguins.
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