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  1. This is my first sailing on NCL. We received the Premium Plus upgrade as one of the free upgrades. Does this include shots or just drinks by the glass? I like to have my margaritas with a shot of Grand Marnier floating on top. Will this be extra or included? Thanks!!
  2. We are frequent cruisers but this is our first cruise on Norwegian. I have a few questions and would love any suggestions you have. We are sailing on the Sun on July 8. It is my husband, my 19 year old and myself. Are there any activities available specifically for ages 18-20? Some cruiselines have get togethers for this age group since they are too old for the teen club but not 21 yet. Also, I want to try the Steakhouse on board. Has anyone eaten there and what did you think? Also, what other restaurants do you recommend? It is a 4 night cruise so we can't try them all.
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