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  1. At last we have all our money back. ABTA gave us most of it back but were in dispute with our TA about the remainder. But now our TA has repaid the remainder to us. Taken over a year to get there.
  2. We have now got our refund for our Easter cruise through ABTA, but are waiting for a small payment from our Travel Agent
  3. 111 days after CMV cancelled our cruise and we still have not received any refund
  4. Hello Sandra and Roger , we are booked on QM cruise from NY to Quebec and back with 2flights and train trip but booked through TA with absolute final balance payment date on 11th June (they extended it a couple of times but Cunard wants payment 90 day before departure or we lose deposit) What have you managed to do Sandra? And what are you going to do Roger. This trip cannot go ahead but Cunard have not cancelled it. From Chris
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