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  1. It looks as if we will be on the second cruise on Oceania this year that includes Venice. (The previous cruise, Lisbon to Venice, October 4 to 16, will be the first one.) So they have a little bit of time yet to figure this out. But I wish that they would get some information out to passengers soon, so that we can try to make arrangements accordingly. Tom & Judy
  2. Patty: we are also on the October 16 Venice to Barcelona cruise. We just booked this cruise recently (June 25) and when we booked it, the original invoice showed a final payment date of August 17. So, clearly, some time between when you booked and when we booked they changed the final payment date so that it is 60 days before the cruise. Tom & Judy
  3. We booked our first Oceania cruise on June 16, 2021. The cruise sails on October 16 (out of Venice, waiting to hear what happens with that). But anyway, on the original invoice, it says that the final payment date is August 17. So my speculation, as an Oceania newbie, is that the new normal (for now) is a 60 day final payment date. I certainly don't regard it as a sign that the cruise is likely to be cancelled, as some have suggested. Tom & Judy
  4. We had a forward facing hump cabin on our first cruise, and it was a bit of a wind tunnel. In comparing notes with our cousins, who had an aft facing hump on the same cruise, we found that they sometimes left the balcony open at night. We could never have done that, too much wind noise. Tom & Judy
  5. I had this issue a few years ago. I got a small, insulated, soft-sided container (around the size of a lunch box, but shaped more like a cube). It had room for some thin frozen ice packs and for the medicine. It worked out OK, but maybe bring some zip lock bags in case you have to add ice cubes if the ice packs thaw too much. I would also recommend bringing some sort of copy of the prescription, and/or a note from the doctor, specifying that you need to carry this with you and keep it cold. I think I remember security checking the contents of the container, but they did not give me a prob
  6. You know, this thread has got me to thinking. In October, we board a plane for Italy to take a land tour. After that, we stay overnight in Venice, then board an ocean cruise line, ultimately disembarking in Barcelona, to fly home. Points at which vaccination proof, and possible negative tests, might be required (and I am not even counting port stops on the ocean cruise), are: Chicago as we board plane to Italy; on arrival in Italy; on arrival in Venice for our overnight stay; on boarding the ocean ship; on disembarking in Barcelona; and on boarding the plane in Barcelona. I am not really f
  7. OK, as mentioned we are brand new to Oceania, and have an October 16, 2021 cruise booked on Marina (Venice to Barcelona). We booked with OLife without airfare and booked the airfare separately. I have reread this thread twice, and just have a couple of clarifying questions. I get that using OLife for OBC makes no sense, so for us it is either excursions or drink package. We are not big drinkers, on average we might have 3 drinks (wine and beer) between the two of us on a given day. So I think despite the higher sticker price for the drinks package, we would actually benefit mor
  8. For these higher end suites, yes. Not for lower level suites like Sky Suite and Celebrity Suite. Tom & Judy
  9. We are brand new to Oceania, with our first Oceania cruise booked for October (we elected an OLife rate without airfare after discussing this with our travel agent). Can someone clarify the internet situation for me? If there is one free login per cabin, I assume that means it can be shared between husband and wife, but just that it can't be used simultaneously by both of us. Is that right? So for example I could log out on my phone or laptop, and my wife could then log on on her phone or laptop? Just want to understand how it works in practice. Tom & Judy
  10. On a one way fare (e.g., for a transatlantic) the cruise line, if it has contracts with the airlines, is almost always going to be better because they presumably eliminate the one way surcharge that otherwise still persists for international fares. So one way is sort of a special case. Tom & Judy
  11. If you are pricing a one way from Rome to the US, you are probably running into the one way surcharge problem. Years ago, the airlines seemed to have eliminated this surcharge on domestic flights, but most international flights still have a hefty surcharge. You might try to do a multi-city itinerary: Louisville to Miami or Fort Lauderdale, then Rome to Louisville, and you might get a much better fare. Also, Celebrity seems to have contracts with airlines that permit it to get good prices on even one way airfare, which is perfect for a transatlantic itinerary. Good luck. Tom &am
  12. On the other hand, maybe Roz is one step ahead of us (as usual). I see now that Celebrity has cancelled a bunch of additional Europe sailings (on Reflection and Infinity) in the last 24 hours. So my optimism might be tempered just a bit after seeing that. Tom & Judy
  13. Hi "Roz": I agree that the start-up has not happened as early as I hoped, and not as rapidly as I had hoped. But as you know, we follow Uniworld on the river side and Celebrity on the ocean side most closely. As of today, Uniworld is sailing in Italy, while Celebrity is sailing in the Caribbean from St. Maarten and from Athens, and next week will add the first cruise from the US, and shortly thereafter Alaska cruises. So the startup has been very gradual, but it is finally happening. We are planning a land tour in northern Italy this October, and we currently have 5 cruises sc
  14. Unless something has changed, you can use Celebrity OBC in the casino. I have used it for blackjack, but I know the same is true for other table games, and my understanding is that the same is true for slot machines. Indeed, you can even go in pre-cruise and buy $50 increments of table game credit and get a 10% bonus (i.e., $55). The way it works is that you get promo chips at the cashier cage. They can be played but cannot be cashed in. So you keep playing the promo chips until you lose them all. Any hand you win, you get a "real" chip as winnings. So if you set aside the real chips an
  15. I have used both https://tripinsurancestore.com/ and https://www.insuremytrip.com/ and recommend both companies. They both have knowledgeable agents who can help you find a policy that makes the most sense given the concerns and issues you have. I trust both of them over (1) cruise or tour company insurance; and (2) travel agent recommended insurance. Cruise companies, tour companies and travel agents all sell this insurance as a commission opportunity, and as a side line to their main businesses. Plus cruise and tour companies typically don't offer any options and only sell one company's
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