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  1. Our experience has been that we have called Celebrity Air to check fares, probably for 4 of our Celebrity cruises. Twice Celebrity Air had nothing different to offer than what I could book myself, so I booked it myself. (Obviously if there had been a cruise cancellation or something of the sort, we would have been better off with Celebrity Air.) The other two times, Celebrity Air had a far better fare than was available to me by booking it myself (as I recall about 35-40% lower). This was on international business class fares. We have not done a one-way international fare, but my understanding is that Celebrity Air's contracts with the airlines permit them to get fares for that kind of trip that you would almost never find on your own. I think whether they have anything special to offer on a round trip or open jaw trip probably depends on how early you book, and maybe on the popularity of the route. And of course now that you don't have to pay until final payment date, there is no good reason not to check early on. Tom & Judy
  2. We were on the same cruise on Connie in November, 2019, and we had the same basic reaction. The ship is in very good shape. We were looking forward to seeing one of the ships after the "Revolution," but we would not shy away from the Connie even though it has not been refurbished. Having said that, if you are looking for wear and tear, you can see it in the carpets. Tom & Judy
  3. I had never heard of this discount, but had never booked B2B cruises. This raises a silly question in my mind: how do you define a B2B cruise? What if you have 2 cruises, back to back but on different ships? And what if there is a 2 day gap between the cruises? I assume that, for purpose of this discount, only a B2B on the same ship counts. But if anybody has explored this, let me know. Tom & Judy
  4. In my experience, when I cancel excursions (not sure I have done this with a dinner), the money immediately pops back up as available in my cruise planner account. So that part seems easy. My only question as to whether to move now or wait is, what happens to the air reservation? Presumably that will be cancelled automatically (and I would hope without penalty to you) if Celebrity cancels the cruise. But if you shift the cruise voluntarily to 2022, I am just not sure how that will affect your air reservations and whether there is a penalty to you. Others must have been through this, and I hope that they can chime in. If not I suppose you can just call Celebrity (or your TA) and ask this question. Tom & Judy
  5. Definitely wrong. Read the messages in this thread, some with links to the policy. The TA has misunderstood something. Get him or her to call Celebrity to clarify. Tom & Judy
  6. Thank you. That is a new addition to the FAQ, as of today. Tom & Judy
  7. My hunch is that this is the way it will end up. You will be required to stay in the same class of ship, if reasonably available. If not available, they will probably allow a switch from M class to S class (or vice versa). But they will probably not allow a switch from M or S to an Edge class ship, since Edge and Apex are (generally) more expensive as the newest ships. Tom & Judy
  8. Just to help clear up a couple points. From Celebrity's FAQ on the "same price same cruise" page: https://www.celebritycruises.com/travel-alert/frequently-asked-questions "Existing bookings and new bookings made May 6, 2020 through August 1, 2020, are eligible to be rescheduled to the following cruise year at the initial price and/or promotion when selecting an alternative sailing of the same itinerary type, ship class, stateroom category, and voyage length within four weeks of the original sail date. Only guests originally booked on a Holiday sailing may move to a Holiday sailing the following year. The decision to adjust a current booking to the following cruise year must be made by August 1, 2020. If rescheduling within the penalty period of the original sailing date, penalties will be carried over to the new booking should the new booking be canceled later. You may only reschedule a sailing once." On the face of it it applies to existing bookings as well as new bookings made after May 6. That ought to be an easy fix for the person who ran into that problem. Also on the face of it, it does not require the same ship, only the same class of ship. One person above reported success in switching from a spring 2021 Asian cruise on Millennium to a similar 2022 cruise on Solstice (different class of ship), because Solstice is the only ship sailing on that route in spring 2022. In the absence of a situation like that, they will presumably require you to stay in the same class of ship. (And, unfortunately, even the Millennium to Solstice type switch of class probably depends on who you or your TA talks to at Celebrity.) Tom & Judy
  9. I know my big box TA treats the final payment date as about 14 days earlier than the real final payment date (90 days). For that reason I don't set it up for automatic payment (so I have control), and on one occasion when prices for my cabin had dropped multiple times while many cabins remained unsold, I asked for and got the maximum extension the TA was willing to give, so that I could monitor price changes until as late as possible. I wonder if this can be undone once the TA has initiated the charge? I am sure you are asking. Tom & Judy
  10. @yorky: I think we are on the same February 14, 2021 cruise on the Millennium, and we are thinking about making that same move you suggest. It is good to see that they are (at least in the early hours of the policy) applying it in a reasonable manner when a switch from Millennium to Solstice is involved, when there are apparently no Millennium class ships in the area in the months in question. Maybe they are really trying to prevent somebody "upgrading" from Millennium or Solstice class to Edge class using this policy. Tom & Judy
  11. In your case, was the ship class the same for both cruises? I just wonder if they are enforcing that part if one is Millennium and the other is Solstice. Tom & Judy
  12. Please report back if you can. The one I am most interested in moving won't work (at least on the literal wording of the policy) because it is Millennium class this year, and Solstice class next year. But there is another cruise I might consider moving if the opportunity presents itself. Tom & Judy
  13. So, for example, if I had a February 14, 2021 cruise date, under your interpretation I could change it for the same price to the same cruise from mid-January to mid-March 2022 (so long as I make the change by August 1, 2020). That is interesting, and not the way I originally read it. Hopefully someone will check this out, and if I don't see anything I may eventually call my TA to check this out. Tom & Judy
  14. I am also interested in the answer to this question. I have found that Celebrity sometimes has great airfares through its air arm (I assume the same might be true for other large ocean carriers), but in my more limited experience with Uniworld, it never made sense to book airfare with them. If they sometimes have better than retail airfares available, it would be good to know that. Otherwise, the benefit would probably just be that if your flight is delayed and U booked it, presumably they will have to get you to the ship. But we usually arrive a day or two early, so that is not a meaningful feature for us. Tom & Judy
  15. I have a TA, and I am not going to bother them with what is essentially a hypothetical question in my case. Presumably someone else will get real life experience with this and report back. But I think we are talking apples and oranges here. I don't think FCC is relevant to the "same cruise same price" feature, unless they are willing to apply it to someone who already took an FCC and now wants to apply this feature instead. As I read it, the "same cruise same price" applies to cruises on the books now, between now and August 29, where people choose to move them to 2021. Tom & Judy
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