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  1. I'm basically asking anyone who has flown Chicago to Athens which Airline they would recommend and why? Thanks for the Dr advice - I do get meds before flying.
  2. I haven't been on Cruise Critic for quite awhile and didn't know this specific forum existed. I'm hoping that someone has flown Chicago to Athens with different airlines and can say which one has better service. Thank you FlyerTalker but I'm afraid I don't now what PE stands for. Also thank you rkacruiser for checking on fares - that is something I've been doing. I just haven't found any reviews lately - for any Airline - including Emirates - that has positive experiences. Even though our cruise - I am taking my family - isn't until late May, 2022 - with all of these COVID variants I'm wondering if it will even be practical then.
  3. Looking for advice on flying to Athens from Chicago for cruise next May. Can anyone suggest an airline that they would recommend? I’m a 71 year old widow - flying with family. I don’t like to fly and am hoping someone can suggest the least stressful way to get there.
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